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Reality Deniers

Well, I’m sure I’m not alone is being overjoyed that the US election is over! What a painful process that was. I didn’t even vote in the damn thing but it has impacted my life for over a year. The fact is that the US President is a matter for all of us to care about regardless of what country we live in simply because what this person does affects the entire world. I live in the UK, a country that has acted as a lapdog to the US for generations, so the choice of who lives in the White House does indeed draw our interest.

I do, as my readers surely do, also realise that it doesn’t really matter who wins as they are both puppets of the same people, the same hidden hand. Indeed, this hidden hand is the one who ultimately selected both of these candidates that the US public are now choosing between. Even if I lived in the US, I would not have voted. I see no reason to prop up a corrupt system by playing along with their game. They only have the energy we give them and by playing the game we give them our energy.

Unfortunately, most of humanity do play the game and think those of us who refuse to are the crazy ones. That is the way of things, irritating as it may be. It’s these people who I have mused about this past few months. I’m only now bothering to put it down onto paper, so to speak.

In the hundreds of discussions I’ve been involved in during the past year or so, I’ve marvelled at the lack of interest so many have of the evil deeds of Hillary. They just don’t care. They see a ‘strong woman’ and that’s enough for them. The fact that she is a warmongering, money laundering, insider trading, pay for playing, mind-controlled-slave-using psychopath who laughs at all the convenient deaths of anyone who opposes her just doesn’t seem to matter. Excuses are found for all of this. Well, alrighty then.

What I find most irritating though, is that when I say any of this they immediately say I love Trump. Nothing can be further from the truth, I do not like Trump. He is as much a part of the system as Hillary is. I would not have voted for Trump either, I would not have voted at all. This seems to be beyond the understanding of those I speak to. Their world is black/white – Hillary/Donald – there are no other choices. My world is a billion shades of grey (anyone making a joke about that hideous book will be sneered at!), with that many choices of action.

These same people are the ones who will bring up any of the discussions that bring about the accusation of us being ‘conspiracy theorists’. You know the ones: manmade climate change, chemtrails, vaccines, mind control, shadow governments, etc. The discussions seem to go hand in hand, don’t they? It’s almost as if it’s the plan to make us look completely crazy….

I’ve come to believe it is a plan in the minds of these people, they’ve been conditioned to connect the different subjects into one. We are all conditioned to think that anything against authority is a ‘conspiracy theory’, so all the subjects are lumped into one. Those who are still stuck in the matrix believe this and use it rather effectively. It’s up to us who see the game to not rise to it. This has been my most difficult thing to master, not rising to the bait. I have had success, however, in the last few weeks. I see it in some of my ‘friends’ and will now act accordingly. Once we see what we are up against, it is easier to deal with it.

I am called a ‘climate denier’ as I do not subscribe to the theory that climate change is manmade and thus must do all the things the system has decided we must do. The main thing is that we must reduce CO2 to nothing in order to save the planet.

They forget, or dismiss, the simple fact that CO2 is produced by humans and used as fuel by plants. So reducing CO2 to nothing means reducing humans and plants to nothing. It’s the end of life, period.

This is Agenda 21, as my readers know, it is the plan of the system to reduce the human herd to a very few who are easily controllable. Anyone who supports this plan, in my mind, is either one of the elite or a complete idiot. There are a lot of idiots in our human herd.

I have come to call these folks ‘reality deniers’ as they simply refuse to see reality. Reality on the physical level as well as the energetic. Of course, most of them don’t recognise that there is an energetic level, which is part of the problem.

They refuse to get information from any source that does not reinforce their world view – the system’s world view that is. They support politicians who wish to ban independent news sources from the internet, the only place these sources are allowed to thrive. They support corporations who are poisoning the world because the system tells them it’s ok. They support governments who are murdering whole countries of people because the system tells them they are doing it to protect us. They send their children off to foreign countries to participate in the murder because the system tells them they are heroes for doing so. When they see one of us say or post something to social media that disturbs their world view, they call us deniers.

I’ve been told that the facts I present for why I do not accept that climate change is manmade are simply my opinion. I’ve been told that for each scientist I quote, another will say the opposite. When I point out that there has been no real scientific debate on this issue, I’m told I’m wrong, the debate has been settled. In science there is no such thing as a settled debate, in real science anyhow. All I’ve ever asked for is an open scientific debate, I am perfectly happy to accept we are the cause if we in fact are, but I see overwhelming evidence that we are not. Much of the evidence is in the behaviour of those claiming we are – if there was truly a problem with too much carbon in the atmosphere, for instance, then why are diesel emissions exempt from regulation? Why do those who espouse this position constantly fly around the world creating a carbon footprint the size of Godzilla? Why do they focus on individual dots of the Earth instead of looking at the world as a whole? There is even a movement to jail all ‘climate deniers’. Yes, that’s the way to win a scientific debate, jail all opposition. That’s not science, it’s Fascism.

I said earlier that these people believe all the ‘conspiracy’ subjects are one. They are actually, they are the myriad of ways the Agenda is being carried out. To those who see the agenda, the game, it is glaringly obvious. This is Reality. The leaders we see are the puppets who do what is necessary to carry out the agenda on behalf of their hidden masters. Reality. The things they do affect animals including humans, plants and the Earth on the physical and energetic levels. Reality. All these things they do are also methods of divide and rule. Reality. To stop them we must stop giving them our energy, stop cooperating with our own destruction. Reality.

So, the next time anyone calls me a climate-denier I will call them a reality-denier. The next time someone calls me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ I will call them a reality-denier. The next time someone laughs and calls me crazy, I will call them a reality-denier. I can’t wait to see what responses I get……….




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