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Truth and Truthers

I enjoy listening to podcasts. I have a diverse range that I listen to from paranormal to truther podcasts – yes, I love listening to the alternative media, having no trust in the mainstream media. I have a little speaker that I carry around the house with me so I can listen to these no matter where I am in the house or what I’m doing. It’s quite convenient and enjoyable. Most of the time.

I heard one today that has made me sigh and shake my head. A researcher that I had respected has lost it in my estimation. This isn’t the first time though, quite a few of the prominent researchers have the same narrow mindedness on the subject of Pagans. They simply don’t understand us at all. The real problem is that they make little effort to understand us.

Now, I am not one who will only listen to those I agree with. I think it’s actually impossible to agree with anyone 100% and that it’s very stupid to dismiss someone simply because you disagree with a few things they say. So that is not where I’m coming from here.

I get rather discouraged by researchers who view the world through a Christian filter judging Pagans, always judging us to be Satanic and evil or at best misguided. This judgement is based on books and historical figures, usually Victorian, who are famous for being Pagan. Never do they say they have spoken to say a practicing Witch or a Druid for instance to find out what the truth actually is about what they believe and what they do.

I am a practising Witch and I particularly do not like these researchers calling any evil woman, such as Hilary Clinton, a witch. That is incredibly insulting to us Witches. That woman is truly evil and I believe her to be an actual Satanist. Neither Pagans nor Witches are Satanists. I don’t believe Satan even exists…..but, I’ve gone over this again and again in previous blogs so I won’t bore you with more protestations. Of course I understand that some Pagans will abuse their power and do evil. Every group has its arseholes. That should not reflect on the group as a whole.

I have taken one researcher to task for mentioning an evil man who is thought to be a paedophile and murderer and linking him to witchcraft. He did respond positively and I hope he is educating himself properly on the subject. But, he is the exception, not the rule.

The difficulty for these researchers is that Pagans are very diverse. If you asked a group of 10 Pagans what their beliefs are you would get 10 different answers. We have things in common though and we are tolerant of each other’s differences. Of course, like I said, every group has its arseholes, but we mostly rub along happily.

The bloke today had done extensive research, so he said, into the history of the New Age. He found frauds and conmen as you would find in any community. He linked them to the Globalists and the Masons and decided that this makes them evil Satanists who must be condemned.

His first mistake was to assume that all Pagans are New Age. This is a common misconception. Most Pagans are Old Age, we follow the old ways and most of us look at New Agers with amusement, though we don’t judge, we are all on our own path. We do find the New Age shops useful as they sell the things we use daily in our craft – herbs, incense, charcoal, and yes, even crystals. Using crystals does not make you New Age, it makes you intelligent as they are incredibly useful and beautiful tools.

His second mistake was to assume all Pagans follow a myriad of gods and goddesses so are being guided by evil spirits. This is simply not true. Many Pagans, especially witches in my experience, do not work with any gods at all. I know quite a few who work regularly with one or two and I know a few who do but only on a casual basis to achieve something. I know many more who work with no deity at all. I personally, do not do the god thing at all, it’s far too much like religion to me and I reject religion entirely.

That is his third mistake, believing it to be a religion. To a large portion of us, Paganism is simply a way of life, a philosophy. There is ritual, yes, but not all of us do them regularly and not all of us invoke any deity to be involved. Again, we are a very diverse group. He kept commenting on Hinduism as though all of us are Hindus, he is sadly mistaken if he believes that.

This bloke then goes on to trash anyone who believes in past lives or any of the unseen aspects of this reality. He only believes in Science or ‘the provable’ as he calls it. If he only believes what we can perceive and measure than he is truly a fool. Even scientists admit that we can only perceive a tiny fraction of all that exists.

That is enough about this bloke, who I must say I think is an idiot. But he is typical of much of the Truth movement. They read lots of books, mostly each others, and they study videos and media. When it comes to analysing things like False Flags and the global control system they excel with their research. But when it comes to discussing spiritual aspects to stories or anything that cannot be measured, such as ghosts, past lives, channelling etc, they are seriously lacking.

They are so glued to Science that they cannot comprehend the Unseen, nor do they seem to want to. They refuse to accept that anything exists that Science cannot explain. The truth is that most of what exists cannot be seen by Science, hence it cannot explain it. That does not mean it doesn’t exist. Any knowledge obtained through a process other than Science must be dismissed by these narrow minds. What’s particularly galling is that they claim to be open minded, though they belie that as soon as they start speaking.

And of course, if these researchers do not believe something than anyone who does believe it must be wrong. The number of narcissists in the field is truly astounding. They really believe that they are right and that whatever filter they use to view the world (usually Christian in the western world) is the only truth. This of course, only takes them so far down the rabbit hole so to speak as their own beliefs will stop them going beyond a certain point.

Science is actually coming round to some of the ideas that this bloke and his ilk dismiss – such as our reality being holographic, that there is no physical at all. I do subscribe to this thought myself, it resonates very much with me at the moment. Many of my researches (not including books, but actual experiences) lead me to believe that everything is energy, and that the physical is simply a holographic simulation. That is my current thinking, I will add, I have no rigid beliefs, they change as new information is gained.

I will continue to listen to this chap, as I say I do not dismiss people because of a few disagreements. I’m sure I’ll enjoy most of his future podcasts. I can only hope that he extends his research somewhat.

Actually, I feel quite sorry for this researcher and his fellows as they very much limit their own reality. By seeing only the physical they miss nearly everything worth noticing. By insisting on being Muggles, they never realise their own power to control their own lives. They are trapped in the Matrix, never even trying to escape it and for that I pity them.

I fear they are doomed to remain trapped in the Matrix, something I do not intend to do.



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