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The Continuing Experiences of a Ghost Botherer

I’ve had so many requests to tell about our Ghost Bothering trips that I thought I’d just start making it a blog.

We have had several formal investigations as well as our usual searches while out and about. When we are anywhere shopping and decide to stop in a pub for lunch or just a drink, we will pull out a few pieces of equipment just to see if any spirit are curious enough to talk. Quite often they are. Just last week I went with a friend to Stratford Upon Avon to celebrate her birthday with a day out. It was a lovely ride on the coach, we had beautiful weather and as icing on the cake we had a spirit interact with us in the front public rooms of one of the city centre inns. I don’t know exactly the age of the place, but it seemed to be from the Tudor times (late 1400s – very early 1600s). We got the names of Mike and Rodger (spelt that way). It was Mike that provided a couple icy patches, one on my friends lap at one point. He also communicated with us by moving the tablecloth in response to questions. No, there was no breeze in the room and we were sitting back so as not to move it ourselves. It was not an earthshaking session, but it was very interesting and I was thrilled that my friend had an experience. It affected her very positively, she is now keen to do more bothering I suspect, which is a good thing.

We’ve also been to a local graveyard where another friend has had many experiences. We were not there long as it was unexpectedly cold, but I did have one experience and we got two excellent photos. As the lads were off somewhere with the cameras, I sat on a bench quietly and listened. It was only a few moments when I heard the crunching of icy grass just in front of me. I was then drawn very strongly towards a tree a few yards in front of me. The footsteps became quicker and louder as though someone was walking quickly towards me, crunching the grass on the way. I spoke to the spirit but got no responses, only footsteps. When my hubby came back I asked him to take a photo of the tree where I had heard the steps. The photo showed half of a girl or woman, from shoulder to leg, peering out from behind the tree. The other photo was taken of a grave, which had a cluster of three headstones just behind it. There is a distinct figure kneeling on the grave.

stanton cem4

stanton cem3

A few of us did an investigation at a pub in a nearby town, which has a nightclub on the weekends in a separate area upstairs. The story is that there is a little boy who runs around upstairs – those down in the bar hearing it from underneath. Nothing much happened until we were standing in a back corridor, in front of the manager’s office which was locked. An almighty bang happened on the door which made us all jump and frightened quite a few, including the staff who had joined us. It soon became obvious to us, though, that the one member of staff who did not join us but was in his flat above, was attempting to scare us. He made us jump, but beyond that we had to disappoint him. It takes more than that to scare people who have a love of wandering around graveyards and haunted places at midnight. I had no expectations while reviewing the results, indeed I’d thought it was all a joke on their part. Until I saw the photo, that is. There is one photo of the staff trying out the glass on the table communication, and a little boy sitting behind them watching. There was absolutely no living little boy with us. Some have said it must be menus on the table, but this pub does not serve food, there is no menu and there was nothing on the table.
Boy in pub -> cock inn.

and zoomed in ->cock inn.18.09.15

We have captured countless orbs on film, many that coincided with personal stories. I’m afraid though that they are less interesting, though only a little bit, than the figures that we are capturing now that we have a full spectrum camera. The photos I’m sharing here are all in the Infrared range of frequency which means they are not in our vision range. Our camera sees more than we do. This is something I learned in junior school, but the majority of people I talk to seemed to have not been paying attention that day and have no idea what I’m talking about when I say Infrared and Ultraviolet ranges. Anyhow, seeing figures in the places where I felt presences is hugely confirming and wonderful.

We do not have a medium in our group, though most of us are highly sensitive. So, we do not often get information that we could go away and verify, until last week. There is a woman spirit in a local cafe that says she knew me in a past life. This past week, she answered some very specific questions and gave name and date info that I have begun to look into. Yes, I believe in reincarnation and yes I believe I have had many past lives, one of which my spirit guide has talked to me about. This one though is another one entirely. It ended, according to the spirit Nancy, in my death. So much info was given that I should be able to find if it’s true or not. While its validity would cause me to think on things in my life, that is not my immediate motivation in researching the claims. I would love to be able to find proof of what a spirit has told me, just as confirmation. Other information given by a second spirit who claimed to die in a local tragedy in WWl has been proven right, which is fascinating. The spirit is in the local cafe as he worshipped in the Chapel that it was previously and is buried in the graveyard in the back, which extends underneath the current building which was enlarged over the cemetery. That was an unexpected conversation that we were able to have in depth as the tragedy recently had its 100 year anniversary and was told in the local paper that week which we had a copy of.

This experience reminded me of one we had in another cemetery not too far away where a Bill told us he’d show us where he was buried. Using the dowsing rods, he directed us all the way around to the far end of the cemetery and right to the headstone of a William Williams. He then told us of his life in the military. All very fascinating. We got a photo of three orbs of different colours right over the heads of three of our members. This was before we got our full spectrum camera, and was taken with a normal digital camera. The orbs are impressive though, so I’ll share.


There have been so many more experiences, but I don’t want to go on for too long so more volumes of the continuing experiences of a ghost botherer will be to come. We continue to investigate and experience so this series could go on forever……



  1. It will be interesting to see how many hits come from the information given by Nancy.

    • Yes. I’m currently researching her information, a few of them such as the house have turned out to be true. I think a visit to the
      County Archinves in Matlock will be needed for the rest. I’ll get there. Fascinating stuff.


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