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Doing the Non-Comply-Dance

I have been musing lately about how similar Pagans are to other groups of religious people. Now, I don’t consider Paganism to be a religion, indeed I don’t consider myself to have religion at all. But many of my peers do worship, work with, follow – choose your word – gods and goddesses. The fact that each Pagan finds his/her own path and is, for the most part, accepted on equal terms by other Pagans is one of the things that attracts me so strongly to Paganism. But, I see the same dynamics in the groups that I saw in the Baptist groups I was forced to be a part of in my youth.

My father used to engage in heated arguments with my uncle, a methodist, over minute points of doctrine. I used to watch, unknown to them, from my hiding place and think adults were stupid to allow such ridiculous things to come between them. I still think adults are stupid to allow such things to happen, but perhaps I understand why they do it now. The answer is simple, their perceptions are manipulated in order to divide them from their fellow human beings. We are conditioned – our perceptions are manipulated – from the moment we are born and we, mostly, don’t even realise it. Those with strong beliefs, such as religious people, are the easiest to manipulate, and Pagans are no exception.

I will admit that this surprises me as Pagans pride themselves on being anti-system. I met no one in the Baptist church who would even consider going against authority in any way. Pagans, however, consider themselves to be outside the mainstream, outside the system. They are wrong. We are all in the system whether we like it or not. When we break free of the system, or Matrix as I prefer to call it, we ascend and we truly leave it. As I and those I’m talking to are physically (energetically) still here, we are still in the system.

This does not mean we have to interact with it, or cooperate with it though. We can be in the system but not of it, if you get my meaning. Most don’t and this is the point where I see eyes glaze over. This is also the point where the name calling begins – you’re crazy, you’re stupid, blah blah blah.

I am beginning to realise that all the ridicule and hate that is directed towards those who say and do things outside the status quo is designed to bring us back into the flock of the manipulated. You have to be very strong to withstand all the nonsense that is thrown your way. I realise this now and it pleases me now to have someone go off on a rant towards me – it means I’m going in the right direction. No, it’s not pleasant to experience, especially if it’s from someone I consider a friend, but it is confirmation all the same.

I’ve never been particularly interested in money. Obviously we all need a certain amount to keep body and home together, but beyond that I have never really cared. Therefore, I have never pursued a career, preferring to stay at home and look after my boys. Even now they have flown the coop, I have not rushed out to earn my crust from anyone else, choosing to do it my way. My hubby has always earned enough to keep us fed and housed and we even manage the odd holiday here and there. Our lives have been happy on balance. I have a University degree, in Fashion Merchandising (which is basically a business degree), but got it mainly because it was the thing to do in the US then. I wanted to study archaeology or history but my dad said he wouldn’t pay for that and I was restricted to his paying for reasons I won’t go into. So, I took Fashion Merchandising but didn’t particularly enjoy it and was not overly keen to use it when I finished. In a way it was my first real rebellion – I have spent four years studying to get this stupid piece of paper because society told me I had to do it, but I won’t use it so there, pfft.

Our society is based on money. Nowadays, even the adult learning courses tell you that you need to do this to earn more money. Everyone wants more money. I can understand if you’re on the bottom rung of society and need more to pay rent, food, etc. But there are too many humans running around like chickens without heads seeking more and more money. There will never be enough money for these folks, and there are more of them than we realise. Money and things = Happiness to them, therefore they will never find happiness either.

This is how we are manipulated to be.

Stop for a moment and muse on that simple statement………..this is how we are manipulated to be.

It is very simple. The solution is also simple – stop. Stop giving the Matrix what it wants. It’s as simple as not chasing money and things. It’s looking inward to find your answers instead of looking to a man in a frock or a politician. Start living your life according to your own needs and desires, not catering to everyone else’s. This does not mean we are being selfish, it means we are living the life we choose to live, not the life we are told we must live.

It also means that if we don’t like the way our world is heading than we need to change it. And we can change it – we begin by changing ourselves. We take back control of our minds. And we start listening more to our hearts, our intuition.

We stop believing everything we are told automatically and we stop dismissing anything new with a knee jerk reaction. Everyone will tell you that politicians lie, they know that. Yet, these same people will believe something just because the government told them. Or because the BBC told them, which is the same thing really as the BBC is a government department. Quite who they think the government is if not a bunch of politicians is a mystery to me.

The latest leaflet from the government telling us why we need to stay in the EU is a perfect example. Nearly every statement in it is at best a half truth, at worst an outright lie. Anyone who follows developments in the EU will know that we do not have the powers – for instance over our own borders – that the leaflet claims we do. Every day the EU commission – an unelected cabal of politicians – initiates new laws that are rubber stamped by the EU parliament intended to regulate every aspect of our lives, eroding our freedoms to make our own choices. This applies to our choice about whether we allow prisoners to vote all the way down to which vacuum cleaner we wish to use. But that’s enough about the EU, this isn’t about them exclusively.

I believe they tell us these bullet points in order to keep us from seeing the bigger picture. They want us to focus on small dots, and stop us seeing the larger picture. This is where I see the contradictions in Pagans. They will protest against austerity, fracking, high speed trains, etc, but when you say that all these things are being done because of Agenda 21 their eyes mostly glaze over and the name calling begins. It is, however, entirely the truth. I wrote a blog a while ago entirely on Agenda 21 and it’s details, but still I meet people who say it is all a ‘conspiracy theory’. The manipulation is extremely effective for the vast majority of humanity and it’s very frustrating for those of us who see it

It’s frustrating to see Pagans, who are supposed to be anti-system, supporting the Matrix in things like staying in the EU, giving vaccinations to their children, supporting the troops, etc. They think they are fighting the system when they are in fact supporting it. I see the same thing happening in the US with supposedly awake people refusing to see that they are being manipulated into the same type of Union at the moment, not to mention supporting the endless war we are currently engaged in. They are propping up the same system they claim to hate………

But, I endeavour to let it all flow over me like water off a duck’s back. In the end, it doesn’t matter as we are in a simulation anyway, we are all just playing a game that we are trapped in. Yes, there’s the glazed eyes again. Never mind.

I will never stop pleading, though, for people to open their minds to all possibility. Just because something is outside the status quo does not mean it is wrong or bad. Open minds see the bigger picture and understand the agenda that we are manipulated to follow. Open minds stop cooperating. Non-violent non-cooperation will change the world for the better for mankind.

I prefer to do as David Icke suggests – when we are frustrated with the world, we do the Non-comply-dance. It works, it really does.





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