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I was asked recently why I haven’t written for a while. For quite a few reasons was my answer. I write when inspired so I suppose I haven’t been sufficiently inspired for a while. So, what’s been going on in my little world? Quite a lot, both good and bad. The bad has come, as usual, mostly from the activities of the Archons.

I’ve talked about the archons enough to not want to go into any explanations – if any reader doesn’t know who or what they are, I refer them to past blogs.

These negative beings, minions of the negative force that seeks to control this Matrix, do love to kick us when we’re down, don’t they. They do not create the situations, they do not have creative abilities, but they certainly do exploit them when they occur.

Recently, one of my oldest and best friends died. It was unexpected to me as she never told me she was ill. We do not live in the same country anymore so we did not see each other face to face for many years. We did keep in close touch on the internet, however, and the loss is felt very strongly. We had a very comfortable friendship – one that picks up where it left off no matter how much time has passed between conversations. We cared for and respected each other totally. I miss her, I miss seeing her posts on facebook, I miss chatting with her on messenger, I miss seeing her photos. She was one of the very few people who understood me and accepted me, liked me even, for who I am. These people are rare in our lives, we should cherish them. I know she knew that I reciprocated that acceptance.

While I am indeed sad of her passing and miss her, I know there is no death, only a change in frequency. She lives on in the frequency of spirit. She has come to me a few times now in spirit and it was wonderful to speak to her. I know she is happy and is now travelling to all the places she could not go to in life. I am happy for her and a little envious too perhaps. I now see physical death as a positive thing – a step forward in our growth process. I know that sounds very strange to others, but that is how I see it. We are not our bodies, after all, we are the energy that animates them.  Physical death is like getting out of our car (the body, the vessel) and carrying on with our day.

You will not be surprised to hear that when it happened and I was still reeling from the shock, the archons struck. I’ve come to understand a bit better how they inhabit a living person – rather like a ghost possession to my mind – and use them to ‘get at’ us to bring us down in frequency, bring us back into the human flock. They do choose their living person wisely, I’ll give them that. They chose a friend who was already beginning to let her competitiveness and jealousy get the better of her.

I am always amazed at anyone who is jealous of me. I live a relatively simple life and (after many years of searching) have found my happiness and contentment with what I have so do not look for much else. Those who are always seeking and never happy with what they have do often have this jealousy, but I see it as their challenge, their problem, not mine. I have my own challenges and leave them to theirs. Our happiness and contentment is within us, of course, so we don’t have to look far. But many of us still manage to miss it for so much of our lives, don’t we.

So, this friend began in earnest to ‘go psycho’ as we say. She began a complete and very public meltdown that has split our local Pagan community in half. Synchronicity brought an article to my attention just as this manifested in full. It listed the 20 tactics a malignant narcissist will use to silence us. Boy, was it on target. My friend used all 20. I thank the article for reminding me what all this was and how to deal with it. I had learned these things in a basic Psychology course I took at Uni, but had forgotten most of it in the intervening 30 odd years. I won’t go into it in detail here so if you want to read this wonderfully useful article, you’ll find it here:

The ‘fight’ then went on in high gear. I put the word fight in quotes because it was completely one sided. She fought me, in increasingly personal terms, but I was not fighting her. For my part, I saw it as a debate. The subject matter makes me laugh now, it’s so ridiculous, but aren’t most arguments ridiculous when we look back on them.

The issue was that she hates Trump, hates him with a passion and I don’t. I don’t Hate at all. I wish no one dead. She found this impossible to accept. The funny thing is that last summer we had a discussion where she was telling me that Trump couldn’t possibly be part of the Establishment as he had gone bankrupt 4 times. I still don’t really follow that position but it doesn’t matter. My point was that if he wasn’t acceptable to the Establishment he would not have been allowed to be a candidate for the Presidency. Anyhow, soon afterward she changed her position completely and in the course of that decided that I had too. I hadn’t, by the way, but facts don’t fit into a narcissists reality. Nor does logic.

I do post political things on my facebook page, and do not apologise for it. I am, however, perfectly happy for anyone to disagree as long as it doesn’t degrade into personal insults. I do know that it doesn’t matter who lives in the White House as they are not the ones in charge. The Agenda will go ahead regardless. I did hope that it may go ahead much slower with Trump there and knew darn well that it would be full speed ahead if Hitlery got there. So, when Trump was elected, I was happy. In fact, my post was Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, give or take a few Ha’s. I find it hilarious to watch the Elite lose. His inauguration speech was a joy to watch. The faces of the Elite such as Obama and the Clintons were priceless.  I know in the end it won’t matter much, but we take what joy life gives us.

So, this ‘fight’ that has the local community gossiping was a case of she disagreed with me. That is all – she disagreed with me. Hardly a matter for calling in the troops, but that is exactly what happened. Now, friends are no longer friends and I am suddenly free on the third Thursday of each month as she’s removed me from her Moot. Today is the third Thursday and I’m sure my ears will be buzzing very soon. Meh, never mind. I can meet up with my friends – many of whom have also been removed for daring to stand up to her – any time we like. A couple of us had thought of going for lunch at the Moot pub but sitting in the other room, but in the end thought it not such a good idea.

A storm over nothing. This has happened to me at least twice in the past that I can think of.  I now muse upon why I keep attracting people like this to me. My ex-friend had the potential to do this from the moment we met, the Archons simply used her innate characteristics against me. She has done it before to others and bragged about it. What is it about me that attracts them? Is it my lesson to learn? I have learned a lot from this experience, that is certainly true and I am thankful for it. Do they have a lesson to learn from not beating me? Perhaps. Whichever, I hope it’s the end of it as it’s not a pleasant experience, not at all.

I wonder if she’s learned anything from this experience? I wonder if she’s thought about it in those terms at all? I’m constantly mystified by people who do not think beyond the physical. Who never think outside the 5 sense world – never contemplate the bigger picture. I know this will sound arrogant, but what a shallow existence that is, to only be concerned with physical things and never even wonder about anything deeper. To go to the grave thinking ‘if only my body was skinnier and prettier, if only I’d had more money’ is a very sad prospect indeed to me. They will be trapped in this Matrix forever if they stick to this thinking life after life, trapped in an endless cycle of reincarnation. That would be a tragedy to my mind, never learning. never growing, never escaping the Matrix. I sincerely hope my ex-friend does not fall into this trap. Even after all that has passed, I feel no animosity towards her and wish her the best. For the record, I never did feel any animosity towards her.

So, these past few months have been very active for me, on a spiritual level. I grieve, and celebrate, the life of one true friend and grieve for the loss of one that is still living that was not so true.

Funny old thing – life – isn’t it.




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