Posted by: Pagan Muse | 14/03/2018

Dissipating the Negative Energies

This last week has seen another ex-Russian spy dying from a poison attack followed by unanimous cries from our political class blaming Russia. This demonization of Russia has been gaining impetus for the last year or so.

Regardless of our political leanings, we must be horrified at the speeches made in Parliament yesterday. Politicians from all parties agreed that Russia must be made to pay for their actions on UK soil. Leaders from the US, France and Israel have also made public their support of the UK government taking action against Russia…….All without any actual evidence of Russian involvement.

I can’t help but admire Putin just a little bit. He’s clearly doing something right to piss off the elite so badly that they are going after him in this way.

But, this is not a political blog. I appeal to my brothers and sisters in Humanity to join together to put a huge download of Love into the energetic sea of this planet to try to counteract all the Hate that the elite is infusing in their push to global war and control. Politics aside, it is obvious to those who are sensitive to energies that there has been a great rush of negativity into our matrix in the last years.

So, in an effort to stem the tide, I and others have been regularly performing a short rite to put some Love back in. I appeal to all of you to join the rite. Due to the constraints of life and time zones, it would not be practicable for all of us to do this at the same time, so we do it as and when we can. The collective efforts will be the same regardless of when we perform the rite.



Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for 10 minutes or so. Focus on your Heart Chakra and breathe slowly until you feel the energy starting to build. I find it helpful to sit with my palms upward and slightly cupped so I can also feel the energy building in them. You may say positive words such as Peace and Love with each breath if you wish. When you feel the buildup, direct the energy at the picture with the intent of sharing the Energy of the Heart to the Earth and Humanity. Say whatever words convey this to you. You may wish, as I did, to print out the picture to hold between your palms.

If we join together with other Hearts in Peace, Love and Harmony, we will dissipate the Hate that is so abundant in our energetic sea.

PS. I would love to claim that I came up with this brilliant idea, but I did not. Thanks to David Icke for thinking of this several years ago.








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