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My hubby and I summon a monthly moot in our town which chooses a topic for group discussion. This month the chosen topic is Witchcraft due to the many questions asked about the way those of us who call ourselves witches practice the Craft. Hence, I have been musing on how to explain this during these past few weeks. I don’t think any of our group actually read my blog but if any do I apologise for the spoilers, but perhaps it will generate more questions for the night.

What is a Witch? The dictionary (Collins International) says it is “a woman believed to possess evil magic powers: a person who practices magic or sorcery, esp. black magic”. Wow, no judgements made there. Talk about manipulation of perception! When I stopped laughing and put the dictionary down, I thought they were partially right and if they’d left out the Christian demonising biases, they’d have been spot on even though it took them two definitions to get there.

A witch is a woman/man (both are witches) who practices magic. Period. There is no white or black magic, it just is. It is our intentions that make it good or bad. Then we find the definition of magic – the supposed power to makes things happen by supernatural means: any mysterious or extraordinary quality or power. This is what our society is taught, dare I say conditioned, to believe. I would suggest we have been lied to. I would suggest that there is nothing supernatural or extraordinary about magic – that it is indeed natural and ordinary to those who understand reality. This understanding is what makes witches such a threat to the ‘powers that be’. Isn’t that an interesting phrase in itself?

Just as we can drive a car without understanding how it works, magic can be done without understanding why it works. Yes, we can say words and do actions and see results. But why? How? These are questions I asked at the beginning of my path and I was not content with the explanations I found in books. So, I did my own research and found non-Pagan books that were better at explaining it. Do I hear some say Sacrilege? Meh, I seek knowledge and seek it wherever I can find it. Pagans do not hold the monopoly on knowledge.

I have learned that everything is energy, everything. Energy has vibration and frequency. Energy is waveform information – sound and light. Albert Einsten told me this – “Concerning Matter we have been all wrong. What we have called Matter is really energy, whose vibration has been lowered to be perceptible to the senses. There is no Matter. There is only light and sound.”

Apply this knowledge to the phrases we all know – ‘energy flows where attention goes’ and ‘the energy we send out is the energy we get back’ and we begin to understand the why and how of magic.

When we focus our attention on something we form an energetic connection to it. We can then project our intention down that energetic connection to manipulate our target. If our intentions are to heal or strengthen then it is good magic. If they are to destroy or control then it is bad magic. When we no longer wish to manipulate this particular energy, we break the connection. We ‘cut ties’.

There have been scientific studies of intentions – especially using prayer circles in the USA – and they have concluded that they do work. Prayer is, after all, exactly the same as a spell. A group of people focussing their attention on the same person with the intention of healing that person must and will have a positive effect as they are sending positive intentional energy down an energetic connection – they are manipulating energy which is exactly what we witches do. The only difference lies in the perceptions of the participants.

Everything is energy. I tend to think of our world as an energetic sea. We are immersed in this sea though we do not see it. The words we speak are in fact waveforms generated by our vocal chords and sent out into the atmosphere (energetic sea). This waveform information enters the ears of someone else whose brain decodes the waveform into sound. Each word is a unique combination of syllables (vibrations) that form a specific waveform that will vibrate to a frequency. Frequencies are how we manipulate the energetic sea, hence words have great power. This is why we can perform magic using words we may not understand – we are putting a frequency into the energetic sea or down an energetic connection that will work regardless of our level of understanding.

This is why those who do understand are very careful in what words they say. We should also be careful of what we focus our attention on for the same reason. Think for a moment of symbols. Symbols are the physical representations of vibrations. Those who attend Catholic church will be focussing on the many symbols in their direct line of vision, the predominant one being Jesus on a cross. They are focussing their attention on human torture, human blood sacrifice. Energy flows where attention goes. While it is their choice to do this, it is perhaps not a wise thing to focus on. There is a thing called Entrainment. Entrainment is a term in chemistry describing how a fluid picks up and drags another fluid or a solid. It’s been found that this works with energy as well. It has been demonstrated that when the same note is maintained on two violins simultaneously, other violins nearby will start playing the same note even if nobody is touching the violin. This also explains why people in a group will behave similarly to a stimulus even if they have not noticed the stimulus – mass panic and fear for instance even before the whole group has detected the scary thing that is happening. We saw this in Las Vegas. There are quite a few videos showing the group at the concert who all started screaming and running just because others were doing so. The energetic sea around the group was lowered in frequency to the frequency of fear, the fight-or-flight response kicked in and off they went while not having a clue why.

If we attach ourselves energetically to a frequency we will begin vibrating to that frequency and the physical body will react accordingly.

What does this have to do with Witchcraft? Everything. This explains why magic works, why our spells achieve positive results. If we understand this, we can craft better spells and achieve even greater results.

In my experience, it’s the how in all this that is the difficult part. To achieve healing over a distance, which I have done for friends online many times, requires a great deal of focus. To maintain the levels of focus needed requires a great deal of practice. It also requires you to learn to shut off the mind chatter. I use meditation to do this but there are no doubt many other ways as well. It also requires a certain level of mental discipline. I am nowhere near a master at all of this, but I do understand it and am still on the learning path. I hope I continue learning until the day I leave this vehicle (body) behind and move on to my next adventure.

The other benefit I have found to this understanding is the loss of fear. I have said in many previous blogs the dangers of vibrating to the frequency of fear. Our media seems to be advancing their Project Fear at an ever increasing rate. Understanding that everything is energy takes us out of the fear vibrations. Only then can we learn and grow, and in my humble opinion, perform magic that benefits all of humanity and the Earth. Anyone can throw a curse, all you need is intense anger. It takes an open heart and mind to have the discipline and Love to do a cleansing spell to heal the Earth of the damaging vibrations left by the curse throwers.

I know quite a few Witches who say they are not afraid to throw a curse. They may think this makes them look like a badass and give them street cred, but they clearly do not understand the meaning of ‘the energy we send out is the energy we get back’ as they usually moan a lot and wonder why their lives are so full of pain and chaos. I don’t see them as evil, just stupid. Having said that, there is definitely evil in this world but I see so many Witches like myself who actively work to reverse the effects of their damaging spells.

The outward signs of a Witch are the tools that we can use – though don’t actually need – to enhance our spells. The wands, cauldrons, poppets, etc are used as extensions of ourselves and can help us maintain and concentrate the focus. There are other things though that do enhance the spells – incense, crystals, plants, sigils, etc. If we choose the correct frequencies that align with our spells, the increased power is quite stunning. Much of this is intuition and trial and error as we find the things that work in harmony with our energies. Each witch will find their own tools and methods that work for them. It is very much an individual thing.

There is a common misperception that witches work with Satan. I have not yet met a witch that believes Satan exists. I do know a few that work with deities such as Hecate and Pan. This is entirely their choice and I am not passing judgement on them. I do not personally work with any deity and don’t worship anything as do the majority of witches I personally know. This does not mean we are atheists as we do certainly see a higher power, but we do not have religion.

So, a Witch, to me, is a person seeking knowledge and seeking to exist in harmony with nature. An independent soul who gives the two fingered salute to anyone trying to tell them what to do or how to behave. We dance to our own drum and do our own thing. We do not conform. This usually leads to us being called weird and crazy but we don’t care. It definitely leads to us being considered dangerous to the system but again we don’t care. This is probably why we get on so well with cats……….




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