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Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Energy flows where attention goes. This is a saying that all Pagans know to be true. Where we focus our attention is where our intention goes – this is how spells (and prayers, call it what you will, it’s the same thing) work. We set an intention and we send it to do its work. Of course, it works whether we realise we do it or not. Our energy does indeed flow to where our attention is focussed.

This past week attention has been flowing in very low directions and it affects the whole energy sea. Empaths and sensitives can’t help but feel it and it can be hard to deal with. I can set myself apart from the terror attack emotions, just about, and the political anger emotions. But I have been struggling with the emotional fug being generated by the revelations coming out of Hollywood. Why anyone is surprised at the actions of Weinstein is a mystery to me. I’ve heard of the Hollywood casting couch all of my life, and it was hardly a new innovation in the early 60s when I came along. Women, and men by the way, have had to run the gauntlet of randy producers and money men since Hollywood came into being. It does seem that the rich and powerful feel entitled to treat others as their playthings and it’s up to us peons to show them the error in their thinking. I’m not even going to address in this blog the most evil of them, the ones who prey on children. They have been talked of for many decades, though it seems the majority of the public refuse to believe it.

There have been many stories of female bosses in Hollywood behaving exactly the same as Weinstein, but it’s just the women victims that have garnered all the attention this week. It has hit a nerve in the public and we have very prominent discussions about it from all parts of society. I’ve been involved in four on facebook just this past couple of days. There is a thing going around facebook called ‘me too’ where women from all walks of life can join in the victimhood pity parties.

Yes, you read it right – victimhood pity parties. No, I don’t think that’s too harsh because that is exactly what it is. It’s a collective ‘give me sympathy because I’m a victim of something’ that pervades our energetic sea dragging in the unsuspecting to add to the torrent of low vibrational energies. What these women do not understand, and do not want to understand it appears, is that it is the elite who are orchestrating it and the elite who are feeding off of it. Humanity just can’t stop putting itself on the banqueting table – as the main course.

Of course, sexual harassment and assault are serious issues that should be dealt with. But. That’s a big but, no pun intended. I have personally known women who used their natural assets to advance their careers. I have to wonder if that is what many of the actresses did. In telling their stories, many have said they let the powerful man ‘get on with it’ so they would get the part. They say that they knew their career would be stalled or halted if they refused so they let it happen. This makes it consentual, regardless of their feelings now that the bandwagon has been rolled out.

Joan Collins wrote an article in the Daily Mail last Saturday that was very compelling reading. All young actresses would be wise to take her lead. She wrote of all the advances that were pushed onto her in her career. She says she walked away from almost all of them as they felt wrong. She lost out on many parts, but went on to have a flourishing career regardless. I recall her talking about the casting couch several times in the past.

I had to deal with advances in my youth from older predators who were my bosses. Like Joan I walked away, figuring that finding a different job was preferable to working with an arsehole. My life has turned out just fine and my integrity is still intact.

I am amused to see so many feminists coming forward with their stories of horrible men who did this and that to them. We are to believe that they were delicate flowers incapable of walking away from any situation. I found this impossible to believe when I was younger and still do. The high profile women who do this, so many have come out this week, manipulate the ‘ordinary’ women’s behaviour. This is their role, to manipulate our perceptions. I’m gonna keep saying that as it’s important for everyone to understand.

Let me make this clear – this blog is about the Hollywood event, not every woman who is attacked. This ‘me too’ thing has morphed into a generic men attacking women thing that is rather disturbing. The circumstances of a woman being attacked by a stranger in the street is quite different from one letting a man who will further their career ‘get on with it’. You will have noticed that the actresses who spoke out recently were either in his house, they invited him into their house or were in his hotel room. Why do they think a man invited them into their hotel room?

I find it odd that as feminism has taken hold of the young it has morphed. It used to be about women taking control of their own lives and empowering themselves. Now it seems to be about women controlling others. We had the ridiculous display when Hitlery lost and now this equally ridiculous display over Weinstein. I don’t think it’s about equality anymore, not sure it ever was.

It is feminists who are powering this ‘me too’ scenario, make no mistake about that. Any woman that says anything different to the emotional outpouring is attacked, ridiculed and dismissed. No, I’m not a feminist, a regular reader of my blog knows this. The whole situation is ridiculous, but it’s also dangerous and those participating refuse to hear.

The thing about victimhood though is that it makes us think of ourselves as ‘little me’, it disempowers us. As soon as we think of ourselves as a victim we immediately give someone else power over us. We do not act to help ourselves, we expect and await someone else to help us. This situation is shown in Hollywood in all the Superhero films. Humanity cannot fight the threat from outer space or that evil guy stroking a cat – we must have Iron Man to do it. We are victims, he is the hero. NOoooooooo. We have the power to help ourselves. What we need to fight is the conditioning and manipulation. We need to take back control over our own minds.

Feminists are manipulated and used like all the other groups in our society – transgenders come to mind immediately here. The elite use them to divide the population. They also use them as tools to manipulate the perceptions of the population. Our perceptions dictate our thoughts and actions so you see the power to be had in controlling perceptions. Hollywood is a major tool of perception manipulation, hence it’s power. People might be shocked if they knew how much input the CIA and US military has in Hollywood both in money and script consultation.

When the story of Weinstein came out my first thought was ‘who has he pissed off’. On the face of it, he must have angered someone higher up the pyramid than himself and he is now being punished. But, as I see what is happening now I think it may go deeper. It’s another divide and rule operation yes, but it’s also a mass low vibrational feast too.

The elite’s plans are not going the way they want. The EU is failing, the US is not playing the game as it should be and people are waking up to them in ever growing numbers. More low vibrational feasts are needed to bolster them so they create these situations. I cannot prove it, but I’m certain that someone working for the elite created this ‘me too’ thing. Corporations and Governments (elite and puppets) hire people specifically to troll social media. These people set out to discredit opponents and create Twitter and Facebook storms to help the agenda along. This is another method to manipulate perception.

This current campaign is just another attempt to divide the sexes. There are too many women ready to pounce on men at any given opportunity. This is counterproductive for humanity and plays right into the elite’s hand. The fact is that the majority of men are decent human beings who would not attack a woman even if provoked. Feminists have been manipulated and conditioned so strongly that they not only don’t see this, but they refuse to see it. The conditioning we receive on a daily basis from tv, movies, education, media, etc is the manipulation I talk about. The manipulation of our perceptions.

I can handle being ridiculed online, I certainly do not allow it to ruin my day when someone laughs at me because I say something they don’t understand. The fact that they don’t want to understand is sad, they don’t realise the consequences of living in low vibrations as I have repeatedly talked about in my blogs.

The same ones who won’t process the low emotions – anger, frustration, hatred, fear, etc – are always the same ones complaining of health problems, work problems, life problems. They refuse to see there is a connection, an energetic connection. I will point it out to them, but inevitably they laugh, call me names and I go away knowing that they’ve just made it worse for themselves.

Meh. I am now increasingly able to leave them to their own devices. I help those who come to me for healing and let the ignorant stew as they wish. I can only hope they wake up before they die, but it’s their choice. At some point personal responsibility must come into play. These days it seems ‘empowered woman’ means that they are entitled to drink themselves into a stupor and complain when something horrid happens.

We are all responsible for ourselves, our happiness, our sanity and our safety. The more people accept this, the better our society will be. Energy flows where attention goes.



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