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The New Fascists

Fascism: 1: a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition 2 : a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control .

false flag: describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that activities appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.

I’ve been musing over all the kerfuffle in Charlottesville lately. It was only one of many false flags perpetuated recently but it was one that particularly enflamed my friends, both on social media and in life. To me it was a glaring example of a false flag operation, but to many it was a spark that set off infernos that divided families and friends.

Emotions ran high throughout and beyond this event. What was actually happening was lost to most of those concerned, those who were most deeply affected. People who focus on dots do not see the bigger picture. The ones who shouted the loudest were focussing on a dot – the dot of ‘antifacism’. They do not realise how they are being manipulated.

There are two issues about this one event that I muse over. The first being the overt manipulation of our perceptions. This is what Political Correctness is used for. It is Orwell’s Newspeak. It is the elite using a target population to silence the rest of the population.

Perception is everything. Our behaviour comes from our perception of the world, reality and self. Hence, if the control system manipulates us to perceive the world in the way they want us to, they control our behaviour. What we perceive, we manifest. So, by manipulating the population’s perceptions, they actually control our reality.

How this relates to Charlottesville is how the media portrayed the event. They said the far right were protesting for freedom of speech, the far left was protesting against hate. Can you see what they did there? It’s psychological manipulation. They have put in our perception that freedom of speech is Hate. Now anyone who desires free speech is automatically far right. Social media works in tandem with the news organisations to continue the manipulation and make sure it is firmly held in the population’s psyche. Have you noticed how ‘Twitter storms’ are now considered news items to be reported on national newscasts? Does anyone look into the accounts of those starting these ‘storms’? If they did, they would no doubt find them to be working for the control system, whose purpose is to start ‘storms’ to continue the perception manipulation. Humans are far too concerned with doing what others do, so we are ridiculously easy to manipulate. I was called a nazi online several times for defending Freedom of Speech only a day after the event. The few can’t silence those who are alerting the population to what’s going on so they manipulate others in the population to do it, and it works a treat.

These two sides are actually of the same mindset, they are mirrors of each other. They both choose to use violence and coercion to force others to either agree or be silent. The far left is portrayed in the media as peace loving and tolerant, but if you pay close attention you’ll find they are anything but. There are videos on youtube showing that it was Antifa that pulled the first punches. There was violence on both sides after that. Trump (perceived as far right) said as much but was criticised harshly for it, unduly in my opinion, but that is another discussion. This is obvious in so many cases. One particular one that I remember was when far left protestors were successful in stopping Nick Griffin (far right) from speaking at the Oxford Union. I will point out, by the way, that Antifa are funded by George Soros, one of the leading elites.

It amuses me to watch the far left shout about Fascism when they are using fascism as their tool to silence their perceived opponents. What was a dominant characteristic of Hitler? He persecuted anyone who spoke against him, thus halting any opposition. They are effectively forcing self censorship – people are afraid to speak their truth for fear of being labelled a racist. This is a stepping stone to the loss of Freedom of Speech and we are allowing them to do it by not speaking our truth. We see this all the time – do or say anything against the status quo and you will be called a racist. While some are happy to protest against censorship, they don’t realise how they self censor like this. It is as bad as book burning.

The second issue I muse over is the erasure of history. The event in Charlottesville centred around a group of people protesting (peacefully) the removal of a statue of Robert E Lee. As far as I can remember, the right to peacefully protest has not been removed from the statute books, so these people were well within their rights. The issues around Gen. Lee are irrelevant to this blog, I talk of the actions of the far left, then the far right who came in to have a punch up. My sympathies go to the original group who seemed to get caught in the crossfire.

Those who did not want a statue of Robert E Lee behaved like fascists – anything they do not agree with must be removed. It is rather like the Taliban destroying Buddhist monuments. Their dot is the only dot. This is the very definition of fascism. Yet, we were confronted by the angry bays of the far left demanding that the statue is evil and offends blahblahblah and must be destroyed. Yawn. I heard only one person suggesting that instead of removing a statue they could erect a couple more of prominent black figures from the town. Then, all the heroes of the past can be remembered and respected together, as an inclusive and tolerant society would. For some reason, the woman who suggested this was not given airtime in any UK news outlets, not sure about the US ones. That is because her suggestion would have led to peace and tolerance and that is definitely not in the agenda.

There is national precedence as well. Whenever the US military goes into a nation such as Iraq, Libya, etc, the first thing that happens after the carpet bombing is that the museums and ancient sites are looted and destroyed. We saw ISIS destroying sites in Syria as well, but anyone informed knows that ISIS (and all the other groups) are funded and controlled by the US so there should be no surprise that this happened.

They are attempting to erase history. Orwell said whoever controls the past controls the present and they then control the future. There is a force which wants to centralise power on a global level so a few people can dictate world events. They control the direction of human society, our present and future. They begin by making us forget our past. These events are orchestrated, they are not random. They continue on social media. Google and Youtube have both said they will begin to suppress ‘conspiracy theories’, which is anything that goes against the elite’s official lines. The censorship and removal of Free Speech moves apace.

It is disheartening to watch intelligent young (and old for that matter) people going along with all this like obedient sheep. They demand to not be offended, ever, with institutions such as Universities encouraging them along by offering ‘safe spaces’ and allowing the ‘deplatforming’ of any speaker who might say something to upset their rigid worldview. All of this encourages the sheep to view themselves as victims of something. When we perceive ourselves as a victim, we look outside for protection – to the government for instance. We are being infantalised while we are being penned into ever smaller perception cages. If only more would see it.

There is an easy solution to all of this – choose not to be offended. When someone says something that is meant to hurt you, say ‘what a dickhead’ and move on. Simple as that, I do it daily. Raise your frequency and don’t let yourself be affected.
Getting off the technology helps as well. The digital heroin that is mobile phones, tablets, computers and even things like Siri, google glass and the apple watch are distractions stopping us from focussing on the things that matter, like who we really are and why we are here. These things are also a stepping stone. The agenda is to get the tech into our bodies, which has already begun with microchips, which will not ‘enhance our humanity’ as the transhumanists say, but will make us less human by removing our connection to the universe by bypassing our upper chakras. I wonder how many know that Siri, for instance, was created using seed money obtained from DAARPA, the technological arm of the Pentagon? There is so much ignorance, in a world of education. Everything truly is inverted in our world.

The bottom line is that we are much more than our physical bodies and we create our own reality, so if we allow the control system to control our perceptions, we have given up our ability to control our own lives. The solution is simple – take back control of your perceptions.

Change your perceptions and you change the world. No fighting or force or coercion needed.




  1. “Digital Heroin”. I love this phrase. A very good post and one that articulates where I could not.

    • Thanks very much. That is high praise from one I respect and I appreciate it. x


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