Posted by: Pagan Muse | 20/05/2015

Ignorance is Bliss?

The last few weeks have been challenging to say the least. I had several days in bed with a bug that’s been going around. I still don’t have all my strength back, amazing how long it takes for the energies to return to normal, isn’t it. It does seem that when physical illness hits, the Archons like to strike. The cowards do like to hit you when you are at your weakest.

I’ve had someone nearly every day going into the rolling eyes, twirling finger around the head making the ‘crazy’ sign, and sniggering routine over something I said. Each time it’s been something that is verifiable fact, but clearly the person did not believe it. Most of it has been online, but a couple have been in person. It’s something we all have to deal with, and we do, but it’s not pleasant, not at all.

As I get older, I have less and less patience with this behaviour and the ones who display it. It’s basically a lack of respect, as I’ve said earlier. It’s hard especially when it’s someone in your family or who you consider a friend. It’s also arrogant ignorance. Just because you haven’t heard of something does not mean it is not real or true. We will disagree with each other, of course we will, but surely we can do it without demeaning one another.

The ones who do this inevitably, upon being asked, admit that they have done no research into the subject at all, or have read very dubious sources. An example would be the bloke who refused to listen to me about what witches are and do, something I would know about as I am a witch. No, he’d read books and talked to people at church and he knows that all witches worship Satan and eat babies and drink their blood in order to control others. Sigh. I asked which books he’d read but he refused to say, just kept saying that he knows what he’s talking about. He actually said that I did not understand at all and I was deluded. Sigh. The arrogance of ignorance indeed.

I was a bit chuffed with myself for not getting upset with him, or swearing at him (well, I did call him an ass, but he was being quite vulgar and abusive so that was fair enough I think). I kept explaining until it was clear he was never going to listen when I said I wished him well and signed off. He was clearly another Archon. Another closed mind sent to bring me down to their level of low vibrations. Another sheepdog sent to bring us back into the flock of conformity and slumber. They are not worth spending much time with – well, no time once we recognise them for what they are.

It’s amazing how many people there are like this around us though. They are everywhere – and it’s exhausting. After an encounter you really do feel like you’ve been with a psychic vampire.

I muse about people a lot, not specific people usually, but in general. This why I write the blog, to muse in a constructive way. It’s because I really don’t get most people, I suppose. I don’t understand those in a bubble who don’t want to know something if it’s not nice or contradicts their world view. Surely, knowledge is empowering, it helps us to understand life and ourself in a wider context as well as a personal one.

Reading books about Satanists was certainly not pleasant, it was horrific in many ways, but it helps understand much about the world and the people who run it.

Reading about the Holographic Universe is fascinating, though it shows us that nothing in our reality is as we think it is. It certainly challenges world views. It has also explained many many things in this reality, indeed it’s the only thing that would explain why something like reflexology and homeopathy works (which they undoubtedly do) to give only two examples.

Reading the truth about the medical world and the process of developing pharmaceuticals was extremely disturbing as it made me think very differently about doctors and tablets, and especially vaccines. When taking this reading in conjunction with the subject of Eugenics, it becomes quite clear indeed why the medical community and the elites (and hence the politicians they control) behave the way they do.

The medical information is often the most unwanted to people. They want to believe the tablets will help them, even when it’s clear they are not. We have been so conditioned, and it is ongoing constantly, to believe that the physical is all that matters and that doctors have the monopoly on healing it. They don’t want to hear that chemotherapy, for instance, will actually kill them when they doctors all say it’s their only hope. This is a lie, but there is so much profit in chemo that Big Pharma will not give it up easily and as the doctors (with noble exceptions) only know what Big Pharma tell them, the doctors will follow suit. Hence we have thousands slowly killing themselves following doctors when very simple, and natural, cures exist but are hidden. Well, hidden only to those who refuse to look.

Reading about false flags is illuminating. There is much more information on this than you would think, thousands of pages have been declassified in the last few years alone that prove that much of history is not as it is written. It also opens your eyes while watching news now. With the 24 hour news channels, you can actually watch false flags while they happen.

Reading about religions is largely disquieting. You see so many similarities in the stories going back through the millennia. It shows the extent of our conditioning and how they go about it.

Reading about politics is just infuriating to see how they manipulate us and have done forever. The lies and deceits you can read about are truly monumental, yet so few will believe you. Hopefully, the recent disclosures about Jimmy Savile and his ilk will open a few minds to so many other horrors that our political class get up to.

After reading so much, you begin to do your own research. I have done several long term studies of particular people who have large enough profiles to do an indepth study of them, and hence the world they inhabit. For example, I chose Benedict Cumberbatch when I wanted to research the entertainment world. He is everywhere just now, so a perfect subject to study. For almost a year, I immersed myself in his world. I often felt like I needed a shower afterwards, but it was illuminating. It was fascinating and nauseating at the same time, as several of my blogs will testify. But, I learned a great deal about this reality and our world. I would recommend this type of research to everyone, learn for yourself as well as reading about something. The internet is very useful for this research – especially Twitter as it is so immediate.

These are only a few subjects, but you soon realise that all of them tie in together to give us a better understanding of our reality. It’s only when you connect the dots to make a bigger picture, something you only see when you step back and look objectively, that you begin to see the real world we live in (or rather the holographic world we live in). It’s now that you, hopefully, begin to remember who and what you really are. Then you begin to truly live your life. It is a shame that most of humanity is not on the same page as you, will actively mock you, but who cares.

The sad truth is that most humans are not interested in knowing anything. They are focussed on their particular interest, are focussed on their dot. They do their job, watch tv, get drunk and go to get tablets when they are ill. They don’t want to know anything else, especially something that might upset them. If you tell them something outside their bubble you are branded a conspiracy theorist. That is an easy term to bandy around when someone says something you don’t like. Rather like the way racist is used today.

If that is how they choose to live, good luck to them. I can’t help but feel sorry for them though. How many reincarnations will they go through before they remember? Such a waste. Still, that is their choice and we must respect it.

As a wise man once said, Ignorance is bliss, but only for a while.



  1. I don’t know anything about the Holographic Universe, but I do wish you a speedy recovery.

    • Thank you very much. x


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