Posted by: Pagan Muse | 21/04/2017

Blahblahblah, Yawn

Watching yet another election cycle shows us how clueless most people are about our world. I am told I MUST vote for the one wearing a red rosette because blahblahblah, another tells me I MUST vote for the one wearing a blue rosette because blahblahblah, yet another says no, I MUST vote for the one wearing the yellow rosette because blahblahblah……ad nauseum.  Yawn.

All of them bring up issues that are vital to them – the NHS, the economy,  terrorism, welfare payments (they want more of them usually), and of course the EU and Brexit. At least no one has mentioned Gay marriage as their one priority like my parents did in the last three US elections. There is always one good thing to find in any situation, after all.

All of them have one thing in common – they actually believe that there is a difference between the political parties, they believe this to their core and will roll their eyes all the way up, laugh and call me names when I say there is none. When I say I have no interest in voting at all they can get quite abusive. I have not always held this view, in fact it’s a relatively new one in my life, only occurring about 14 years or so ago. I’m sorry it took me so long to see the truth, but better late than never, eh.

I’ve heard intense debates over which leader will be a better Prime Minister and why each party will make our country a Paradise. Blahblahblah. Yawn.  The election was only called a few days ago, for pity’s sake. It’ll seem an eternity to get through the next 6 weeks. I’m still recovering from the horror that was the last US election, and while I am still technically American, I don’t live in the US or vote there!

I am constantly amazed at how quickly people forget things. Orwell really did get it right in 1984 when he talked about the way history was constantly changed and no one noticed. How the enemy in the War Without End changed and no one noticed. That is the world we live in today – so few people remember the recent past or take much notice of anything beyond the latest reality TV show. I was told yesterday that the Tories (Conservatives for those not in the UK) have destroyed the NHS. Really? So when Blair (Labour PM) added a whole new level of management, with their large salaries and golden pensions, that was the Tories? When Blair (Labour PM) decided to enforce a policy of demanding that hospitals be leased from private owners (usually people who donated large sums to the Labour party) instead of the government owning these properties, that was the Tories ruining the NHS? The fact is that both parties have done damage to the NHS, diverting funds away from doctors and nurses and into their own pet schemes benefitting their own buddies. This is part of the globalist agenda, it has nothing to do with any particular party.

The same person tried to tell me that the Tories are the war party. That made me laugh so hard I could only utter one word – Blair! The UK have not had a warmonger like Blair for a very long time. How anyone could defend a party that allows Tony Blair to lead it, or even be a member of it  is beyond me.

On the news last night, people on the street were asked about who they would vote for. One man actually said he was voting Labour because the leader was ‘such a decent man, he makes his own jam, did you know that?’  He’s voting for a man because he makes his own jam. You couldn’t make that up! Another woman said it was her family tradition to vote Labour! She had no idea that she’d  just admitted that her family are brain dead. It certainly highlighted the fact that most humans are indeed unthinking sheepbots.

The Labour leader may indeed be a decent man. I have no doubt that on the back benches, way far to the back, in Parliament there are decent men and women. But in our current system they have no hope, no hope at all, of achieving anything concrete to help humanity.

I’ve only heard my MP (a Tory) speak once in Parliament, on the day of the debate about whether to bomb Syria. She stood up and asked the PM to praise the children of Ilkeston for making a birthday card for the Queen, and would he deliver it to Her Maj.  There are no words. I could only shake my head in disbelief. I saw her one day when I was on the bus and she was coming out of her office on the marketplace and looked around her looking frightened. If that’s all she has to bring to Parliament, she should be frightened of her constituents. I don’t remember which one of the American Founders said it, but he was right that government should be afraid of the citizens, not the other way around. Her response to the four emails I’ve sent her asking various questions have all been Conservative Party forms – the sort where they just write your name at the top and their name on the bottom. Useless. No, I did not vote for her and will laugh out loud if I see her name on the ballet this time.

I support NO political party, so I’m not picking on one, I pick on all of them. I can honestly say that there is NO politician I trust, of any colour rosette. As far as I’m concerned they are all a bunch of lying, self-promoting, paedophile protecting dirtbags.

The scale of delusion is remarkable once you see it, it truly is. I feel a bit ashamed it took me till 40 to see it. Now that I’m quite a bit beyond 40, it saddens me greatly that there are still so few who see that the parties all do the same thing. They may talk a lot and say they will do this that and the other, but when in power they do what the globalists, the ones with the money and the blackmail tapes, tell them to do. The ‘leaders’ we see are simply puppets to the puppeteers who are in the shadows.

So, the only issue for me in this or any other election, including the referendum to leave the EU, is to defeat the globalists. They are the enemy of humanity, they must be defeated – or ‘denominated’ as they say in the Law of One. I’m not saying I will not vote, but IF I cast a vote it will be for the ones who I think will actually follow through with Brexit. The EU is essential for the globalists plans for their World Government, they cannot have the latter without the former. So, it is essential for us to break up the EU. Seemples as the meerkat would say.

Following on that theme, I would love for Scotland to have their independence. And why not let the Irelands reunite as well. The more devolution the better if it kicks the globalist plans in the nether regions. To my mind, all other issues don’t really matter much. If the World Government becomes a reality, democracy is out the window and we can all kiss goodbye any freedoms we have left. So, the economy, NHS, wars and even 9/11 and UFO disclosure seem a bit secondary to me. Yes, by the way, I have heard one bloke say the latter was the most vital issue to him. Astounding really, I thought he was far more aware than that. Hm, oh well.

So, in June, if I see no candidate that I believe will follow through with Brexit I shall write a statement on my ballot telling them all why I turned up but voted for none of them. This is important too – we should show them that we are not simply lazy or apathetic, there is a reason we refuse to participate in the farce that is elections. Not that I think any of them will take any notice, but we do what we can.

The President of the EU told us the reason for the election, by the way, in case anyone is still wondering……he said that if the Conservatives lost, the UK can stop all the Brexit talk and come back into the fold without any recriminations. Aw, bless. We knew they’d get their second vote, didn’t we.




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