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It’s Not Real, Mum

Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one – Albert Einstein

Sitting on the bus recently I overheard a conversation between a young mum and her 9 or 10 year old son on their way to school. He was idly looking out the window at the clouds in the sky and he said “it’s not real, you know, mum”‘. “What isn’t real?” she asked. “all of it”, he said, “none of it is real”. His mother’s response was ” of course it’s real, don’t be stupid”.

That is the usual response we get when we say something that is outside someone else’s perception – don’t be stupid.  Yes, that is just a saying, but as I sit and muse on it, I see that it’s one that comes straight out of our conditioning. The boy was not being stupid, he was trying to convey a truth he had just discovered. The mother was responding in the way she has been conditioned to respond. She was being a human sheepdog, bringing a stray thinker back into the flock of conformity. She was doing it on reflex action, probably without even realising that was what she was doing.

We all do this, even me, every day without realising we are doing it. We do it every day of our lives until we pause and think about what we are doing – when we begin to awaken.

I encounter people like this mother nearly every day, online and in person when I go to moots, when I am talking to others about all subjects. For instance, one day we were discussing Building 7, which fell during the attack on 9/11. We talked for a good half hour discussing all the different points that have been made. One woman, who I consider intelligent but who had not previously taken part in the conversation, said we were conspiracy theorists. We stared at her for a moment and said What? Well, where’s your proof, she asked.

Where’s your proof. Another gem. I asked her if she’d not been listening for the last half hour. Yes, she said, but where’s your proof. Well, I said, we mentioned several sources, but when it comes to that, we are discussing something in a pub, we are not in a court of law, so where’s your proof that what we are saying is wrong? It turns out that because our sources were not mainstream, such as BBC or Sky News, what we were saying could not possibly be correct in her opinion. This made me laugh as part of what we were discussing was the fact that BBC reported on the demise of Building 7 twenty minutes before it happened. The reporter was stood talking about how the building fell with the building standing in perfect condition right behind her. Explain that please, I asked the woman. She tutted and called me a conspiracy theorist again. A perfect example of cognitive dissonance if ever I saw one.

That term, conspiracy theorist, is one that certain people love to throw around. I wonder if they know that term was invented by the CIA in the early 1960s to discredit those who questioned the murder of JFK? I have told a few but they said that was also false – when it is verifiably accurate.

That term, along with its fellow discreditor Racist, is used to shut down any discussion. As soon as one of those terms is used, all talk ceases and the one the term was used against is instantly vilified. These terms are incredibly powerful. The term racist, for instance,  is used to stop all discussion about immigration, and it’s used to great effect. A rational discussion about immigration, or more specifically the rate of immigration, needs to be had in the UK, but it will not as long as the human sheepdogs are successful in the use of the racist tag.

In the end, all of this comes down to perception. Everything comes down to perception – perception of our self and reality. If we believe that what we are perceiving with our 5 senses is real, than what the ‘conspiracy theorists’ are saying cannot possibly be true. Consider this:

According to mainstream science, 99.5% of all mass in our universe is called Dark Matter because it does not reflect light and we can’t perceive it. The .5% that we can perceive is called the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Visible Light, the only part of the Spectrum humans can perceive, is just .5% of that. So, humans can only perceive with their 5 senses .5% of .5% of all that exists. Humans are nearly blind to reality, yet so many people are happy making definitive judgments about the nature of life and reality when they can’t even perceive 99.5% of all that exists.

We find this attitude everywhere. It is in the hecklers at a psychic’s demonstration, it’s in those who deride the one having a trial energy healing at a Mind, Body & Spirit Fair, it’s in the faces of those who roll their eyes and make funny noises when they see you wear crystals, it’s on the TV with comedians making jokes about the ‘lunacy’ of homeopathy. I know of a couple of young men who buy tickets to psychic shows purely to heckle. Their whole purpose is to ridicule and humiliate. They fully believe that the psychic is harming people and they also believe that anyone who believes ‘this stuff’ is mentally substandard. I asked one of them once – if you think this person is mentally challenged, and you’ve paid to come here just to humiliate him, what does that say about your character? I got no answer. I asked them – how do you know he’s not tapping into another realm of knowledge? How do you know he’s not speaking to a spirit? They tutted at me. Clearly they think I am mentally challenged. Meh. Closed minds. Some humans are capable of thinking beyond the 5 senses, those who don’t do not understand us. And, those who don’t understand, dismiss or attack.

Who decides what is pseudoscience, superstition or irrational belief?

Did you know that there is an actual psychiatric disease called Oppositional Defiance Disorder? It is applied to someone who disagrees with authority figures. It exists. How 1984 can you get? The truth is that the Elite, hence the human sheepdogs, are terrified of anyone who can see them so they must shut us down in any way they can.

What of the scientists (quantum physicists mostly), and researchers before them, who say our whole reality is a hologram? That matter is simply energy vibrating at a very slow rate, it is not in fact solid. That even our bodies do not exist as a solid, but that our brains simply decode them as such in our simulated virtual reality world. Nonsense, say the 5 sense prisoners, nonsense. I say nonsense to you – prove it’s not.

Our physical body, as I’ve said many times before, is a reflection of our sense of self. It is a physical expression of our mind and emotions. It is also the lowest level of our multi-dimensional being. Once you realise that you are a multi-dimensional being you can begin to see the whole of reality in non physical terms and you begin to understand what is happening in this world and why. Unfortunately, we live in a soundbite world – too few are willing to muse upon these things, to delve into the mysteries. Too many want someone else to do all the work for them and then hand them enlightenment. It doesn’t work that way, if you want the understanding, you have to get there yourself. It’s a journey we must all undergo ourselves. We can discuss along the way, but ultimately, it’s a personal journey. We all find our own truths and answers if we go looking for them. I say to all those complaining about their lives, take this journey and change the experience you are having.

But, we cannot change our experience until we change our belief. We can go around in the 5 sense reality discussing, complaining, moaning and debating all we like, nothing will change. To transform our reality we must transform our sense of reality, our sense of the possible, we must transform ourselves. The first step is to open your mind.

The most effective way to keep people imprisoned is to remove their sense of the possible, that is how mankind has been controlled for so long. If you think something is not possible you won’t even try. This is the real difference between those with open minds and those with closed. To an open mind, all things are possible. An open mind is connected to Consciousness.

To open our mind to Consciousness, we must let go of the programming, the fears of mind, including the fear of what others think of us. It means doing what we Know to be right, not what we Think to be right. It is following the guidance of the Heart (knowing), not the Head (thinking). The Intellect is not all knowing, the Heart is. This is contrary to everything our society says, hence we are called lunatics, crazy, dangerous and yes, conspiracy theorists. Pffft to society, is my response. I will follow my heart regardless of what society says, society is an idiot.

And maybe, just maybe, the little boy on the bus was right. Maybe it’s not real after all. I feel it’s not. What do you feel?




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