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Know Thy Self……

We see things not as they are, but as we are – HM Tomlinson

A human being is a part of the whole called by us ‘universe’, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness – Albert Einstein

Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one – Albert Einstein

I recently read a blog by a friend that was very insightful and meaningful, as his blogs tend to be…..

His words inspired me to write this, which pleased me as I’ve not been inspired to write for some time now. Of course, life got in the way as it tends to do and I was delayed, but never mind, I’m here now.

He writes about phrases that become clichés, two in particular: Know thy self, and As above so below. He’s quite right, they are overused in the Pagan community. They are overused to the point that they have nearly lost all meaning. I would suggest this is being done on purpose. George Orwell was on the mark when he talked about Newspeak – that is what is happening to our language right now. Language is watered down to nonsense until even the concept is gone. I don’t believe people do this consciously, but it is done subconsciously. But that’s not really what I wanted to write about.

I wanted to address the two phrases themselves. David described them perfectly, on one level – the physical. When I hear them though, I think of them on the energetic level, beyond the physical. On this level, they are profound indeed as they force us to think beyond our conditioning, our programming.

Know thy self. Sounds pretty innocuous, doesn’t it. When you ask someone, who are you, they will respond with ‘I am Bob and I am a teacher’. If you say, what else are you, they will respond with ‘I am from Nottingham, am a Pagan and I vote for the Greens’. Well, no, that’s not what you are actually, that is what you are experiencing in this life. You are Consciousness. Awareness. All Possibility. Call it what you will. We are the energy that animates this body, we are not the body. The body is just a vessel, a conduit for us to use to experience a life in this frequency band of the Matrix. The body is a biological computer, a transmitter/receiver of information. We have been conditioned, programmed, to identify with our vessel while forgetting who we really are. Know thy self is telling us to remember who and what we really are – Consciousness.

By identifying with our body, we limit ourselves to the physical world. We limit ourselves to only five senses with which to make sense of this life. We are programmed to look to the government to make our decisions, a religion to tell us what to believe, a doctor to tell us how to treat the body. We are increasingly told what to do, think, believe and even wear – we are only little people, we need someone smarter, richer, more famous, more powerful to follow. This message is forced into our psyches at every turn – in school, on TV (there is a reason why the shows we watch are called programs), films, the evening news…..

We are Consciousness! We are not little people, we can decide for ourselves what is good for us. When we remember this we begin to grow spiritually, we reconnect with the higher levels of ourselves and can eventually break free from the Matrix. We see the programmers for what they are, the controllers for what they are. We see that governments are not working for our best interests, that religions are the opposite of spirituality, that doctors are only treating the symptoms of a physical body and not the cause of dis-ease which is in the energetic body. When you see all this, the program no longer works on you. You see it for what it is.

Know thy self is indeed a powerful phrase, one that all of humanity needs to muse about if they wish to truly be free.

As above so below is another powerful phrase. It refers to the fact that we live in a holographic universe. Everything we see is part of a virtual world, a simulation. Mainstream science is now saying that the universe only exists when we look at it. One interesting property of a hologram is that if you cut it in two you will not get two halves of the whole, you will get two smaller versions of the whole. If you cut it into eight, you will get eight smaller versions of the whole hologram. The most common picture to demonstrate this concept is a tree – showing the branches looking the same as the roots. I’ve seen other pictures showing the veins in an eye looking exactly like a nebula in space and so on. It’s in ley lines being exactly like the meridian lines in our body – pathways of energy being the same for our body and the Earth. It’s why reflexology and acupuncture practitioners can heal your headache by manipulating a part of your foot, hand or ear. Every part of the hologram contains the whole hologram, therefore, our ear has a point corresponding to every other part of our body. So does our hand and foot. Understanding this is a part of understanding who and what you really are.

Understanding ‘as above so below’ is part of knowing thy self.

When we understand these things we can begin to truly live the life we set out to live before our programming began. We can see our world in energetic terms, not only physical. We can heal our vessel, our body, by finding the cause of our dis-ease and dealing with it. We now know that a doctor cannot do this with his pills or scalpel, we must seek an energy healer to clear the energetic bodies and help us process the dis-ease to remove it. We now see the manipulations of the medics, governments and religions – all designed to keep us thinking we are ‘little people’ and we can try to tell others. We also find that when we do tell others, they now treat us as though we are stark raving mad. That doesn’t stop us from trying to emancipate our fellow travellers, however, but that’s another blog entirely.

So, these two phrases, so overused that they are commonplace, are anything but. They are the key to our spiritual growth. They are the key to our breaking free of the Matrix. How’s that for profound?

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Climate Controversy

I have been engulfed in quite a few discussions about one subject lately, one that some Pagans are quite passionate about – Man Made Climate Change. It is no surprise that Pagans care about this as we are perhaps more in tune with the Earth. I have been dismayed, however, at the way that this subject has become a new religion, one that will allow no debate. This is such a problem among the scientists that there is a class action lawsuit currently being waged by 30,000 scientists against Al Gore for his not letting them speak:

There are endless TV programs about this subject, all quoted as gospel by those who believe man has caused the current climate change. All the programs have one thing in common – a message that unless we do this, that and the other we are Doomed, Doomed. The fact that climate change is named as a cause for many ancient civilisation failures, such as the Maya and Angkor in Cambodia, is never mentioned. It’s always presented as a new and unprecedented danger when it is anything but.

Well, all I will say about that is the TV is the biggest mind control tool there is. There is a reason the shows produced are called Programmes and the one who decides when they air is called a Programming Director. They are programming Us, or at least those of us that let them.

Our leaders were recently in Paris discussing a new treaty to ‘combat climate change’. Their minions are still there trying to come to agreements. This is why the subject is on everyone’s mind. I do find it interesting how politicians always speak in military terms – combating and fighting problems instead of solving them.

The details spouted are the usual ones, but I encourage my fellow Pagans to stop focussing on individual specifics, take a step back and connect the dots to see the bigger picture. Man Made Climate Change is a key part of Agenda 21. Without it, the agenda will not succeed. This is why the globalists are pulling out all the stops to push it.

Agenda 21 is a real program of the United Nations. It is openly being implemented in every part of the western world, at every level of our society from national government to local council. Read the original document on the UN website: The main tenets are even carved in stone in Elbert Co, Georgia, USA: Here’s a video to explain it all:

The first, and most important, point is that humanity will be kept to under 1/2 Billion in number. Keep in mind that there are currently more than 7 Billion people on Earth. This point is extremely important.

Going back to Man Made Climate Change, let us look at the individual points always brought up in discussions. First, because of a rise in CO2 levels, global temperatures will soar to unprecedented levels since records began. The fact that records began to be compiled when the Earth was just beginning to raise out of a period known as the Little Ice Age is never mentioned.

There is also ample evidence now to show that there has been no warming at all for at least 18 years:

The TV shows always mention surface cooling. To get an accurate account of what is actually happening globally, they look at satellite measurements. There is every indication that the Earth is actually beginning to cool. I’ll come back to CO2 levels later. Keep in mind that in the early 70s we were told we would all freeze due to global cooling.

Then we have the emotive points of sea levels rising and wiping out the smaller islands and killing polar bears as the polar ice melts…..

The level of sea ice has actually increased 30%:

Not only are polar bears not struggling to survive, their numbers are rising:

Small islands, such as Kiribati, Tuvalu and the Maldives are actually growing in size: And:

Every time we have a severe weather event we are told it is down to climate change. There is ample evidence that this simply is not true. For instance, this blog has the original source linked and a summary of key points:

A major study addresses drought: It shows that of the last century’s ’30 major drought episodes’, 22 were in the first sixty years. Between 1961-1980 there were only 5. The last two decades, when the global warming scare was introduced, had only two.

Now I’d like everyone to cast their minds back to their earliest days in school, year one or two when we were taught the Life Cycle. Put simply, humans breathe in Oxygen and breathe out CO2. Plants breathe in CO2 and breathe out Oxygen. Remember this as you listen to the discussions below…..

Our political classes have been hectoring us for nearly two decades now about how we are destroying our planet and how they will be the ones to save it. We have been told that we are producing too much CO2 and we must act now to reduce it, preferably to zero. We have a host of billionaires talking about it. First, Bill Gates: Bill Clinton: They even roll out movie stars, here is Brad Pitt:

Of course, the main speakers have been Al Gore and Tony Blair. These two are interesting in that the solution offered – Carbon Credits – are paid to companies owned by these two men. They are essentially saying to us ‘you have caused this tragedy but if you pay us money it will all be ok’. If that doesn’t ring alarm bells in your head than you are truly asleep.

If we lower global CO2 levels to zero, as Bill Gates will have us do, all life on Earth would be extinguished. That is what he is proposing, make no doubt about it. No CO2 = No Life. Note that he also mentions vaccines as a way to reduce population and think about that one before researching it for yourself. Agenda 21.

The science that is shown to us is based entirely on computer models. These models do not factor in something rather essential – the Sun. They are saying they do not believe the Sun has an effect on our climate. I find this incredible. There is ample evidence to show a direct correlation between Earth’s temperatures and Solar activity: And:

The computer models also do not include the Medieval Warm Period of 1000 years ago when the Earth was much warmer than it is today, when wine grapes were grown in Yorkshire. The fact that that inconvenient truth was left out was made public when emails were leaked showing data had been altered to show a more dramatic graph of temperatures than was accurate: I would suggest that those who are telling the truth do not need to alter their data.

Of course Climates change, and of course Man is no doubt having an effect on the Earth. BUT, the fact is that the Earth has endured much more dramatic temperatures, and higher levels of CO2, in the past and recovered very well. Indeed, with more CO2 the plant life thrives more heartily. There is even some evidence of nuclear events in the distant past:

What I am suggesting is that we need to demystify this subject and debate it properly. As soon as I heard someone say ‘the science is settled’ I knew something was not right. Science is NEVER settled, it morphs with new evidence. Now there is talk of criminalising those who disagree, one US senator even calling for ‘deniers’ to be tried for treason!

The climate change industry is a huge one, as scientists have publically said. It’s a gravy train that is hard for anyone to jump off of. This fact needs to be brought out into the public arena. People would be shocked at how much money is spent on this agenda, while government is squeezing families to breaking point in every other area of life.

What needs to be done, immediately, is for all media outlets to be forced to allow both sides of the debate to be heard equally, with no ridicule for either side. We need to have full disclosure so all hypotheses can be peer reviewed. It’s time to look at this subject honestly. We also need to see an end to humiliating name calling, ie. calling anyone who asks questions a ‘denier’. This is the same as calling someone a ‘conspiracy theorist’ – it serves only to shut down any discussion, to refuse any questions.

It’s also time to recognise that there are projects that are seriously damaging our beautiful planet – geo-engineering, GMOs ruining the soil, deforestation – all done by the globalists against our wishes. I could go on and on about this subject as it is connected to so much more, such as the endless war we are engaged in, but I’ll leave it for now.

I’ll simply say it’s time to get our heads out of the sand and address this issue sensibly before it is too late.

(By the way, the articles quoted are a mere fraction of what is available by searching the internet…..)


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Life in the Matix

Amazingly, after writing the longest blog ever for me, I was immersed in a conversation recently with a few people who called Agenda 21 a ‘conspiracy theory’. They completely dismissed the idea that this agenda is real. When I pointed out that they can read it for themselves on the UN website, the most vociferous said ‘I don’t have broadband’ in a condescending manner implying that the internet is beneath him.

It’s surprising to me that I find just as many uninformed ignorant people in the Pagan community as in the rest of our society. Pagans pride themselves on being free thinkers, rebels even, but the reality is far from that for many of them. Many take the word of authority (BBC, Sky, doctors, the Green party, etc) as gospel. Many are as engrained in religion as the Christian, Muslims and Jews that they deride. The difference is that they don’t recognise it in themselves. And like so many others, they do not research anything for themselves but display the same knee-jerk reactions to new information that is outside their worldview. They do not seem to recognise propaganda even when it slaps them in the face.

I do not mean to be harsh, really I don’t. I am happy for others to believe whatever they wish and to express their own uniqueness in their own way. But what I was talking about was not belief, it was fact, verifiable fact. This type of conversation happens far too often. A subject is brought up, I express facts that were not mentioned in the mainstream news outlets and the ridicule begins. I will say this happens more online than in face to face conversations, but the latter do occur as well. Soon enough a reputation for being ‘crazy’ and a ‘nut’ is formed. I try very hard to end the conversation at that point and let them think what they want, I don’t care, I really don’t. Indeed, I’ve learned not to engage at all with certain people as it’s just not worth letting them bring my vibrations down. As soon as someone says ‘where’s your proof’, I tell them to research for themselves as I know they will not believe anything I now say.

The fact is that none of us knows everything there is to know, although I can name a couple who think they do, no doubt we all know some like this. If we had all the answers we would not be here, we would have ascended. But here we are, still trying to work it all out. There have been many who have given us clues to look at, but they are subjected to condemnation, ridicule and character assassination as soon as they get close to the truth. Those at the top of our societal pyramid can’t have the populace believing the truth tellers now can they. People like David Icke come to mind here, but he is certainly not alone in this field. He’s a perfect example though.

Icke has been talking for the last 25 years of how children have been abused horrifically by very famous faces, even to the point of death. He named names, while those named were alive, but all he got in return was laughter. Today everyone accepts that Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Edward Heath and quite a few others that he named in the early 90s, did indeed do exactly what Icke said they had done. But, not one reporter has given credit to Icke, indeed they still maintain that we must laugh at him. This attitude, which flies in the face of common sense, means that they clearly still fear what he has to say. And he does have a lot to say, and he’s usually right.

Inspired by Mr. Icke, I often conduct my own research. It takes many forms from simple observations to scouring books and articles and online sources. In some cases Twitter is an excellent resource as it gives instant observations of what people are thinking and doing. It was invaluable when I was looking into the way the journalism and celebrity worlds work. Doing your own research is incredibly important – formulating your own opinions and finding facts that the mainstream are not going to tell you. Too many humans get all their facts from the TV screen, too many have opinions that were given to them by faces on the gogglebox. We should all take back control of our minds, as hard as that is given the onslaught of mind-control that is thrown at us each day. I’ve told before how the TV is the best medium of delivering mind-control we have.

Understanding things like Agenda 21 is vital to our being able to disseminate current events as they happen. A perfect example is the most recent ‘terrorist’ atrocity in Paris. As you watch events unfold you see how the story changes, away from eye witness reports and onto official releases. Usually the official release is the opposite of the witness statements – this is the first sign of a false flag by the way. Then other types of programs, the radio show, comedy shows, etc, continue the mantra that the news began. There was a host of a radio chat show just yesterday that ridiculed anyone calling Paris a false flag to be an idiot. How dare anyone not simply accept every word the government says as gospel? How dare indeed. This is how the official story is insidiously pushed into the mind of everyone watching. If you don’t want to be laughed at as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ than you must believe this and force everyone you know to do the same. Conform.

The Paris attacks were predicted some months ago and went off pretty much as foretold. They came after several weeks of the public being systematically worn down into racial hatred by a massive influx of refugees from Syria. Well some were from Syria, others were from many other countries. The attackers were instantly branded Muslims, before any real investigations could possibly have taken place to ascertain the truth. This has been the usual routine since 9/11 – some atrocity occurs and Muslims are immediately blamed by the authorities and parroted by the media. This is nothing less than divide and conquer.

The Paris attacks are being blamed on the ‘refugee crisis’ that has seen Europe come to a virtual standstill with huge fences and walls being erected to stem the flow of humanity fleeing wartorn Syria. The attacks happened, conveniently, when the G20 were meeting to discuss terrorism. They also happened on the very day that ‘exercises’ were planned to happen so all the emergency services were in place and ‘ready for action’ as one put it in an interview. Funny how these things happen so conveniently, isn’t it.

I don’t mean to go into detail over the attacks, but in the way it’s handled and percieved. These sorts of events affect people in very emotional ways. It brings home how tragedy can occur to anyone, even in their own communities. They are intended to affect us emotionally, that is the point of them. The ‘powers that be’ want us to live in emotional fogs, in the reptilian (R-complex) brain where we react without thinking. In this state we are easily controlled. It is only by humanity being in this state that those in the shadows will get the single world government that they crave. They will get it by keeping us in a state of chaos, fear and anger.

Those in the shadows largely control the leaders we see, the ones we elect. We must never forget that politicians are actors, the best ones find themselves in the positions of power. Every 5 years they get on their stages and tell us why we should vote for them. They tell us what they think we want to hear. They produce manifestos to tell us what we can expect from them if we do elect them. Anyone who has watched politics for any amount of time knows that this is all lies. They never actually do what they promise, usually they do the opposite. They do the Agenda. Period.

They have made clear for many years that what they crave is the single world government. To achieve this they must remove the nations and the pride people feel in their nations. The EU has even printed a map showing the regions they intend our nations to be integrated into. They have designated what each region will be engaged in. The UK has been designated to be for banking and service industries. This is why our industries, and most of our jobs, have been systematically removed. Even our fishing industry – on an island nation – was reduced to almost nothing. Our leaders from Heath to Cameron have been following the EU Agenda.

The mass migration we have been experiencing is part of this. It erodes a sense of nationhood, a national culture. So, we see a village of 102 instantly become a village of 750 due to migrants being brought into it in Germany. Germany has a strong sense of national pride, which must be eradicated to achieve the result of a homogenous Europe. Do you see? All of this is fact. Verified quite easily by looking at official UN documents and mainstream news sources, all of which can be found online. Go into the world of the ‘alternative media’ and hear the same and much more from experts that the mainstream refuse to ask.

Now, there are some who think the idea of a single world government is a good thing. Ok, fair enough. But I do not like the idea of a world where I have no control over my own life. Where I am constantly watched, from what I do online to my phone constantly updating some computer on where I am and who I’m with and what I’m doing. (I’ve turned that function off on my phone and boy howdy it does not like that). It’s fact that all appliances in the US have microphones and/or cameras installed in them so that your microwave can record all conversation in your kitchen for any government person to listen to should they want to. It has been revealed as fact that Smart TVs watch you watching them. Why? Because that is what totalitarians do, they need all information they can get to keep controlling you, and to knock out anyone not conforming.

Yes, we are in the world of 1984, and nearly in The Brave New World. We are heading for the latter – the erosion of the family, the virtual demonisation of motherhood, the sexualisation of children, and the attempt at making paedophilia acceptable as a ‘lifestyle choice’ rather prove that.

So, as I watch humanity crumble in all its emotions over the latest false flag, I find myself having to work harder at not despairing over our future. I am confident that enough of us will see through the mist and raise above it. Of course I grieve over the lives lost, but I also question who took those lives. (see the video detailing the story of the one Mexican victim and her family) It is no disrespect to attempt to discover the truth over the deaths, indeed it is the greatest respect to give the families the truth of why their loved ones had to die.

Once more people grasp this one fact, then humanity will truly be on its way out of this matrix we find ourselves in.




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Watching What We Watch

These past few weeks I’ve been noticing how insidious propaganda really is. It is everywhere. I’ll start with the definition of propaganda: The organised promotion of information to assist or damage the cause of a government or movement. You all knew that, didn’t you, I didn’t have to tell you that. Well, that’s what I would have thought, but this past couple of weeks I have found out that lots of people do not know what propaganda is. I am constantly amazed at those who can sail through life without a thought beyond their own little bubble. They do say that ignorance is bliss, but I’ve never subscribed to that one.

The world we live in today is a global one so we can’t even say that the propaganda we receive is from the government of our country, it’s the system that sends the message and all our governments go along. Why, because the ones who run ‘the system’ own our governments. They are the Elite, the ones who control the money, hence the ones who control everything. You can go much further down the rabbit hole on this one, but it’s not necessary today.

Messages telling us what the system wants us to believe and how to behave are everywhere. One specific story that comes to mind immediately is a little video I saw on facebook. It was a cute little boy wearing a Scottish military outfit, waiting for a unit of the Canadian Army to march past him. Many other people walked past him paying him little notice, but this little lad was clearly excited about the coming moment. He kept looking at the camera, and presumably the one operating the camera, and giving the thumbs up. When the army unit marched past, he stood in salute to them. The unit’s commanding officer ordered ‘eyes right’ to salute him back and on they marched. One of the soldiers said something like ‘good boy’ to him as well.

On the face of it this is a cute display of respect, and it was lovely to see the adults acknowledging a child and praising him. BUT, what I saw is a set of parents, and there are lots and lots of them who do this, teaching their boy that soldiers are heroes, without also explaining about the horrors of war and what these soldiers actually do. This is propaganda. The system wants endless war, for a variety of reasons, therefore it will put out heartwarming scenes to promote the idea that war is good. That soldiers who exist to kill other people, mostly civilians, are good. These images go along with the rhetoric about soldiers ‘protecting’ us and our way of life. It’s nonsense, all of it, but that is what the system wants so that is what we get. Alternatively, all images of anyone protesting or images of the effects of the bombs dropped, such as maimed children, are vilified by the system and hence by the unthinking parts of our society. This one is particularly prevalent in all areas of our daily lives – watch telly for only half an hour and you’ll see at least one person praising a soldier in some way or fawning over a veteran.

But, that’s not all, not by a long shot. Another thing the system pushes, for its own gain, is vaccinations. At this time of year, particularly, it’s the flu shot. Every TV and radio program will put a line or two about how important it is to have vaccines and especially the flu shot. I watch Eastenders and they put in this gem at least once a week with a character mentioning that they are off to the doctor to get their shot. They make it seem like such a cool thing to do, ‘it’s what all of us do so you should join in too’. If there is ever a character that has researched the subject and refuses to have the shot, all the other characters join in to ridicule and berate that character. The message received, especially by children, that if you are different you will be treated badly, so just conform and make life easier.

Anyone who is outside the mainstream thought is subjected to this ridicule. Every now and again there will be a new character who is different, usually a bit of a hippy. Someone who likes crystals and herbs and ghosts, you know, a Pagan type. (cue shock, horror music!) They are always portrayed as quite thick and very flighty, they usually wear strange clothes and are treated by the rest of the cast as a bit of a joke, someone they will tolerate because they are someone’s mum or dad, but they don’t really like them. You see this on news and talk shows too, not that I watch a lot of news or talk shows, but when I have, they are there. This all becomes the norm of how to treat ‘strange’ people, ie, those who are different from you. Not much tolerance is shown.

Even TV comedy shows join in. Shows such as the TV program Have I Got News for You, a panel show which gets its comedy from current news stories. The regular panellists advertise themselves as rebels, outside of the mainstream. One of them, Ian Hislop, edits a weekly magazine that lampoons the political class and is regularly being sued for libel. He showed his true colours last week when the issue of  Paedophilia came up. The news story was the attempt by all the media to debunk the VIP paedophilia enquiry by saying that one of the victims lied therefore the whole thing is a hoax, without offering proof. Mr. Hislop joined in by ridiculing the victim, implying that he didn’t believe our VIPs could possibly have done anything like this. A week earlier it was proven that he had himself been involved in the previous scandal involving the elite group at Oxford that meet to have raucous dinner parties, when our Prime Minister had his date with a pig’s head. So, this ‘rebel’ is actually part of the elite, albeit in the periphery. His inclusion in this people’s panel is shown to be a lie in itself – propaganda.

The victim mentioned above was one who was highlighted on a news program called Panorama. It has since been proven that this program regularly takes liberties in its editorial process thus putting people’s words out of context and changing the meaning of the statements, in this case, completely inverting the meaning. This is nothing less than government propaganda, attempting to cover up the crimes of governmental figures working in league with celebrities and police to cause harm and death to children for a variety of reasons. It’s sickening to see who is willing to go along with it and continue to keep it all in the shadows. It also sickens me to see the BBC joining in, indeed leading the way, as they are funded by the taxpayers but push the agenda of the elite quite blatantly. The public have no choice but to fund this as the alternative is jail.

One American version of this is Jon Stewart (born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz), who until recently fronted The Daily Show. He also claims to be a man of the people, one who is against the establishment. Jon’s brother Lawrence Liebowitz was once the CEO of the New York Stock Exchange. This is not a position attainable by your average Joe. I will admit that I did not watch his program regularly, but when I did watch all I saw was him fawning over politicians such as Tony Blair as they promote their latest books. His questions were in no way probing or difficult, the politicians and celebrities were given the softest promotion possible. On the few occasions when he did make humanity-enriching statements such as calling Pres. Truman a war criminal for dropping the atomic bomb, he quickly retreated and apologised saying he was wrong. He wasn’t wrong, but he clearly valued his position and money over speaking the truth.

I’m not saying that either of these men are elites, but they do function in the periphery while claiming to be just like us. By kowtowing to the rich and powerful they are given jobs, hence money, that would be not be in the reach of your average rebel. Stewart would not be hosting the Academy Awards if he were truly a rebel. Hislop would no longer be working for the BBC if he spoke out in defence of the victims of the VIP kiddie fiddlers. To see him so vehemently ridicule the victims is all the proof you need that he does not wish to give up such a high profile, and profitable, job.

There are so many more examples I could give, but I’ll stop here. The television is the single most useful tool the system has to indoctrinate the populace with their propaganda. Every night, and for many every daytime too, we sit in front of the gogglebox and zone out. Some people I know don’t even care what they are watching, they just watch. As we watch we very quickly go into alpha brain waves, a state of extreme relaxation. Experiments in the late 60’s showed that people can enter an alpha wave state as quickly as 60 seconds after beginning to watch television. Therefore, when it comes to television and brain function our brains tend to go into autopilot mode. In fact, watching television has the same effect on the brain as staring at a blank wall.

While we are in this state, we take in every word, symbol and subliminal message thrown at us. They go directly into our subconscious and we are not even aware of it. These words, symbols and messages affect our perceptions and hence our thoughts and behaviour in ways that we are not aware of. The system knows this, of course, and uses it constantly to its advantage. Several teams of researchers have disseminated some of the messages put into commercial ads and programs, even the sign off that we used to see in the US at the end of the day when they played the national anthem. As they wrote the words to the anthem, there were subliminal messages saying ‘trust the government’, ‘obey the government’ and ‘government is god’. This is not a joke, they do this and much more with every program.

There is a reason they call the shows ‘programmes’, they are programming us. Once you are aware of what they get up to, you see it everywhere and its effect on you lessens. They rely on it being in our subconscious so when we move it up to the conscious level, it no longer works on us. They do it in print ads too, in much the same way with visuals.

Our bodies are simply biological computers housing Us, Consciousness. Our minds are just programs running the computer. By allowing the system to choose which programs run, we allow them control over us. It’s time to take control over our own minds. Point out any propaganda you see, especially on popular TV shows, to all your friends so they too can also take control. As more of humanity becomes wise to the propaganda, it will affect us less. This is one way in which we can break the system of control.


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Agenda 21

The topics that came up this week were varied: fracking, high speed rail, more fracking, flu shots, immigrants and Syria. They all have one thing in common, Agenda 21. When I say this to most people I get a blank look or am called a conspiracy theorist. That old chestnut is really getting irrelevant now.

Agenda 21 is a real thing – it’s a UN program, the agenda for the 21st century. Since so many don’t believe it exists and refuse to accept that the things mentioned above have anything in common, I thought I’d say a few words about this horrible (for humans) program. This blog will be long, I make no apologies, this subject is of vital importance to humanity. YES, it is.

The text can be downloaded, or just viewed, on the UN website. On the cover it states “Earth summit – Agenda 21 – The United Nations Programme of Action from Rio”. The words ‘programme of action’ indicate that the creators of this document are telling the reader that this is a plan, or programme, that they intend to implement, or put into action, and not just a bunch of ideas that they want people to consider.

 It’s a long document, some 40 chapters of lawyer-speak. Luckily there are lots of people who understand this foreign language and translate it for us on the internet. Some find it good, some bad. I lean to the former opinion, if you hadn’t already guessed that. They use friendly words, idyllic sounding phrases.

One word is repeated constantly, you could call it a mantra for the elite: Sustainable. ‘Sustainable development’, ‘sustainable city networks’, sustainable livelihood’, etc, etc but the meaning of the word sustainable is never made very clear. They do attempt explanations, but it’s all rather vague. For instance, sustainable development means an ‘integration of environment and development concerns’, which will lead to ‘the fulfilment of basic needs, improved living standards for all, better protected and managed ecosystems and a safer more prosperous future’. It sounds nice but it could mean anything. As you continue reading, it all takes on a more sinister tone as you begin to understand who is going to prosper in the UN future.

The UN claims to want to create a Utopia where the environment is clean, nobody is hungry, there are no homeless or jobless, etc, but to do this they need to have the power to create laws that effect changes in every local community. Hence they view elected local politicians as a threat, because these people have the very power that the UN wants for itself. When they say ‘it is important to overcome confrontation and to foster a climate of genuine cooperation and solidarity’, they mean that for this plan to work there cannot be any opposing opinions, everyone must be of the same mind. A critical thinker would hear alarm bells at this stage.

They state clearly that ‘the overall objective is to restructure the decision-making process’. It wants to ‘remove the barriers to progress caused by bureaucratic inefficiencies’. In other words, countries that make their own decisions are dangerous and interfere with the Agenda. They view democracy, which involves debate and voting, as ‘inefficient’.

This is precisely why they want a World Government. To do this they must remove existing borders which separate cities, states, nations, etc and create new regional boundaries. This is what they have done with their Unions – the European Union, the African Union, and the nearly complete Americas Union. They want regional governments to make all the decisions without interference. Naturally, it is impossible to get complete solidarity in a democracy, where everyone has a vote thus a voice, so they have gone about achieving this in undemocratic ways. (I hear some saying that the EU has a Parliament, thus is democratic. Anyone paying attention knows that the laws are made by the Commission, an unelected body. Their decisions are rubber stamped by a parliament that is only for show. It is not democracy, only the illusion of it.) The encouragement of mass, unregulated immigration, such as is happening in Europe now due to their manufactured war in Syria, is a part of the dilution of the idea of nations and national pride which will allow for the elimination of national borders without too much opposition.

As to the standard of living, it clearly states that they intend to lower the standard of living in the industrialised nations and boost it in developing countries. They will do this by changing lifestyles with ‘environmental taxation’ and regulations to redistribute the wealth, resources and technology. Naturally any industrialised nation would oppose this, hence they seek to remove nations. They plan to ensure the ‘building up of economic capabilities for the efficient use and further development of transferred technology’ to developing countries. They will do this with one set of regulations for us and another for developing countries. We will see our wages shrink while prices rise, thus lowering our standard of living. Anyone not working in the public sector has already seen this in the last 10 years. The debate about climate change is a perfect example of this: we are taxed and subjected to harsh regulations to reduce carbon emissions while China and India continue polluting at will.

They try to convince us that a lower standard of living is good for us, that they are doing us a favour and it’s necessary to protect the Earth. Governments team up with the media and schools to propagandise new concepts of wealth and prosperity. “Consideration should also be given to the present concepts of economic growth and the need for new concepts of wealth and prosperity which allow higher standards of living through changed lifestyles and are less dependent on the Earth’s finite resources and more in harmony with the Earth’s carrying capacity”.

This is where they try to persuade us that having access to less of a resource, such as water, is good for the Earth. They believe that water should only be used in the ‘satisfaction of basic needs’, thus the ‘levying of water tariffs and other economic instruments’ will be introduced. But, what do they consider to be the ‘satisfaction of basic needs’? Again, specifics are not included. They vaguely give a few clues though. They say that ‘all urban residents have access to at least 40 litres per capita per day’. 40 litres is roughly 10 1/2 gallons. Most of us use more than this in a quick shower, never mind cooking, washing, drinking, etc. This is important to remember when they throw phrases around like ‘satisfaction of basic needs’.

When they say ‘Earth’s carrying capacity’ they are implying that there is a certain number of humans that the Earth can sustain. They say they want to change society to be more in ‘harmony’ with this arbitrary number that they have decided but do not reveal in this document. They talk of ‘sustainable man/land ratio’ without giving specific numbers. (The Georgia Guidestones state this number as 1/2 billion people) “The human dimensions are key elements to consider in this intricate set of relationships and they should be adequately taken into consideration in comprehensive policies for sustainable development…..Population policy should also recognise the role played by human beings in environmental and development concerns” People simply moving out of areas affected by Agenda 21 would obstruct the ultimate plan, so Agenda 21 views the control of human movement as essential. They feel that our ability to move where we wish is hurting the Earth, so they will regulate it.

To this aim, they propose ‘human settlement zones’ in highly controlled regulations, what they call ‘demographic transition’. They intend to ‘expand areas under forest and tree cover’ by forcing people out of their quiet rural homes and into crowded cities. This is the whole point of fracking. If the water is contaminated, people will have to move elsewhere. People will be forced into ‘human settlement areas’ where our ‘resource needs, waste production, and ecosystem health’ will be controlled by government.  The eventual goal of this forced population movement into ‘human settlement zones’ is to ‘ensure access to land to all households and, where appropriate, the encouragement of communally and collectively owned and managed land’. In other words, all will be owned by the government.

Transport between the ‘human settlement zones’ will be done entirely by high speed railways as they believe private vehicles hurt the Earth. Using taxes, laws and regulations, they will make it too expensive to run a car thus you will be forced onto public transport thus limiting your options for work and play. Some people will consider this a good thing, and I agree, but only to a point. I take public transport most of the time, but my hubby needs the car to get to his work which is 25 miles away from home in an office on an industrial estate which has no buses or trains servicing it. There have already been plans mentioned by the PM about taxing our driving using the mileage and type of roads we use. If this does go through he will have no option but to give up that job and try to find another closer to home. We live near a city, Derby, that has seen massive job losses in the last few years, with no real recovery, so it’s a mystery to us what we would do if this happened. But, according to Agenda 21, we will have to get used to our changed lifestyle to save the planet. (Assuming we survive what is coming soon that is…….)

The HS2 train is a hot debating point where we live, as the hub of it is in our immediate vicinity. Logically, the places that have a station for this train is where they intend to place the ‘human settlement zones’, so presumably our future is to live in Toton. Gosh, it’s hard to contain my excitement. If you’ve ever been to Toton, you will understand.

Now we come to a biggie: ‘dependency burdens’. Even with ‘human settlement zones’, they deem there are too many people on Earth for the UN to control, or to live under ‘sustainable develeopment’, therefore Agenda 21 finds it necessary to reduce the world’s population. People that are ‘dependency burdens’, ie: those unable to sustain themselves such as babies, the disabled, the elderly, are the targeted groups for culling. Suddenly the UK governments schemes against welfare begin to make sense. As does the endless pitch for more and more vaccines given to newborns and children which cause a great deal of suffering and some deaths. There is great evidence showing the dangers of vaccines online, so I’ll ignore that today.

Agenda 21 goes quite a way to explaining how they will decide the age structure of the population (remember Logan’s Run?), the number of children will be allowed and who they will allow to have them. They also propose ‘institutional changes’ that would strip the family from having any rights to decide on the fate of elderly relatives (see the Liverpool Care Pathway). “…institutional changes must be implemented so that old-age security does not entirely depend on input from family members’. It also states that many women ‘lack the means of ….responsibly controlling their reproductive life’ and wish to provides for these women to ‘alleviate their burden’. Think about that one for a moment.

There is another theme that runs through the document: data collection. They want to collect data on every resource in the world, including water, land, forests, soil, energy, food, humans and much more. Chapter 14, for instance, which is “Promoting Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development” which has a goal to ‘process, store and analyse animal genetic data at the global level’. Humans are animals remember. Now we know why the police are so keen to keep DNA samples forever…..

How will they implement this agenda? By using NGOs or Non-Governmental Organisations. Chapter 27 is “Strengthening the role of non-governmental organisations: partners for sustainable development”.  These NGOs come into your local community and seek to gain decision making authority, thus taking away your decision making ability. “Governments and international bodies should promote and allow the participation of non-governmental organisations in the conception, establishment and evaluation of official mechanisms and formal procedures designed to review the implementation of Agenda 21 at all levels”. They are being used to prepare our local officials , through ‘practical training programmes’ for Agenda 21 implementation and “facilitation of behavioural change” that will be needed. To help this ‘facilitation of behavioural change’ there are workshops and seminars to promote the goals of the Agenda. There are three NGOs specifically mentioned: International Union of Local Authorities (IULA), International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), World Federation of Twin Cities. Most of the millions of NGOs around the world are associated with, or directly funded by, one of these three.

So, there you go, a quick guide to Agenda 21. Keep in mind that this Agenda is already being implemented in every town, city and region in the world. Whenever your local town meeting is discussing anything ‘sustainable’ they are talking about Agenda 21. It is being implemented with our tax money but we don’t get a vote on it. They try to placate us with allowing us to give comment at their controlled and scripted meetings, but don’t be deluded into thinking your comments will make any difference.

Understanding this Agenda is understanding what is happening in our world today. Why our leaders seem to be involved in a death cult that glories in war and killing, because they are. They state quite clearly that there are 7 billion too many people on this Earth, in their eyes, therefore they feel justified in culling us. They do it with war, plague, vaccines, and by simply keeping us fighting with each other for a variety of reasons. I have in the past gone into the energetic reasons for all of this too. This is an issue, like so many, that can be viewed on different levels. Today I confine myself to the physical.

I applaud and support anyone who protests against fracking and the high speed rail, but I really hope they can see that it’s all part of a much bigger plan, agenda. To those who think this is all a good idea, I point out that the whole of the 7 1/2 billion people on this planet would be able to stand in Texas, with room to swing a cat as they say.  The Earth is not overpopulated, there is plenty of space for all of us. There is also plenty of resources to go around. What we lack is the political will to tell the rich elite who are hoarding all the resources for themselves to take a hike. We lack enough humans paying attention to what they are doing to counteract them.

The eventual goal for the elite who devised and carry out this plan is a society not too far removed from the one portrayed in the Hunger Games movies. If most of humanity continues to keep their heads in the sand, that’s exactly what we will end up with.

Posted by: Pagan Muse | 24/09/2015

Horror Programming

Before I start I’d like to reiterate that this blog is my musings, that is all. Nothing I say here is set in stone in my mind, indeed I have no rigid beliefs. I have perceptions that change with new information, but one way to find new information is to think (muse) about things. Rigid beliefs close the mind to all possibility.

This week I muse about propaganda and the programming of our minds. This subject always seems to sneak up on me. Someone posts an innocuous clip of something on facebook or twitter and I make a comment on it and others tell me I’m ‘freaking out’ about nothing. Well, 1. I was not ‘freaking out’, I was simply commenting, and 2. It’s not nothing actually.

Two subjects in particular, two very different subjects, have been in the forefront this past week or so: witches and bombing Syria. Both highlight how our beliefs and thus behaviour is orchestrated by the control system. There are other subjects, of course, so many, but I’ll concentrate on these two today.

We all know the stereotype of the witch: warts, rides brooms, wild hair, cackles, boils horrible potions in giant cauldrons, loves black cats, curses people, eats babies and is generally evil, antisocial and nasty. Did I miss anything? It makes me laugh, it really does. We are so threatening to the Church that they have to make up all this crap to make us look bad. The joke is on us though because people actually believe this! Yes, they do. This is what makes all the fun at Halloween just a little bit sinister to me.

I don’t want to put a damper on people’s fun, indeed Samhain is my favourite time of the year as it always has been. The difference is that now I understand why it is, when as I child I just enjoyed one of the only times of the year that I got to eat sweets. We all enjoy dressing up in costumes and partying, but it would be nice if people actually thought about what they were doing and the consequences of their actions once in a while.

Every day I hear one or more of my Pagan friends relate stories about how someone was nasty to them, called them evil, crossed themselves in front of them, spit at them, etc. This seems to happen especially to my friends who are witches. I listen to alternative radio shows and at least once a week I hear one of them saying stupid things about Pagans, especially the shows in America. Things like ‘there were people in cloaks doing some sort of ritual’….with the implication that the human sacrifices and baby eating were soon to begin. When I point out that they could have simply been Pagans having a normal ritual, I am attacked as a Satanist who condones blood and sex magic as well as sacrifice. These people do have vivid imaginations. They will not accept that they could be wrong. Religion makes people absolutely certain that they are right. Of course, when I point out that a church service/mass is a ritual all hell breaks loose!

I usually use the comment, ‘How would you like it if me and my friends knocked on your door on 25 December dressed as a zombie Jesus and demanded sweets?’ to Christians who wallow in the gore of Halloween and don’t care if a Pagan is offended. Believe it or not, it actually works, because it makes them think about what they were doing and saying. In truth, I’m not actually offended, I choose not to be, but it is a good demonstration and a good way of getting someone to turn on their brain for a change.

Then we come to our state of perpetual war and its latest headlines about bombing Syria and sending troops in to ‘finish off’ ISIL, or ISIS or whatever they are calling them today.

Post after post of macho posturing and declarations of delight in seeing drones bombing cars and convoys on the ground in Syria. We could have said the same in Libya and could say the same in Yemen, but here in the UK all the talk is Syria. What we are witnessing is the glorification of murder, the joy in seeing other human beings die horribly. It’s repulsive, sickening, disgusting, appalling and any other descriptive word I can’t think of right now. These people are the stereotypical Rambos.

The same people who glory in watching death are the same ones who will tell you that humans are at the apex of evolution, the most advanced beings ever. I would suggest that these humans have largely lost their humanity when they celebrate death and destruction. They have also given up the use of their brains, they no longer employ critical thinking. They simply react to stimuli in exactly the way the control system wants them to without question. They have become drones.

When you try to engage any of the above mentioned people in debate about what they are advocating, all you get is abuse. Their higher thinking faculties have been shut off and all you get is ranting about how stupid you are. I make no claims to great intelligence, but I’m not stupid, so this is when I will leave a conversation. There is no point in talking to someone with a closed mind.

Both of these subjects are related. There is a bigger picture to all this, and I would love for people to think about it, just think.

Stereotypes exist due to conditioning, mind control, that we undergo from birth. We are confronted with images and symbols that speak straight to our subconscious creating emotions that forever associate with those images/symbols. The emotions dictate our actions. So, when we are children and we watch a cartoon that has a witch who is doing nasty things to the nice fluffy character, and we see her swoop around menacingly on her broom and laughing maniacally, that sticks with us – witch = bad. When we see the heroes in uniform defeat the enemy, usually by killing them, we think – soldier = hero. Little boys dream of growing up to go to strange lands and kill people just like this character does, then they can be heroes too.

Every Halloween we see ‘wicked witch’ costumes and makeup to paint warts on our face to go with it. Every year at this time Hollywood comes out with the latest ‘Witch hunter’ flick for us to scream through. This year we have a theatre show where we can go watch three popular witches (with warts, I have never had a wart for the record) smelling out children. Hahahaha, what hilarity it all is. No, it isn’t. Think about it.

Every night on the news we see our ‘brave boys’ engaging someone else’s ‘brave boys’ in battle somewhere or other and we root for our side never even contemplating what horror the other families are going through. When they come home, usually missing limbs and large chunks of their humanity, we are expected to rush out and congratulate them, and most of us do.

What are we doing? Why are we revelling in the darkest part of humanity? Because the control system, hidden hand, shadow people, Illuminati, call them what you will, wants us to. The reasons are varied, you can believe whichever ones you want, it doesn’t matter to me. What matters is for humanity to recognise that they are being played, and to wake up and stop.

Stop calling other people ‘bad sports’ for not joining in on the celebration of gore and death. Start informing people about what we witches actually do, that we are actually herbalists and healers. That we don’t believe in Satan and that most of us don’t worship any particular deity. That soldiers are people too, people with feelings who may not actually want to go around killing children, women and old men. That soldiers are just as much victims of the system as the countless innocent civilians killed every month somewhere on this beautiful planet, all to satisfy the greed of a few.

We all need to remember the ‘golden rule’. Remember that gem from childhood? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Simple and precise. An excellent guideline for life. We witches have another, our only rule in fact: Do No Harm. Also simple and precise. Another to remember is that energy flows where attention goes, so if you are focussing your attention on the negative then you are feeding it energy, you are empowering it. All these things exist to help us remember our humanity and how to live in harmony with one another, well, for the most part anyhow.

As Muse say in one of their latest songs, on a brilliant album I might add:

you’ve got strength, you’ve got soul, you’ve felt pain, you’ve felt Love, you can grow, you can make this world what you want.

We can make this world what we want simply by living it. Be the change we want to see in the world.

So, I’ll end with a short message to my fellow witches. If you want to portray yourself as badass and a nasty crone that no one should mess with, fine, go ahead with my blessing. I don’t care, doesn’t affect my life in any way. Just don’t expect sympathy from me when someone is rude to you and treats you like you are a stereotype. By behaving like a stereotype, you become a stereotype and deserve all you get. The energy you give out is the energy you get back.

Posted by: Pagan Muse | 14/09/2015

Truthseeking = Respect

Another anniversary of 9/11 comes and goes and another round of accusations of disrespecting the dead goes with it. Sigh.

I simply do not accept the argument that seeking answers and demanding the truth of what happened on 9/11 is disrespectful. Indeed, it is the other way round. It is the families of the dead that began asking questions, began demanding answers to why and how their loved ones died. They were not satisfied with the answers given. By continuing to ask and continuing to investigate and sharing information about investigations, we are honouring the dead. By trying to hold politicians and governments to account, we are honouring the dead and their families.

The usual remarks are still continuing today, three days later. This morning a friend of a friend on Facebook posted a photo showing two small pieces of wreckage in front of the Pentagon and claims that this is proof that a jumbo jet crashed into the building. Indeed, he says it went so far into the building that no wreckage would be found outside, it’s all inside. When shown a photo that shows how small the hole was, inside and out, and asked where are the wings and engines then, he says they disintegrated on impact. I assume this man is intelligent, but begin to question that when he suggests that titanium engines can disintegrate on hitting a building. The mind boggles, it truly does. This is cognitive dissonance in action.

I understand that people find it uncomfortable to learn that their government may be lying to them and may not have their best interests at heart. All who Awaken go through these deep emotions when we realise that reality is not only a little bit different from what we thought, but is actually nothing like what we thought. It is a life changing realisation. It is uncomfortable and difficult, but once you get through to the other side, life is better. When you break out of the conditioning, you begin to truly live your life.

But, too many people are not willing to experience this, so they bury their heads in the sand and pretend it’ll all be ok. They listen to the news and their politicians and church leaders and believe them, then they go back to watching TV. They think they are living responsible lives, normal lives, when what they are doing is giving up control of their minds and letting others do their thinking for them. I don’t make a habit of saying this to anyone’s face, as it sounds incredibly arrogant, and I don’t mean it that way. But that is essentially what they are doing when they blindly accept an official explanation for an event that makes no logical sense, when they blindly follow anything or anyone. By doing nothing, they are allowing this state of affairs to continue and grow.

The crash at the Pentagon is a perfect example. Another is the paper passport found, unsinged, on the street in NY that the authorities say was blown out of one of the planes that hit the Trade Towers. They also found a headscarf that they say was being worn by one of the hijackers. They never found his head, but the scarf was found undamaged in any way. Yeah, right. If you believe that one, you may be interested in some land for sale in South Florida, perfect for gardening, lots of irrigation…..

Why is this important? I’m asked this every year. It’s obvious to me, but clearly it’s not to most people.It is important because it has been used to justify everything since, from the elimination of civil liberties and the constant intrusions into our privacy to the War Without End that Orwell spoke of. All based on a lie.

It has now, 14 years later, reached the point where every citizen is assumed to be a terrorist. Indeed, the UK Prime Minister has said publically that he considers anyone who questions the government, even peacefully, to be a terrorist. The definition of terrorist seems to be mutating by the day. All based on a lie.

The same debate happens whenever the ‘Support our Troops’ meme is rolled out. If you do not go out and wave your flag and cheer wildly for ‘our boys’ then you are accused of being a filthy communist, or a racist or any other ‘ist’ they can think of. I do not support our boys, or anyone else’s, if what they are doing is killing people, most often innocent civilians, just to satisfy the greed of our ruling class. This is what the ‘war on terrorism’ is, satisfying the greed of our ruling class.

What are they greedy for? The most obvious is money, of course. Our politicians are puppets doing the bidding of the moneymen who pay for them. The moneymen will never have enough money to satisfy them, they want it all. It is through money, debt, that they control us as well as our leaders. War is incredibly profitable, especially if you control both sides, as they have been doing since WWl. Research this if you don’t believe me – all can be found on the internet.

The CIA has admitted that they formed Al-Qaeda (or however we are spelling it today) to fight against Russia in Afghanistan in the 70’s. Osama bin Laden was part of that and he was a CIA asset till the day he died (in 2001 according to the Middle Eastern media which covered his funeral). The CIA funded, trained and armed them, just as they still do with all the ‘rebel’ groups in the Middle East. Obama has admitted to as much as well. So, these bleating calls for bombing Syria so we can ‘defeat ISIS’ – a group they formed, funded, trained and armed – is beyond the pale for anyone paying attention. The whole situation is so hideous that I find it almost impossible to watch the news. The media is complicit in all this as they back the government in calls for more death and destruction.

They are also greedy for our energy. Our ruling class are energy leeches, whether it be in the form of money or in actual energy. A close watch on the elite for over a year, watching where they went, when and with whom, convinced me that the researchers I’ve heard interviewed over the years were not kidding or lying when they say that Satanism is rife amongst the elite. Children, and adults, thousands around the world every month, go missing at particular times of the year that coincide with the Satanic calendar. Paedophilia is also rife among the elite.

What does this have to do with anything, I am asked. It has everything to do with it, it’s why they want children, it’s why they want a populace kept in fear, anger, worry, frustration, jealousy and all the other low vibrational emotions. The energy is what sustains them, it feeds them. They are literally feeding off of us.

I do realise this sounds bizarre to most people, but I can’t help that. Before puberty, a child’s energy is strongest and according to Satanists, purest. This is why they crave it above all others. This is the meaning of ‘virgin sacrifice’ – it means children. It’s been going on forever and is still rife today.

They also crave the blood of children as it is the most powerful for using in magic. As a witch and a Pagan, I understand what they are doing though I do not for one moment agree with what they are doing. Indeed, I endeavour to undo the damage they do to our planet and its energy field, which is tremendous. They work to gain power for themselves, to enhance their greed and expand their control, among other things.

There are currently two lawsuits underway against the Queen of England, looking into the disappearance of children when she visited Canada and Australia. The Canadian trial found her guilty, and is now investigating further incidents. She has, naturally, ignored it all, but they cannot silence all of the children, now adults, who question where their friends went all those years ago, when they disappeared in the night and never came back. Remember that Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris were close friends to the Royals and many dots begin to connect. I do remember someone saying all this, with names, 25 years ago and everyone called him crazy……

These cravings are why our elite run the society in the way that they do. Simple as that.

There is one other aspect, one I’ve mentioned before – low vibrational emotions keep us firmly in the Reptilian Brain, the innermost core of our brain. The Reptilian Brain is where we find the fight-or-flight mechanism. It’s concerned with survival, competition and territoriality. When we allow this part of the brain to be dominant we are acting purely on instinct, with emotion. We do not think clearly, rationally or logically, we simply react emotionally. Observe any crisis on the news and you will see this in action. In this state we are a doddle to manipulate and control. The last thing our elite want is a population of critical thinkers understanding what they are up to.

So, we are in perpetual war. A war where the enemy changes from time to time but the rhetoric stays the same. The results are the same too – displacement of whole populations, poverty, need, antagonism as both sides of victims are played off against each other, and basically a world where need and low vibrations dominate. Love is hardly anywhere to be found. All begun with a few planes supposedly flying into buildings and killing 3000 people. Now they are killing millions, all justified with a lie.

We can stop this agenda in its tracks if we would simply stop playing their game and remove ourselves from the low vibrations. It really is as simple as that. We only need to choose to do this.

Continuing to ignore the truth and playing the game of war will only accelerate the agenda and accelerate the decline of humanity.

It is a choice. Choose wisely.

Posted by: Pagan Muse | 07/09/2015

Ghost Photos

Whilst pondering what to muse about this week, I look at the news headlines and my facebook feed to see what my Pagan friends are up to and find it all quite negative – it’s all dying immigrant babies, bombs and yelling at politicians. Normally I would not look away, I’d share it to inform others. But, this is all so predictable to those who see the wider agenda, the solution so clear, but the majority of the populace doesn’t see it, and don’t want to see it, so for this week, I give up. I’m musing instead on something very exciting that happened to me, my hubby and my small group of ghostbothering friends this past week. In doing this, I am rebelling against the system that wants me to be depressed and angry and in fear of strangers heading my way. Ppppffffttt to the system, say I, I can’t be bothered with your agenda this week – We got a picture of a spirit, or ghost if you prefer, this week!

Actually, we got two. We were using a full spectrum camera which takes photos in the Infrared and Ultraviolet frequencies which are outside of the range of human sight. It seems to us that we got one photo in each of these ranges.

First, the background. We were investigating the 9 Ladies stone circle just outside Darley Dale in Derbyshire, England. When we first arrived we were greeted by several police vans. There was an operation to clear an illegal rave going on – the whole area was under a dispersal notice. When I explained that we are Pagans and wanted to access the circle on the full moon, all the police and the landowner were perfectly friendly. They didn’t have a problem with us but would we please give them an hour to finish clearing out all the paraphernalia that they had found.

We went off to sit in a pub and when we went back an hour later, all was quiet so we gathered our equipment and began to make our way to the circle. We did notice a police car follow us in and have a look, but they clearly recognised us and soon went away again without speaking to us.

There is a short hike to get to the circle. We used the EMF, K2, ghost radar and digital recorder the whole time. Very little registered on any of the equipment, which we found strange as strong presences were felt by some of us almost from the start. We also felt pockets of icy cold areas.

My husband began to take photos on this hike. He is used to snapping away wherever he feels drawn to. The first photo is almost to the circle, but not yet within sight of it. We seem to have captured a spirit which many have said is a woman floating in the upper left corner, with two balls of misty appearance next to her. It was a mild, dry night with almost no wind. There was definitely no fog or mist at all. We suggest that these balls are spirit who have not manifested. The strong white shape above the lady in the yellow coat is the full moon. There is also a tree just ahead of us that looks misty and red. It has been suggested that we have captured the spirit of the tree. When I enlarged the white misty area at the top you can see two faces, so I am happy to accept this explanation. I will be paying more attention to trees in future investigations!

There is a tower, or rather a Victorian folly which looks like a tower, which is imaginatively known as ‘the tower’. The path to the tower leads directly away from the circle and goes through a heavily wooded area, one side of which is heavy bracken at this time of year. The path has a slight descent and then a slight ascent as you get to the tower itself. In the dip at the bottom before it begins to ascend, all 6 of our group felt a section of icy cold. We stopped and investigated it but found nothing so moved on. I will point out that when we were there a few days before, there were no icy cold patches.

On our way back, at this exact spot, we had the name Bob on the radar and then we encountered the same icy cold, but much more this time. We could actually see our breath even though it was a mild, dry night. The temperature gauge registered 8-10C, but we could all see our breath. We spent a good 10-15 minutes standing in this spot trying to communicate with the spirit we could all sense but could not see. My attention was drawn to one particular area of bracken only inches from the path but I saw nothing (I am looking at him in the photo). This is the exact spot and time that our second photo was taken.

We spent several days pouring over the photos when we found this one, proving to ourselves that the man (some think woman, but I think man as I see a beard) is not one of us. There were only 6 of us, 2 men neither of which have a beard, so it is easy for us to say that this figure is definitely not one of us. I can also say with absolute certainty that there was no one else standing there in the bracken. It is inches from us and in the exact spot that I was drawn to and looked at closely.

So, here are our two photos with the figure enlarged in one. What do you think of them?

9 ladies. ladies. ladies.

I’ve shown them on social media and had the usual responses – my friends who believe in ghosts love it, the ones who don’t ridiculed. I’m not bothered, I know they are real, and that is enough for me. They are all the proof, that I don’t need but it’s nice to see anyhow, that there is much more to our reality than our eyes can see. This validates and confirms all the feelings and sensations – the ‘knowing’ that spirit was close but not speaking.

I think it’s incredibly cool and we will now hope for more photos like this on future investigations. This stuff really is quite addictive…….

Posted by: Pagan Muse | 12/08/2015

Consciousness is the Answer

Up to now, I’ve kept out of the kerfuffle surrounding the sex change of Bruce Jenner in the US. It’s caused a huge outpouring of moral indignation from the religious right, and all the hatred that this spouts. I think the whole situation is ridiculous. Not that Ms Jenner had a sex change, I am happy she is finally comfortable with herself. No, the ridiculousness comes from those so vehemently objecting to her.

Now this week, we learn that one of the actresses who will be appearing in Doctor Who is transgender. Oh my goodness, the sky began falling in! I saw at least six discussions about this among my Facebook friends. Those who commented went from disgust to pure gushing hatred! They won’t even watch Doctor Who anymore, how dare the producers allow this person to be on the show…….sigh.

The ridiculous has just become silly now. Our world is filled with problems from war to genocide to famine and beyond, but so many are focussed on this triviality.

It’s just another case of the human sheepdogs trying to keep the herd homogenous and together. How dare someone want to express their own uniqueness? Why can they not conform?

For some reason, the sheepdogs always seem to take someone being different as a personal slight. I think it’s safe to say it is never anything to do with the sheepdog, but the sheepdog always takes it personally. I have had experience with this myself, with my own sheepdogs (we all have sheepdogs in our lives). In reality, it is the sheepdogs that have the problem, their complaints, condemnations and hatred are reflections of themselves, not the one they are complaining about. When I realised this I was finally able to get away from the sheepdogs and begin to live my own life. I hope Ms Jenner and the actress (whose name I cannot remember, I could look it up but it is not important to this musing) come to this point soon.

This is, of course, the System, the Program, call it what you will. We are conditioned to conform to particular beliefs. We are all conditioned, from birth. Realising it and breaking out of the Program is called Awakening.

The main thing they want us to believe is that we are our body, name, nationality, race, sex, social status, etc. They want us to identify with these things, these physical things. I even know several people who identify with their illness. They want us to believe in the physical only. When we begin to expand our Consciousness and see that our true reality includes the non-physical, the attack dogs (the Agent Smiths from the Matrix movies) home in on us and try to bring us back down.

We are now dangerous to the Program. We can see it for what it is, we can no longer be controlled by it. We may even start telling others. The Program desperately wants to stop this from happening. They do not want people even knowing there is a Program.

This is why there is such a huge campaign to stop people from anything that will expand their Consciousness, their Awareness. Plants and herbs that do this are called drugs and anyone using them are called druggies who deserve to be in prison. Both the plants and the people are criminalised.

People who write about expanding your Consciousness, or even just talk about it, are called crazy and freak. Their character is assassinated in the newspapers and on TV. They are called Conspiracy Theorists, a term invented to shut people up about the JFK assassination, but is still used to shut down any talk they don’t like. This is the Program, or the System, trying to minimise the damage to its control.

People who have rigid beliefs, or any belief systems, are part of the Program. They are not open to any ideas other than what the Program gives them. A belief system closes the mind to anything outside the Program. An open mind does not have a belief system, it has perceptions that change in light of new information received.

It’s common in Pagan circles to be asked immediately upon meeting someone, ‘what is your path’? I don’t have a path, so I awkwardly try to explain. I will call myself a solitary, eclectic witch and a pagan, as they are the closest descriptions to me. However, I do not follow any traditions or deities. I do not ritualistically do anything. I do what feels right at the time. I am open to anything that makes sense to me. Many find this hard to fathom, but I can’t help that. People always want to put us in a box and tick it before moving on to new conversations. This is the Program.

The Pagan community is a very diverse place, and that’s exactly what I like about it. I recently went to Pagan Pride, a gathering of Pagans in Nottingham. There were thousands there. Some dressed as Vikings, fairies, Goths, medieval, hippies, and some I am not sure what they are called. Lots were, like me, dressed in t-shirt and jeans and summer dresses. The crowd was quite varied, but a happy family atmosphere prevailed. There was no strife, no fights, no drunks, I didn’t even see any arguments. It was great, I loved it. The music was wonderful. You can have 1000 Pagans together, who are on 1000 different paths, but no one cares, all is harmonious.

I thought back on the Baptist gatherings I was made to attend as a child. Everyone looked the same. In my case, all were white and middle class. Everyone had the same hairdo and wore the same clothes. They reacted to the sermons and activities in exactly the same way. It was all soooo Stepford. There were constant arguments and a few fist fights, always over something stupid. I was berated at one time, because I did not break into tears when the others did (the spirit of Jesus moved them so). I did not cry with the others therefore I must be publically shamed. I did not fit in.

Contrast that to the gathering I was sitting in, amongst people my parents would have fainted upon seeing. Everyone I spoke to was very friendly, no one berated or yelled at anyone else. I noticed that even the police and ambulance men that were on hand were dancing and waving along to the music with everyone else. In a nation that has real problems with football hooligans and troublemakers infiltrating every peaceful protest, this harmony stands out.

Of course, it is not always complete harmony in the Pagan community. Wherever people go, disagreements go. But the debates over theology are not in the same league as the arguments I watched my father get into, even with other family members, over trifling bits of gospel. There were times I was sure my dad was about to throw a punch. I do know of a few Pagans with such rigid beliefs and they are usually the ones doing the arguing.

This is the Program, the rigid beliefs close our minds. They stop us from growing, from expanding our Consciousness. They isolate us from the totality of our existence to focus us onto the Program. This is also how they divide and conquer us. A humanity with open minds, with critical thinking intact, is a humanity that cannot be controlled.

We are encouraged to be enraged by a man changing into a woman, by a beautiful lion being killed, by a lot of refugees trying to force their way into our country, and by a flag being demonised and banned. We are tricked into focussing our attention, hence our energy, onto these things. These things may have some importance, but they are only distractions. I was saddened by the death of the lion, but am more angered by the genocide happening in Palestine. The same day the lion died, a baby was burned to death in Gaza, but no one talked about that. While the Confederate flag was being taken down, it we revealed that Planned Parenthood have been selling off parts of the babies they abort. Little was said about that until much later. Distraction! This is the Program.

While Britain was arguing over refugee numbers, it was revealed by alternative media sources that we and the US had just sold a record number of Patriot missiles to Saudi Arabia, who could now continue bombing Yemen and create lots more refugees. The mainstream media said nothing about this. There is no talk about why so many refugees exist, no condemnation of our bombing their countries out of existence hence making them refugees. This is the Program.

Consciousness is the only way to escape from the Program. It’s the only way to see that the Program is a construct, it’s not real. We are manipulated into living in lower vibrations, to exist in the Reptilian brain where survival is key. By expanding our Consciousness, and raising our vibrations, we escape both the reptilian brain and the Program of false reality.

Posted by: Pagan Muse | 28/07/2015

It’s the Clingons, Captain!

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence – Nikola Tesla

Synchronicity never ceases to amaze me. Once a subject comes to my attention, it begins to appear everywhere.

For the past few weeks it has been spirit attachments. Some call them Possessions. I call them Clingons. Yes, I’m a trekkie.

It’s a much more common phenomenon than most people seem to know, and Pagans are perhaps more vulnerable to it than the mainstream population.

The common perception of Possession is a demonic entity taking control of a human – Hollywood loves this one, it makes for entertaining cinema. I, however, do not believe demons exist, so these scenes are ridiculous in my eyes. I’m not saying that some people are not possessed by malignant entities, some definitely are, but I do not see them as originating in a religious Hell and they are certainly not the norm.

There is a group of malignant entities that possess a certain part of humanity, they are the archons and I’ve talked of them before. They are a category unto themselves. Today, I’m not thinking of them, but normal, everyday spirits.

Spirits are energy, just like us, but without bodies to tune them into the frequency of this reality. They have the same personality as they did when in carnation though. If they still want to experience physical sensations, they have to attach themselves, cling on, to the energetic bodies (aura) of a living human. They can enter the body and control the actions, but they don’t have to go that far. They can simply attach themselves onto the aura of the person to experience the same emotions and feelings.

Why they want to do this is anyone’s guess. Perhaps they are bored, perhaps they have unfinished business, perhaps they are just nasty. I don’t know. I do know, however, that for whatever reason, it happens a lot.

They are only able, however, to attach firmly to those who are in lower vibrations, the frequencies of the lower three chakras. Therefore, they see people who live in fear, anger, anxiety, depression, etc as a quick and easy feast, a smorgasbord of emotional energy to feed on. As I’ve said countless times, our society is designed specifically to keep us in low vibrational energies, so it’s no surprise to see so many clingons having joy rides.

I’ve no doubt said this before, but I am amazed at how many Pagans do not understand energy. They don’t seem to realise that when they call in a circle – call for spirits of the north, south, east and west to join their ritual, they are beckoning in any spirit in the vicinity who wishes to come. If those around the circle have not put protection around themselves then they are allowing any old spirit into their auras to do what they wish.

When your hobby is ghostbothering (commonly called ghosthunting), you get accustomed to putting protection around yourself whenever you feel a presence no matter where you are. Spirits are everywhere after all. You also get accustomed to wearing protective symbols (a pentagram in my case) as well as using protective crystals. These alone though are not enough to keep a spirit from entering your etheric bodies, you must put a layer or two of protection around you. It’s also a very good idea to visit an energy healer once a month or so to have your energetic system cleared of blockages, at which time any clingon will be found and removed.

Saying all who bother ghosts put protection around themselves is not actually true, a lot don’t. Some want to leave themselves open for spirit to use for communication. If this is their choice, it’s all well and good. I know several people who are happy to take the risks, knowing that they have guides working with them and a human they trust nearby to help should they need it. But, not all do this. When we go bothering we always take a few moments to make sure everyone in the group has protected themselves as we don’t want dramatic events, we just want communication.

You don’t have to actively seek out spirit though to be possessed, or take on a clingon, spirit are everywhere. Those who ‘play’ Ouija are perfect examples. I know of a couple of women who have Ouija parties, with copious amounts of alcohol, who complain of spirits ‘bothering’ them for months afterwards. They still have their parties, though. Some people never learn.

The knowledge of possession is an ancient one, all cultures have tales of spirits taking control over humans. Some religions recognise the phenomenon, while others do not. I was raised in the Baptist church which does not recognise spirits at all – spirits are lumped into the Satanic category, along with just about everything else.

Catholics, however, not only recognise it, they train particular priests to go out and exorcise the spirits – make them leave the host. From what I’ve seen, which is admittedly not a lot, it is a dramatic process with liberal sprinking of holy water and much speaking of Latin. I have removed quite a few clingons and one spirit who put up quite a fight, but my extractions have not been all that dramatic, with no Latin involved. I’ve honestly not come into any contact with really nasty entities, and I hope I never do. I am quite content to share my space with spirit as long as they behave nicely.

As I said though, spirit are everywhere and if they are looking for a ride, they will pick on the easiest target, so it’s up to us to not be that one. The easy targets are those in low vibrations, whether a permanent thing (those of us who are always afraid, angry, worried, or just very emotional) or a temporary thing, ie: drunk or on drugs, or having an emotional time after some big event.

Most people seem to think spirits are only in particular spots. Sometimes those spots are very particular – I remember telling a guide at a haunted cave system that I saw a man in the corner. No, she said, he’s only ever in that corner over there. The second corner was all of 2 feet away! They are not chained to a spot for eternity, they are energy and can go where they like. The only one keeping them stuck in a room or house is themselves.

This is one thing I’ve learned, our beliefs (thoughs) create our reality. What happens to us after we leave this body is what we believe will happen to us. So, if you have rigid religious beliefs and you think you deserve to be in purgatory, then you will create a purgatory for yourself. If a spirit believed he would be trapped in this room, then trapped he will be. My guide has talked with one such spirit and told him he could leave whenever he wanted – he showed him ‘the light’ and off the man went. Easy peasy as my guide amusingly said.

But I digress, I can’t help it, I find the whole subject fascinating.

So, how do you ensure you will not be possessed by a joyriding spirit? The best way is to live in heart energy – a higher vibration that I have talked off several times before. You can also put protection over yourself: imagine a white light cascading down onto your head and completely surrounding you like an eggshell that seals under your feet. Do as many layers as you feel you need. State that none may enter your protection but your spirit guide.

You can wear protective crystals. Labradorite, Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst, any Obsidian, Jet, Smoky Quartz and Lapis Lazuli are some that repel negativity and in the case of Lapis helps you to maintain higher vibrations. Keeping any of these stones in your aura will keep a spirit from harming you but you will still be able to interact with it should you wish to.

Most of all, when doing a Pagan ritual, always protect yourself before calling in spirit to join you, and ask them to leave the space when you are finished.

It’s really not that hard, we just need to be aware and try not to be vulnerable. I know it’s impossible to always be in control, that things happen in life that are out of our control that we will react to. Then it is important to get to an energy healer to sort ourselves out.

If someone around you begins behaving in a matter that is not his/her norm, especially if they are suddenly uncharacteristically very rude and vulgar, begin to have disturbing nightmares, develop a sudden deep depression or start to do destructive things, to themselves or anyone else, they might just have a clingon. Don’t call Capt Kirk, call an energy healer.

Live Long and Prosper.

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