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Love and Light

Am I the only one to be bombarded by people who think they are entitled to tell me what to think, say and do? I suspect not. This is what I muse on currently as I am indeed experiencing a whole score of folks both online and in person who clearly think I’m a gullible idiot who they can control. Hahahahahahahahahaha, sorry but some of these people have PhDs so are very clever indeed, but have very little understanding of other people.

I asked in meditation a year or so ago to have experiences to understand the agenda of trangender promotion. Very soon I met quite a few transgender people. I have never had any opportunity to ask any questions so my observations are all I have to go on, and the way they behave. The experiences are remarkably similar to those I’ve had all my life (I was raised in the Baptist community) so the details aren’t important. I do find it very interesting that they are never willing to discuss…..anything, they only push their beliefs.

This is my lesson I suppose – people are people regardless of religion, race, self-identity, etc. It does seem that our society is leaning this way – no discussion is welcome, only soundbites pushing agendas. I find it all rather childish and boring, I prefer talking to people and hearing their views even if they differ from mine. I am happy to agree to disagree about anything.

The transgender issue though is the one being pushed in my face the most lately. Let me state from the outset what I say, when given the chance, every time. I have no problem at all with anyone being who they are. Indeed I think every human should have the freedom to express their own uniqueness in whatever way they see fit – as long as it does not interfere with anyone else’s free will. We should all be allowed to live in whatever way we choose, making our own choices, without condemnation or ridicule from anyone else. We should also celebrate our differences. If we were all the same what a boring world it would be. I have had folk agree with that statement and then condemn me in their next sentence. The hypocrisy is staggering.

I will refer to all of the people following as they, it will be a bit confusing but I don’t want to give away any clues to identities.

I have experienced rabid hatred online, from someone I know in person but says nothing to my face, because I respect someone they have decided to hate based on a sentence said (out of context) in a youtube video. I was told that I was evil (evil!) if I listened to ‘that man’. When I asked which of his books had been read to form this opinion I was told ‘I don’t have to read any of them’. What a sensible debate that was. This person ranted on calling this man every name in the book including a couple that I had to look up in a dictionary. Those names were then applied to me. No logic was involved in this exchange, no thoughtful reflection, just pure unadulterated hatred. They actually said they were not interested in the truth. I saw this person a few months later at a moot and all they could do was glare at me from across the room. I heard a few things they said to their friend next to them and told them they were incorrect but it mattered not. Honestly, I felt like I was on an infant school playground. And this person has won awards for activisim for transgender rights. They will not win any awards for courage, that is for sure. This has happened to me before in the Pagan community – insults and anger from afar, nothing to my face.

Another person put it to me that anyone should lose their job if they do not use the preferred pronoun to any transgender person at any time. That to me is ludicrous. But they even went so far as to say that a person who is biologically a man should be allowed to use the female facilities if they identify as a female, even a communal shower. I said that I do not agree with that – that the women and little girls in that shower have the right to bathe without having a naked man in their midst and the feelings of insecurity that would bring. I also made the point that introducing all this to ever younger children was stealing their childhood from them and confusing them needlessly. All this interferes with free will. I was told I have no right to an opinion because of my white privilege. !?!?!?! These people do not make sense to me.

I also commented that true equality means that everyone should be treated the same. I was told that statement was an insult to the transgender community. I said Dr. King would be rolling in his grave at that. They said ‘who?’ Says it all really, a human rights activist not knowing who Martin Luther King is. Pathetic.

What they don’t see, and I would mention if given the chance, is that this transgender thing is all part of a larger agenda. I’ve talked of this agenda in past blogs – it’s all one agenda with many tentacles.

Far too many humans are so focussed, so obsessed, with their particular dot that they see nothing else. They are living in a bubble and will not allow anything contrary near them. (see safe space) I meet far too many bubble people in the Pagan community. They have their one issue – environment, animals, climate change, fracking, gender, sexuality, etc – and they see nothing else, including how their issue fits in with all the others in the agenda. They do not see a bigger picture at all. These folks are the control system’s dream – they are controlled like puppets and they refuse to see it.

They don’t see how this agenda is splitting humanity up into ever smaller groups, with the groups fighting eternally with each other. They don’t see how divide and rule disempowers us, that our power against a control system lies in our cooperation. They don’t see how making people victims disempowers them, making them believe they need someone else (the activist presumably) to ‘save them’.

I have heard from one, and had it implied from others, that I don’t understand what it is to live on the fringe of society. I said simply, ‘I’m a witch’, but they didn’t understand what I was saying. I was then interrupted and not allowed to finish my point. This is how these folks work – they change the subject as soon as their point, and insult, is made then they quickly go on to the next. I admit I’m not the quickest in the verbal arena, my forte is the written, so they have the advantage of me. One of these days they’re going to learn why it is unwise to piss off a witch……

I will get that point across eventually – we witches have been living on the fringe of society, with all the persecutions that go along with it, for rather a long time.

The main point I had for them, which they dismissed out of hand, is that we who live on the fringe, we freaks, outcasts or whatever word you like – we should not expect the majority to understand us. We are the different, it is up to us to develop a thicker skin as those who do not understand us will lash out. It’s not fair, but when has life been fair?

As I’ve said before, we have a choice when offence comes our way. We can choose to let it sink in, make us angry and ruin our day. Or we can choose to say ‘what a dick’ and move on with it not affecting us in any way. It’s a choice. That is our power – we have choice over our own reactions. To give away that choice, and let another have power over our reactions is to give our power away. The snowflakes give their power away by demanding others protect them even when no real offence has happened. It’s turning humanity into children that need protecting from the state (a huge part of the agenda, see Brave New World and 1984). That is how they will get their anti-democratic, anti-human World Government and the snowflakes are playing right into their hands. They survive with deplatforming, safe spaces and shadow banning and think it makes them powerful. That qualifies them as Idiots in my book. Yes, that is harsh, but these people refuse to listen to anyone who is not following their ridiculous dictats, that is not ignorance, it is stupidity.

These bullies do not want debate, they want their own way. They don’t want the truth, they are happy with lies. They don’t want equality, they want superiority over others. They do not understand what they are really doing. We who do understand need to stop the agenda. The way to stop it is to stop complying with the ridiculous demands. If they will behave as children, we need to treat them as children. When my boys had tantrums, I ignored them. When the bubble person glared at me in their adult tantrum, I smiled and ignored her having a grand conversation with the others in attendance. They left quite early looking like stormclouds were over their heads while I stayed on having a fine time. I will not feed these tantrums and neither should any other sane person.

I will no longer give in to bullies. They can hate all they want, I have no hate in my heart for anyone, including them. They do not realise that the only one they are hurting is themselves by allowing hate in.

It saddens me to find the Pagan community has as many of these people as every other group – there are as many intolerant and insincere and downright dangerous folk as I encountered in the Baptist community. These folk I speak of belong to what we call the ‘Love and Light brigade’ as they say it all the time while doing the opposite. I have yet to find a group where I belong, I prefer to be on the fringe of these communities, visiting once in a while but not fully participating. And yeah, that makes me sad, but,

I will no longer give in to bullies. I now dance only the Non-Comply-Dance………




  1. Or as I like to put it:

    “Love and Light, bitchiness and spite.”

    • Ain’t that the truth!


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