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Disinformation: or how the system is desperately trying to stop the Awakening

“War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength” – George Orwell

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education” – Albert Einstein

From the day we are born, we are taught about the world and how we fit into it. This information comes from a multitude of sources – our family, friends, school, church, TV, newspapers, books, etc. How many of us question any of it? How do we know that what we are being told is accurate? This questioning and searching for answers is a large part of what we call Awakening. It is actually remembering, IMHO, as the answers we need are all within us.

How do we find answers that are within us? Largely through meditation, at least at the beginning. Once you have expanded your awareness, answers flow towards you in many different ways, but meditation is one key to opening your mind. Anyone who has meditated can tell you it does no harm – you are calm, happy and at peace when you have finished. You begin to vibrate to a higher frequency.

However, the ones who control our information sources (a surprisingly small number of people) do not like this self-seeking, self-improving trend that is becoming more common. They have to work much harder at keeping us in our boxes, so we see an ever increasing use of disinformation. They must work harder to keep the sheeple doing what they are supposed to do. Hence, a seemingly endless stream of ‘experts’ appear to tell us how to behave and think.An article in the Daily Mail this past Saturday is one perfect example: (

It talks of a clinical trial on meditation and mindfulness calling them ‘treatments’ for depression. It complains that all reports of ‘this treatment’ are only focused on the positive sides when….. “This shows a rather narrow-minded view. How can a technique that allows you to look within and change your perception or reality of yourself be without potential adverse effects? We need to be aware that reports of benefits are often inflated … whereas studies that do not discover significant benefits rarely pick up media interest, and negative effects are seldom talked about.”

It claims the adverse effects are twitching, tics, mania, depression, hallucinations, psychosis, panic and confusion. What nonsense! The only adverse effects of expanding your awareness of self and reality is that you no longer believe the disinformation fed to you 24/7 by an elite that wish to control you and see you as food. Adverse, of course, only to the system, it’s a definite advantage to you and humanity in general.

There is an excellent book written by a British GP that tells the truth about clinical trials and the medical world, one everyone should read. (Bad Pharma, by Ben Goldacre) This Daily Mail article comes from Big Pharma. The truth is that there is no profit in someone healing themselves by using meditation. Pharmaceutical drugs for depression are extremely profitable and are given out like candy these days. They are harmful to us, physically and mentally. But Big Pharma do not care about that, they care only about money. Funny enough, the Daily Mail article above said what this book said about medications and medical trials, that only the positive is told, the negative hidden. Our world is indeed inverted. Black is white.

Not all disinformation is blatant, some is very subtle, yet it speaks to our subconscious and reinforces our conditioning.

A subtle disinformation article about natural rememdies can be found here:

This article tells of a woman who went on holiday while taking St John’s Wort tablets. She used sunscreen and sunbathed. When she came home she had marks on her skin. The article implies you should never use St John’s Wort, it is dangerous and bad. The message is clearly to trust your doctor and no one else. The message should have been to make sure you know what you are putting into your body and how it may interact with other medications, your lifestyle, foods, etc, and that you should read the insert with the tablets to make sure you are taking the correct natural remedy for you. Education is key. The message from the system is very simple: Thinking for yourself is bad. Obeying authority is good.

And, here is just one discussion, about Hemp (or Cannabis if you prefer):

There are so many examples of disinformation, far too many for me to put into one blog. A quick search on Youtube will show hundreds of excellent documentaries on all subjects, and a few minutes on a search engine will provide countless articles and websites. I will give a few examples of awakened people seeing through the disinformation. Here are just three recent false flags perpetuated by government that people with opened eyes have disseminated:

Zero, an investigation into 9/11:

Sandy Hook, interview with a school security expert:

Boston bombing:

There is even a website called that purports to explain all the ‘rumours’ out there. I have found it to be in error several times and have concluded that it largely exists to spread disinformation and reinforce official stories.

The crux of the situation is that the elites (corporations and institutions such as Big Pharma) do not want a population with expanded awareness and the knowledge of how to heal themselves as well as think critically. They want a population who does as they are told. They want humans kept in lower vibrations. They want us to believe we are small and inconsequential to the world and humanity when the truth is the opposite. They have no control over a people who understand that they are Infinite Consciousness. They cannot feed off the higher vibrational energies.

I’ve spoken of this several times so won’t go into it again here, but only reinforce the idea.

It’s up to us to use our critical thinking skills while we still have them and they are still legal. No, that is not a joke. There are plans afoot right now in the UK government to consider speaking against the government – not acting, just speaking – to be considered terrorism. Orwell’s thoughtcrime is closer than we think.

Now, saying any of this will lead to others accusing you of being ‘too political’, as it has me. This is nonsense spoken by someone sound asleep.

Paying attention to current events and calling attention to injustice is what we should all be doing. It is not ‘being political’. It is trying to improve the conditions of humanity, our world, reality and self.

It is also not ‘negative’. The love and light brigade love to say how spreading information is negative. Information is not positive or negative, it just is. Ignorance is negative. Allowing injustice to continue is negative. Allowing corruption to continue through blind acceptance is negative.

Allowing yourself to continue sleepwalking into a global tyranny is definitely negative, not to mention stupid.

Postscript: Just as I was editing to publish, I noticed yet another article about meditation from another ‘expert’. The system is pulling out all the stops now to stop the awakening. They are absolutely desperate to keep us in the five senses. It is encouraging really…..



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