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Non-Violent Non-Cooperation

I often muse while in social settings. These,for me, are mostly Pagan moots. I find them very enjoyable, they being purely social gatherings without preaching or lecturing involved. I do enjoy watching people and these occasions are perfect. I have good friends here and know many of them quite well. Today I put my musing into words as I have a hard time saying them to someone’s face. I am thinking of no one in particular while I write, but of people in general. I don’t mean these words to be judgmental or critical, I’m just musing. I would not tell someone what to do or not do, we all have free will and can make our own choices. As always, I like to get people thinking…..

Many of my friends believe they understand what is going on in the world, that they are ‘awake’. I am not disputing this, not at all. But in light of this, I say the following. We know what the system is. We know what the system wants for us. We know what condition the system wants us to live in. We know that the system will push anything that keeps us in that condition and ban (or ridicule) anything that allows us to escape that condition.

We need to apply this knowledge to our everyday lives, think about the things we do and why we do them. Do these things serve us or do they serve the system? What are we doing that complies with what the system wants? The most obvious things in my life, or at least the lives of those I am around (not my family I will hasten to add, but our friends) is alcohol and cigarettes. While there are some system voices telling us of the dangers of these two things, the system itself wholeheartedly supports them, especially alcohol. The same examples that follow would be true of cigarettes, but more so to alcohol, the most acceptable drug in our society.

Consider how alcohol is portrayed in the movies and TV. Yes, those who overindulge are occasionally portrayed as sad and bad, but it’s mostly considered the ‘cool’ and ‘normal’ thing to do. If the characters are going out for a night of fun, they go drinking. If the characters are sad, angry or annoyed in any way, they reach for a drink. All characters are shown with drinks in their hands at some point of the show. Think of James Bond, for instance, the cool, suave and sophisticated spy, always with his signature drink in his hand. All the men watching want to be him, the women want to be with him, or so the critics say (I don’t). All hobbies are portrayed as nerdy, hence undesirable to the trendy folks.

Even those who get drunk, thinking of soap operas and comedies here, are considered funny. The only way to spend an evening is to go drinking, so we are told.  Those of us who do not are treated as strange freaks. I’m quite used to being considered strange so it doesn’t bother me, but it is enough for many to go order a beer. The social conditioning is that strong.

Look at how alcohol, especially beer and cider, is priced. It’s often cheaper to get a beer than a fruit drink or a cola. Supermarkets price beer and cider as loss leaders. I am always annoyed to be quizzed about why I want to buy two packets of aspirin, but no one blinks an eye if I buy eight bottles of cider. Which is more harmful to me?  This is inversion. It is the wrong way round.

Now consider what alcohol does to us. We all know the physical effects, but how many of us consider the energetic consequences. The Empaths out there should know what I am talking about, but I do know a few who do not think about this at all, to their detriment. Alcohol dulls our brains and senses (thus lowering our defences) and leaves us vulnerable to attack – physical and energetic, but especially energetic. Empaths are targets for the archons who wish to bring us back down, frequency wise, and return us to the lower frequency vibrations. When we are there we are back in the reptilian brain and back into their levels of control and manipulation.

Why anyone who is awake and aware of the system does this voluntarily to themselves is a complete mystery to me.

It is widely known as true that psychoactive drugs such as Ayahuasca, marijuana and other herbs connect us to the higher levels of existence. They do not harm us, they enhance us, showing us our true potential. The system does not want us to remember and realise our true selves, as I have talked about in previous blogs. Therefore, the system tries very hard to remove these substances from our reach and put things that keep us in their arena in our hands. This seems quite an obvious and simple concept to me, but I do get very odd looks when I say it aloud so it’s clearly not obvious to everyone.

The ‘War on Drugs’ that has been raging for decades now has conditioned most people into believing that herbs and natural substances are addictive and damaging to both the individual and society. This is not true. Alcohol is addictive and physically damaging. The number of people under 30 who need liver replacements is shocking indeed. ­Alcohol does far more damage to society as well, ­­and if you don’t believe that visit Nottingham city centre – or Ilkeston town centre for that matter – on any Friday or Saturday night. It is even evident in any city centre on the day of a football derby (local rivalry)- see how many police are needed to keep the rival fans from destroying everything after they’ve had several pints before the match. It is ridiculous to anyone outside watching in. I would almost describe it as animalistic.

That is only the physical aspect – to anyone aware of energy, it is a hundred times more important.

People who read my blog know that we live in a Matrix. The only way to escape it is to raise our frequency until we are higher than that of the Matrix. It is not easy, but it is absolutely achievable. Part of this is simply recognising it and not cooperating with the system (those who control the Matrix). Violence only serves what the system is doing, it strengthens it, which is why they are not bothered by anarchic protests. Only non-violent means will work. Non-violent non-cooperation is the only way to escape, the only protest that really gets to them. Why? Because we are taking ourselves out of their range. They cannot control or manipulate us anymore. This is the only way we can be truly free.

How do we do this? In a million different ways. One way is to turn off the television – at the very least do not stare at it. It is scientific proof that the flicker rates of our TV alters our brain wave patterns, some even say our DNA. It is the single most powerful tool the system has to manipulate our perceptions, to brainwash us. So, stop allowing it. Click the off button and read a book.

Stop voting is another – at least in elections where there is no clear choice. A choice between two puppets is no choice at all. The EU referendum was a clear choice – yes or no. This is not what we normally get in elections. I do think the people of the UK recognised this unique opportunity and that is why they turned out in such large numbers. The main parties in all countries are controlled by the same people, there is no choice between them. Anyone who pays attention knows this – remove party A for party B and nothing changes. Switch them back 4 or 5 years later and again, everything ticks along on the same agenda.

I know people who refuse to pay the BBC license fee or their council tax. That is non-violent non-cooperation. I personally refuse to go to doctors as I see the health service as a wealth service who is not interested in my health to any extent. I go to a healer and have never felt better in my life.

I don’t buy newspapers and stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. In the past I didn’t have the money for either of these things, now it’s a choice. It doesn’t make me popular, indeed usually the opposite, but it’s another non-violent non-cooperation choice.

I haven’t even mentioned the two big ones – money and religion: two powerful forms of mind control. I could write a whole blog on each one. I consciously look after my own health and energetic well being without interference from any government or system person. That is hugely non-violent non-cooperation in itself. The system wants to tell you what to do, what to think and what to believe. If we allow them to we are cooperating and giving our consent and our power to that which seeks to control and manipulate us. Think about that for a few minutes and realise that we are part of the problem not the solution until we remove ourselves from the systems’ control in as many ways as possible.




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