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“Till at last the child’s mind is these suggestions, and the sum of the suggestions is the child’s mind. And not the child’s mind only. The adult’s mind too-all his life long. The mind that judges and desire and decides-made up of these suggestions. But all these suggestions are our suggestions… Suggestions from the State”. – Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

I went into Asda last night to pick up a few things. Asda, for my readers that live outside the UK is a superstore grocery that sells pretty much everything from lettuce to computers and is owned by Walmart. I don’t usually shop here but it was convenient. As I walked into the store I was greeted with a huge Christmas tree that had a neon sign attached to it announcing that there are only 46 sleeps until Christmas. Sigh. I shook my head and laughed as that was preferable to screaming ‘oh for f***s sake’.

46 sleeps. I shout out Perception Manipulation at this and it’s so insidious that most people will look at me as though I’m mad as they can’t see anything strange about it. When did adults begin marking the passage of time by how many times we will go to sleep before something happens?

We are increasingly, as a society, being reduced to children. Most messages on social media now incorporate text speak and are almost completely devoid of punctuation making them very hard to understand. If you write in proper English and with any logic people think you’re angry. There are a few of my online friends that get upset thinking I’m upset at them because I haven’t included enough kisses or smiley faces in the message. I get that they didn’t like school, but neither did I, but I didn’t let that stop me learning how to get on in life. I had no intention of flipping burgers forever. Effective communication is a rather vital skill to get along in life, but it is in decline. My point is that most people now communicate like children do, not like adults do. I would suggest that this has been intentional, we have been conditioned to do so. Without this they cannot control us in their World State.

Many people recognise the book 1984 (by George Orwell) as a manual that the elite use as a how-to guide to control the population, but they still think of Brave New World as just dystopian science fiction. That is a mistake, it is as much a manual as 1984. In Brave New World you see the complete control of humanity from the test tube to the grave. All children are created, in batches, in the lab. They are raised, in the same batches, by the State. No families, no mothers, no fathers, only the State. Their intelligence and life status is determined before they are created and they are slotted into their niche of society, making no decisions and having no original thoughts of their own for the whole of their lives. They are happy as long as they take their Soma (an anaesthetic narcotic) and cooperate. One of the first things they are taught is sex. Very young children are forced to pleasure themselves and soon others, if they refuse they are punished. This continues into adulthood with sex being a purely physical act, no emotions are involved at all. Refusing multiple partners is also punished. We have seen the sexualisation of our children for some years now with even David Cameron (an elite puppet) speaking out about it. Anyone who reads my blog will know what the effects of remaining in low vibrations are to humans. Sex without emotions comes out of the Sacral chakra, the second lowest one.

The most recent scandals involving Hollywood sex predators and the UK parliamentary sex predators is another sign of this movement of society towards a brave new world. We are seeing what insiders of these industries already knew but did not speak about – the prevalence and arrogance of predators. It seems that they have preyed upon the young and naïve for a very long time without even bothering to be discreet as they knew they would be protected by the media and police. I believe there are a few reasons why this is all coming out now, but for the purposes of this blog I only mention it as an example of how accurate that book is in describing our society. Our children are encouraged to be robotic sheep about sex to make them easier targets for the predators.

We, as a society, have been gradually infantalised for decades and the inevitable end result is not a positive one for humanity.

We see it everywhere. When I call Virgin Media for any reason I must negotiate a telephone menu guided by a voice that sounds stoned saying things like “ok, let’s get you started’ and ‘ok, where do we go from here’. It sounds like an old episode of Playschool. They really do talk to you like you are 5.

The NHS and doctors are no better. We are encouraged to run to the doctor every time we stub our toe or need our ears cleaned. This is why you can’t get an appointment by the way. Every time I have been to the doctor, he/she is so patronising I want to hit something. If you dare suggest you may know what’s wrong with you they lecture you about the dangers of checking symptoms online. When I say I didn’t actually go online, they continue anyway. They have never figured out what’s wrong with me, by the way, they just shove different pills at me and say ‘be a good girl and take your medicine’. I have actually been told that. The pills have never worked and the problem I went in for 8 years ago still persists but I’ve learned to live with it as I have come to despise doctors. I now go exclusively to an energy healer who treats me like an intelligent adult and actually improves my health. Naturally, the NHS does not pay for her treatments.

Then there is TV. Sigh, TV. It is a bit schizophrenic, isn’t it. One the one hand they treat the audience as though they are about 13 with no attention span or intelligence, On the other all the new shows are an endless stream of gory violence and sex, violent sex at that. Bread and circuses immediately come to mind. I can’t watch the violent shows at all, I don’t even want to hear them. The other shows, the documentaries, mystery solvers and general information shows are dumbed down to a primary school level. The way they handle ad breaks drives me nuts. We are told what we have just watched and what we have to look forward to. Then we have the ad break. Then we hear a synopsis of what we’ve already seen followed by what we are about to see before we now see some new stuff. This happens every 10 minutes or so. They clearly do not believe we have any intelligence or ability to recall what we saw a few moments ago. It is truly irritating, so much so that I now find my crossword far more interesting than any show on the telly.

I notice that the reality shows that use celebrities are now including people who are a celebrity because they were on a different reality show. I have no idea who these people are because I don’t watch reality shows. This is so indicative of our dumbed down society. These people have done nothing, have contributed nothing to society beyond appearing on some mind-numbingly stupid TV show showing them doing pretty much nothing. They are famous for being famous. This is what so many of our children aspire to – being famous while doing nothing to deserve the fame and that means they can have as much money and sex as they like without actually doing anything. Sigh. I saw someone being mentioned to go into a jungle who was known for being on a show called Love Island. I have not watched this show but on a very short investigation it appears that they are meant to pair off with others and the best ones at sex win or something like that. Brave new world indeed…..snore. Apparently the real prize is that they get to go into a jungle and eat bugs. I almost feel sorry for them. This is what they want out of life. Sigh.

When I was a kid, we had shows like this, the UK had one too, where kids did a series of silly tasks to win a prize. Now the adults do it and we’re supposed to take it, and them, seriously.

We are all children now to the control system whether we like it or not.

We are told, endlessly, that we are to behave, think and say as we are told. This is what Political Correctness is all about. This is where 1984 and Brave New World come together. Clearly a growing number of people are cottoning on to this and rebelling and the system is panicking about losing control. This is obvious when watching their reactions to Brexit negotiations and the attempted secession of Catalonia from Spain. I sincerely hope that humanity keeps on and even steps it up to break the system once and for all. But please, can we do it as intelligent adults.

It would be wonderful to see more people act like intelligent adults, not over-emotional adolescents whining because they didn’t get the shiny new toy. How refreshing it would be to see people confront the arseholes who grope them in the elevator or harass them at work with constant innuendo or insults. We are conditioned to take it, slink away and be upset for years on end instead of realising that we have our own power and can confront and deal with these problems ourselves. But, I’ve gone over this in other blogs so won’t here.

If we were to follow every directive our government, church and media give us we would go around in circles chasing our tails for the whole of our life, never moving forward. Think about it. One week we are not to eat eggs as they will surely kill us, the next week we are told eggs are perfectly safe. One week we are told to take this jab to stop us getting flu, the next week we are told it won’t actually stop us getting flu, but we should take it anyway. One week we are told to buy a diesel car as it’s the best for the environment, the next week we are told we’ll be taxed heavily for owning a filthy diesel car which is destroying the environment. Round and round they go, those who simply obey.

It’s ultimately about power, of course. Power brings control. When you step back and look at all these situations play out it’s quite pathetic. It’s actually funny to me now to watch, it’s so ridiculous. What a waste of energy.

I’ll point out that in Brave New World this was an experiment. The Divergent series of films is the modern day Brave New World. This being an experiment is how people dismiss it as only sci-fi. However, this scenario is an integral part of the Agenda and should not be ignored.

It’s all really just a great theatre that we are part of. David Icke calls it The Movie. I know people like to laugh at him and ridicule him but when they do they show their ignorance as he speaks a lot of truth. It is a movie, sometimes it’s a comedy, sometimes a tragedy, sometimes a horror, but it’s all illusion in the end just like Holllywood. It’s so obvious to those of us who step back and watch from a distance. More and more of humanity is joining us in the back, watching, and not participating. That is encouraging.

It’s time for us to stop allowing ourselves to be infantilised, to be treated like less than we are. It’s time for us to take back our own power. It’s time for us to stand up to the bully Big Brother and tell him to F off.




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