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The Continuing Adventures of a Ghostbotherer

Our small band of intrepid souls have continued bothering ghosts this past winter, though not as often as during summer. Standing outside in the cold is not much fun so we tend to only go to indoor venues and these are not as plentiful, mainly as the majority of them want us to pay them money and we don’t do that. Money is not our incentive, we’ll neither pay nor charge. We do this as an ongoing research project of sorts. We are interested in the nature of reality far more than money.

We have recently been invited into a couple of private homes. These are always a pleasure to do as we have in the past been able to bring solutions to problems and that is incredibly satisfying. One of the recent ones in a private home did not yield any results but was enjoyable nonetheless. It was a challenge for me personally as I was forced to face a long-standing fear – reptiles. Growing up in Florida, I was surrounded by alligators, snakes, snapping turtles and lizards, many of whom could have killed me so I think the fear had a purpose. This home had a lizard pet sitting in front of a heatlamp, not in an aquarium. It sat there looking at me the whole time we were in the same room, which totally creeped me out. Then I heard that there was also a snake somewhere in the house, ‘probably hibernating in the floor boards’. That was it, all thoughts of ghosts gone from my head as I walked around the house in stocking feet (we were asked to remove our shoes) thinking only about this snake. I made it through the night but will not be visiting this house again no matter how lovely the homeowner is.

The next private home visit was far more fruitful though also a bit unnerving. It produced two very  good photos, which I’ll share:

reptile dude   Original of being outside window

Romer, 11.3.17.reptilian dude closeup  Close up of being

These show a being captured with the full spectrum camera – IR and UV – and not seen in the visible light range. It looks to me much like what abductees and witnesses say are reptilian aliens. it appears to be doing something with energy at this ladies solar plexus – the white mist. I’m quite intrigued by this photo and this being. I’ve sent it to a couple of people who make a study of UFOs and aliens to ask their opinion, but have not heard anything back. I don’t really expect to hear from them but it would be nice to as I value their opinions. Never mind. The lady, by the way, is about 5’6″ to get an idea of the size of the thing. Soon after this photo was taken, I went out in the same place to get some fresh air. I actually stood right where this thing is, shivered involuntarily and said ‘ooo, don’t like it here’ and went back inside. Now I know why I reacted like that.

Romer.11.3.17.white lady 1  Here you see an apparition, also in the IR range forming next to one of our group. This lady did say repeatedly that she felt a hand on her head and her shoulder throughout the evening. There was no maliciousness felt however. The figure is standing in front of a fireplace and yes you can see some of the things through it, but the figure seems to be between the fire and our table. There was no living person in the space and we did not see anything with our eyes. We were getting responses from a Monica on the Ouija board at this same time.

One other place we’ve gone recently was a local bingo hall (with a reputation for being haunted) who invited us in for one free investigation. Unfortunately, they also invited 20 other people, including another group. There were far too many people, most of whom did not seem to be capable of sitting still or being quiet, for any real investigating to happen. We had a couple conversations with spirit, but nothing of any great import and got nothing on the camera. All in all we were rather disappointed with that one but never mind, we’ll notch it up to experience.

Now the weather is improving we will be out and about more, haunting graveyards and secluded spaces talking to whoever will talk to us, preferably not the living asking us why we are in a graveyard at midnight.

The reaction I seem to get most is ‘if that thing was there you would have seen it’, followed by ridicule and accusations of photoshopping. I don’t know how to photoshop and wouldn’t bother if I did, what would the point of that be? I’m not out to prove anything to anyone. I don’t care if anyone else believes in spirit or aliens or not.

I am amazed at how few people understand me when I say it was taken in the Infrared range. People truly believe that they are able to see all that exists when in reality we perceive only a tiny fraction of all that exists and our camera proves it. Yes, indeed, we would have noticed a giant reptile thingy standing there if it was in our range of perception, but it wasn’t. The being does have the classic ‘busted’ look on its face – it clearly wasn’t expecting us to be able to detect it.

That is what is so fascinating about all this. Photographing and having intelligent conversations with beings that we can’t see is exciting to us and very informative as well. We learn something at nearly every location. This is us doing our own research, it’s a shame more people don’t.



  1. Regarding the being outside, I don’t know about reptilian, but it reminds me of the accounts of ‘shadow people’. It appears to be wearing a uniform of sorts? What was the woman doing outside?

    • We were having a short break. She was having a splif, much to our annoyance as we really do try to avoid any sort of alcohol or drugs of any sort while we are bothering ghosts. I don’t mind weed at any other time, but it’s silly and dangerous to lower your frequency around spirit. I say reptilian as it looks exactly like what abductees and witnesses describe, often in drawings, of reptilian aliens. And yeah, it does look like a uniform. I’ve seen shadow people and they have never had any identifiable features, they have been truly shadows. But who knows what this being is, that’s why I do like to see other people’s opinions on it.

      • Fair enough, though I’d say the being looks like its about to cover it’s face.

      • I have also seen shadow people and you are right, they don’t tend to have discernable features. Who knows what this thing could be and what it’s doing?

      • Yeah, we can’t know for sure. I have my theories but am keen to hear what other theories are brought up by others. It’s all fascinating to me.
        It’s all part of the continuing search to understand the nature of reality. 🙂


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