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Know Thy Self……

We see things not as they are, but as we are – HM Tomlinson

A human being is a part of the whole called by us ‘universe’, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness – Albert Einstein

Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one – Albert Einstein

I recently read a blog by a friend that was very insightful and meaningful, as his blogs tend to be…..

His words inspired me to write this, which pleased me as I’ve not been inspired to write for some time now. Of course, life got in the way as it tends to do and I was delayed, but never mind, I’m here now.

He writes about phrases that become clichés, two in particular: Know thy self, and As above so below. He’s quite right, they are overused in the Pagan community. They are overused to the point that they have nearly lost all meaning. I would suggest this is being done on purpose. George Orwell was on the mark when he talked about Newspeak – that is what is happening to our language right now. Language is watered down to nonsense until even the concept is gone. I don’t believe people do this consciously, but it is done subconsciously. But that’s not really what I wanted to write about.

I wanted to address the two phrases themselves. David described them perfectly, on one level – the physical. When I hear them though, I think of them on the energetic level, beyond the physical. On this level, they are profound indeed as they force us to think beyond our conditioning, our programming.

Know thy self. Sounds pretty innocuous, doesn’t it. When you ask someone, who are you, they will respond with ‘I am Bob and I am a teacher’. If you say, what else are you, they will respond with ‘I am from Nottingham, am a Pagan and I vote for the Greens’. Well, no, that’s not what you are actually, that is what you are experiencing in this life. You are Consciousness. Awareness. All Possibility. Call it what you will. We are the energy that animates this body, we are not the body. The body is just a vessel, a conduit for us to use to experience a life in this frequency band of the Matrix. The body is a biological computer, a transmitter/receiver of information. We have been conditioned, programmed, to identify with our vessel while forgetting who we really are. Know thy self is telling us to remember who and what we really are – Consciousness.

By identifying with our body, we limit ourselves to the physical world. We limit ourselves to only five senses with which to make sense of this life. We are programmed to look to the government to make our decisions, a religion to tell us what to believe, a doctor to tell us how to treat the body. We are increasingly told what to do, think, believe and even wear – we are only little people, we need someone smarter, richer, more famous, more powerful to follow. This message is forced into our psyches at every turn – in school, on TV (there is a reason why the shows we watch are called programs), films, the evening news…..

We are Consciousness! We are not little people, we can decide for ourselves what is good for us. When we remember this we begin to grow spiritually, we reconnect with the higher levels of ourselves and can eventually break free from the Matrix. We see the programmers for what they are, the controllers for what they are. We see that governments are not working for our best interests, that religions are the opposite of spirituality, that doctors are only treating the symptoms of a physical body and not the cause of dis-ease which is in the energetic body. When you see all this, the program no longer works on you. You see it for what it is.

Know thy self is indeed a powerful phrase, one that all of humanity needs to muse about if they wish to truly be free.

As above so below is another powerful phrase. It refers to the fact that we live in a holographic universe. Everything we see is part of a virtual world, a simulation. Mainstream science is now saying that the universe only exists when we look at it. One interesting property of a hologram is that if you cut it in two you will not get two halves of the whole, you will get two smaller versions of the whole. If you cut it into eight, you will get eight smaller versions of the whole hologram. The most common picture to demonstrate this concept is a tree – showing the branches looking the same as the roots. I’ve seen other pictures showing the veins in an eye looking exactly like a nebula in space and so on. It’s in ley lines being exactly like the meridian lines in our body – pathways of energy being the same for our body and the Earth. It’s why reflexology and acupuncture practitioners can heal your headache by manipulating a part of your foot, hand or ear. Every part of the hologram contains the whole hologram, therefore, our ear has a point corresponding to every other part of our body. So does our hand and foot. Understanding this is a part of understanding who and what you really are.

Understanding ‘as above so below’ is part of knowing thy self.

When we understand these things we can begin to truly live the life we set out to live before our programming began. We can see our world in energetic terms, not only physical. We can heal our vessel, our body, by finding the cause of our dis-ease and dealing with it. We now know that a doctor cannot do this with his pills or scalpel, we must seek an energy healer to clear the energetic bodies and help us process the dis-ease to remove it. We now see the manipulations of the medics, governments and religions – all designed to keep us thinking we are ‘little people’ and we can try to tell others. We also find that when we do tell others, they now treat us as though we are stark raving mad. That doesn’t stop us from trying to emancipate our fellow travellers, however, but that’s another blog entirely.

So, these two phrases, so overused that they are commonplace, are anything but. They are the key to our spiritual growth. They are the key to our breaking free of the Matrix. How’s that for profound?



  1. Glad I could help. 😉 Well done, btw! I never considered those concepts beyond the physical.

    • Cheers! Glad I got you to think too. Ain’t blogs great! 🙂

      • Fantastic!


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