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The Continuing Adventures of a Ghostbotherer

Our small band of intrepid souls have continued bothering ghosts this past winter, though not as often as during summer. Standing outside in the cold is not much fun so we tend to only go to indoor venues and these are not as plentiful, mainly as the majority of them want us to pay them money and we don’t do that. Money is not our incentive, we’ll neither pay nor charge. We do this as an ongoing research project of sorts. We are interested in the nature of reality far more than money.

We have recently been invited into a couple of private homes. These are always a pleasure to do as we have in the past been able to bring solutions to problems and that is incredibly satisfying. One of the recent ones in a private home did not yield any results but was enjoyable nonetheless. It was a challenge for me personally as I was forced to face a long-standing fear – reptiles. Growing up in Florida, I was surrounded by alligators, snakes, snapping turtles and lizards, many of whom could have killed me so I think the fear had a purpose. This home had a lizard pet sitting in front of a heatlamp, not in an aquarium. It sat there looking at me the whole time we were in the same room, which totally creeped me out. Then I heard that there was also a snake somewhere in the house, ‘probably hibernating in the floor boards’. That was it, all thoughts of ghosts gone from my head as I walked around the house in stocking feet (we were asked to remove our shoes) thinking only about this snake. I made it through the night but will not be visiting this house again no matter how lovely the homeowner is.

The next private home visit was far more fruitful though also a bit unnerving. It produced two very  good photos, which I’ll share:

reptile dude   Original of being outside window

Romer, 11.3.17.reptilian dude closeup  Close up of being

These show a being captured with the full spectrum camera – IR and UV – and not seen in the visible light range. It looks to me much like what abductees and witnesses say are reptilian aliens. it appears to be doing something with energy at this ladies solar plexus – the white mist. I’m quite intrigued by this photo and this being. I’ve sent it to a couple of people who make a study of UFOs and aliens to ask their opinion, but have not heard anything back. I don’t really expect to hear from them but it would be nice to as I value their opinions. Never mind. The lady, by the way, is about 5’6″ to get an idea of the size of the thing. Soon after this photo was taken, I went out in the same place to get some fresh air. I actually stood right where this thing is, shivered involuntarily and said ‘ooo, don’t like it here’ and went back inside. Now I know why I reacted like that.

Romer.11.3.17.white lady 1  Here you see an apparition, also in the IR range forming next to one of our group. This lady did say repeatedly that she felt a hand on her head and her shoulder throughout the evening. There was no maliciousness felt however. The figure is standing in front of a fireplace and yes you can see some of the things through it, but the figure seems to be between the fire and our table. There was no living person in the space and we did not see anything with our eyes. We were getting responses from a Monica on the Ouija board at this same time.

One other place we’ve gone recently was a local bingo hall (with a reputation for being haunted) who invited us in for one free investigation. Unfortunately, they also invited 20 other people, including another group. There were far too many people, most of whom did not seem to be capable of sitting still or being quiet, for any real investigating to happen. We had a couple conversations with spirit, but nothing of any great import and got nothing on the camera. All in all we were rather disappointed with that one but never mind, we’ll notch it up to experience.

Now the weather is improving we will be out and about more, haunting graveyards and secluded spaces talking to whoever will talk to us, preferably not the living asking us why we are in a graveyard at midnight.

The reaction I seem to get most is ‘if that thing was there you would have seen it’, followed by ridicule and accusations of photoshopping. I don’t know how to photoshop and wouldn’t bother if I did, what would the point of that be? I’m not out to prove anything to anyone. I don’t care if anyone else believes in spirit or aliens or not.

I am amazed at how few people understand me when I say it was taken in the Infrared range. People truly believe that they are able to see all that exists when in reality we perceive only a tiny fraction of all that exists and our camera proves it. Yes, indeed, we would have noticed a giant reptile thingy standing there if it was in our range of perception, but it wasn’t. The being does have the classic ‘busted’ look on its face – it clearly wasn’t expecting us to be able to detect it.

That is what is so fascinating about all this. Photographing and having intelligent conversations with beings that we can’t see is exciting to us and very informative as well. We learn something at nearly every location. This is us doing our own research, it’s a shame more people don’t.

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I was asked recently why I haven’t written for a while. For quite a few reasons was my answer. I write when inspired so I suppose I haven’t been sufficiently inspired for a while. So, what’s been going on in my little world? Quite a lot, both good and bad. The bad has come, as usual, mostly from the activities of the Archons.

I’ve talked about the archons enough to not want to go into any explanations – if any reader doesn’t know who or what they are, I refer them to past blogs.

These negative beings, minions of the negative force that seeks to control this Matrix, do love to kick us when we’re down, don’t they. They do not create the situations, they do not have creative abilities, but they certainly do exploit them when they occur.

Recently, one of my oldest and best friends died. It was unexpected to me as she never told me she was ill. We do not live in the same country anymore so we did not see each other face to face for many years. We did keep in close touch on the internet, however, and the loss is felt very strongly. We had a very comfortable friendship – one that picks up where it left off no matter how much time has passed between conversations. We cared for and respected each other totally. I miss her, I miss seeing her posts on facebook, I miss chatting with her on messenger, I miss seeing her photos. She was one of the very few people who understood me and accepted me, liked me even, for who I am. These people are rare in our lives, we should cherish them. I know she knew that I reciprocated that acceptance.

While I am indeed sad of her passing and miss her, I know there is no death, only a change in frequency. She lives on in the frequency of spirit. She has come to me a few times now in spirit and it was wonderful to speak to her. I know she is happy and is now travelling to all the places she could not go to in life. I am happy for her and a little envious too perhaps. I now see physical death as a positive thing – a step forward in our growth process. I know that sounds very strange to others, but that is how I see it. We are not our bodies, after all, we are the energy that animates them.  Physical death is like getting out of our car (the body, the vessel) and carrying on with our day.

You will not be surprised to hear that when it happened and I was still reeling from the shock, the archons struck. I’ve come to understand a bit better how they inhabit a living person – rather like a ghost possession to my mind – and use them to ‘get at’ us to bring us down in frequency, bring us back into the human flock. They do choose their living person wisely, I’ll give them that. They chose a friend who was already beginning to let her competitiveness and jealousy get the better of her.

I am always amazed at anyone who is jealous of me. I live a relatively simple life and (after many years of searching) have found my happiness and contentment with what I have so do not look for much else. Those who are always seeking and never happy with what they have do often have this jealousy, but I see it as their challenge, their problem, not mine. I have my own challenges and leave them to theirs. Our happiness and contentment is within us, of course, so we don’t have to look far. But many of us still manage to miss it for so much of our lives, don’t we.

So, this friend began in earnest to ‘go psycho’ as we say. She began a complete and very public meltdown that has split our local Pagan community in half. Synchronicity brought an article to my attention just as this manifested in full. It listed the 20 tactics a malignant narcissist will use to silence us. Boy, was it on target. My friend used all 20. I thank the article for reminding me what all this was and how to deal with it. I had learned these things in a basic Psychology course I took at Uni, but had forgotten most of it in the intervening 30 odd years. I won’t go into it in detail here so if you want to read this wonderfully useful article, you’ll find it here:

The ‘fight’ then went on in high gear. I put the word fight in quotes because it was completely one sided. She fought me, in increasingly personal terms, but I was not fighting her. For my part, I saw it as a debate. The subject matter makes me laugh now, it’s so ridiculous, but aren’t most arguments ridiculous when we look back on them.

The issue was that she hates Trump, hates him with a passion and I don’t. I don’t Hate at all. I wish no one dead. She found this impossible to accept. The funny thing is that last summer we had a discussion where she was telling me that Trump couldn’t possibly be part of the Establishment as he had gone bankrupt 4 times. I still don’t really follow that position but it doesn’t matter. My point was that if he wasn’t acceptable to the Establishment he would not have been allowed to be a candidate for the Presidency. Anyhow, soon afterward she changed her position completely and in the course of that decided that I had too. I hadn’t, by the way, but facts don’t fit into a narcissists reality. Nor does logic.

I do post political things on my facebook page, and do not apologise for it. I am, however, perfectly happy for anyone to disagree as long as it doesn’t degrade into personal insults. I do know that it doesn’t matter who lives in the White House as they are not the ones in charge. The Agenda will go ahead regardless. I did hope that it may go ahead much slower with Trump there and knew darn well that it would be full speed ahead if Hitlery got there. So, when Trump was elected, I was happy. In fact, my post was Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, give or take a few Ha’s. I find it hilarious to watch the Elite lose. His inauguration speech was a joy to watch. The faces of the Elite such as Obama and the Clintons were priceless.  I know in the end it won’t matter much, but we take what joy life gives us.

So, this ‘fight’ that has the local community gossiping was a case of she disagreed with me. That is all – she disagreed with me. Hardly a matter for calling in the troops, but that is exactly what happened. Now, friends are no longer friends and I am suddenly free on the third Thursday of each month as she’s removed me from her Moot. Today is the third Thursday and I’m sure my ears will be buzzing very soon. Meh, never mind. I can meet up with my friends – many of whom have also been removed for daring to stand up to her – any time we like. A couple of us had thought of going for lunch at the Moot pub but sitting in the other room, but in the end thought it not such a good idea.

A storm over nothing. This has happened to me at least twice in the past that I can think of.  I now muse upon why I keep attracting people like this to me. My ex-friend had the potential to do this from the moment we met, the Archons simply used her innate characteristics against me. She has done it before to others and bragged about it. What is it about me that attracts them? Is it my lesson to learn? I have learned a lot from this experience, that is certainly true and I am thankful for it. Do they have a lesson to learn from not beating me? Perhaps. Whichever, I hope it’s the end of it as it’s not a pleasant experience, not at all.

I wonder if she’s learned anything from this experience? I wonder if she’s thought about it in those terms at all? I’m constantly mystified by people who do not think beyond the physical. Who never think outside the 5 sense world – never contemplate the bigger picture. I know this will sound arrogant, but what a shallow existence that is, to only be concerned with physical things and never even wonder about anything deeper. To go to the grave thinking ‘if only my body was skinnier and prettier, if only I’d had more money’ is a very sad prospect indeed to me. They will be trapped in this Matrix forever if they stick to this thinking life after life, trapped in an endless cycle of reincarnation. That would be a tragedy to my mind, never learning. never growing, never escaping the Matrix. I sincerely hope my ex-friend does not fall into this trap. Even after all that has passed, I feel no animosity towards her and wish her the best. For the record, I never did feel any animosity towards her.

So, these past few months have been very active for me, on a spiritual level. I grieve, and celebrate, the life of one true friend and grieve for the loss of one that is still living that was not so true.

Funny old thing – life – isn’t it.


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Talking Politics

I’ve been musing for some time now about this particular subject. No one thing has sparked this blog, but a culmination of the same issue coming up again and again. When this happens there is a lesson in there somewhere so I watch. I’m still not quite sure what the lesson is but my musing will now be written down.

I’m constantly told that I ‘talk politics’ too much. I’m also constantly told by others that they ‘don’t talk politics’. This confuses me as I don’t see how you can separate politics from life.

When we complain that we can’t get an appointment to see a doctor, complain that the school is (or is not) teaching a particular subject, complain about the price of food and clothing, complain about the state of the roads, complain about the cutting down of trees or how crowded and expensive it is to ride a train or an airplane we are ‘talking politics’.

When we speak of how great it is that we are allowed to worship in whatever way we choose, that it’s good that we take in refugees, how great it is that Pagans can now be legally married at the Goddess Temple or how it’s good that that baker was told they were not allowed to discriminate against gay customers we are ‘talking politics’.

Whether we like it or not, policies made by our political class have a direct effect on every part of our lives. These effects are both positive and negative, but they are effects nonetheless. When we discuss  them we are indeed ‘talking politics’.

So, I have been thinking why so many people have this perception that ‘talking politics’ is an undesirable, and downright detestable, thing to do. The only answer I can come up with that makes sense to me is that they have been conditioned to think that. I realise that sounds arrogant to most people, and that is not my intention, but it is the only reason that makes sense to me. We cannot avoid the fact that our perceptions are constantly manipulated, that we are conditioned from cradle to grave to think the way the system wants us to. Clearly they don’t want us to ‘talk politics’ as when we do we begin to think deeply about things and that may cause us to break out of the conditioning, even for a moment, and then we see the system for what it truly is.

I’ll give a clear example of what happens to me. I was born and raised in the southern US but have lived, for the most part, in the UK since 1985. I am now a British citizen and consider myself British. I love living in England and would not live anywhere else. My accent, however, betrays my US roots so I am always asked where I am from. The next question, inevitably, is do I go back often. My answer is No, I don’t. Why? Here comes the bit where I ‘talk politics’. The answer is always twofold: 1. I can’t afford to, and  2. Obama has made it impossible for me to.

Oh dear, I said the word Obama. I am ‘talking politics’. The truth, however,  is that he is indeed the reason I won’t go back. He has brought in policies that say that ex-pats must enter the US on an American passport, and they must use it to leave as well. I refuse to have a US passport, preferring to travel on my British passport. The reasons are both economic and ideological. To obtain this passport I must go to London (250 miles from my home), use the photographer they tell me and pay a ridiculous amount of money to have all my biometric data imprinted into a document. That is the economic issue. There is an overriding problem for me though in that I refuse to support the Endless War that the US has been waging for the last few decades. I simply refuse to endorse it in any way and giving them money to carry their passport is indeed endorsing their policies.

I personally know of a man in the same circumstances that I am regarding citizenship. He recently went to the US for a family occasion which he did not make as they put him in jail for not using a US passport. He now has a criminal record and is a few thousand dollars poorer. I did a bit of research and found that Obama has indeed been busy these last couple of years changing everything regarding ex-pats. We are not allowed to own shares and recently we had to close our bank account when they threatened to take the money as we ‘did not use the account regularly enough’. All my ties to the country of my birth, except my family of course, are now severed.

I looked into renouncing my citizenship, but found that if I took that path they would send me a bill for 2,500 dollars, which I don’t happen to have. So, I will simply continue to ignore them. Unfortunately this means I cannot go back for a visit even if I wanted to. I have a niece getting married soon and I would like to attend, but will not be. She understands but it is unfortunate. So you see how I cannot explain this without ‘talking politics’.

I’m sure there are some saying ‘swallow your principles and get the passport’. No, I won’t. Not supporting a corrupt system is something I am dedicated to and will not cease. That is what they want me to do therefore that is what I will not do. I am totally unimpressed with Obama for putting me in this situation in the first place. Why does he have to be such a dick as to dictate how ex-pats live anyway. Because he is part of the system, that’s why. They want us to do as they bid so will punish anyone who strays. Americans do seem to have difficulty in understanding anyone who wishes to live in another country. That is a shame, but it is their problem, not mine. I’ve also learned, by the way, that if you  renounce your US citizenship, you are only allowed to be in the country for 30 days a year from then on. How spiteful can they get?

So, it seems to me that stopping someone from ‘talking politics’ is the same as calling them racist every time they mention immigrants or calling them a conspiracy theorist if they talk about anything other than an official story. It’s simply a way of cutting off discussion. It’s the sheepdog herding a stray sheep back into the fold, or at least attempting to do so. I’m sure that most of these folks don’t even realise what they are doing, the conditioning runs that deep. I’m also sure that too many people just don’t want to engage the brain at all so they act almost robotically in obeying the programming. Yes, I know that sounds arrogant too, but tough.

Perhaps there isn’t a lesson here for me after all, perhaps I’m just the stray sheep that the sheepdogs can’t help but try to recover. Hmm, will have to muse further……


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Reality Deniers

Well, I’m sure I’m not alone is being overjoyed that the US election is over! What a painful process that was. I didn’t even vote in the damn thing but it has impacted my life for over a year. The fact is that the US President is a matter for all of us to care about regardless of what country we live in simply because what this person does affects the entire world. I live in the UK, a country that has acted as a lapdog to the US for generations, so the choice of who lives in the White House does indeed draw our interest.

I do, as my readers surely do, also realise that it doesn’t really matter who wins as they are both puppets of the same people, the same hidden hand. Indeed, this hidden hand is the one who ultimately selected both of these candidates that the US public are now choosing between. Even if I lived in the US, I would not have voted. I see no reason to prop up a corrupt system by playing along with their game. They only have the energy we give them and by playing the game we give them our energy.

Unfortunately, most of humanity do play the game and think those of us who refuse to are the crazy ones. That is the way of things, irritating as it may be. It’s these people who I have mused about this past few months. I’m only now bothering to put it down onto paper, so to speak.

In the hundreds of discussions I’ve been involved in during the past year or so, I’ve marvelled at the lack of interest so many have of the evil deeds of Hillary. They just don’t care. They see a ‘strong woman’ and that’s enough for them. The fact that she is a warmongering, money laundering, insider trading, pay for playing, mind-controlled-slave-using psychopath who laughs at all the convenient deaths of anyone who opposes her just doesn’t seem to matter. Excuses are found for all of this. Well, alrighty then.

What I find most irritating though, is that when I say any of this they immediately say I love Trump. Nothing can be further from the truth, I do not like Trump. He is as much a part of the system as Hillary is. I would not have voted for Trump either, I would not have voted at all. This seems to be beyond the understanding of those I speak to. Their world is black/white – Hillary/Donald – there are no other choices. My world is a billion shades of grey (anyone making a joke about that hideous book will be sneered at!), with that many choices of action.

These same people are the ones who will bring up any of the discussions that bring about the accusation of us being ‘conspiracy theorists’. You know the ones: manmade climate change, chemtrails, vaccines, mind control, shadow governments, etc. The discussions seem to go hand in hand, don’t they? It’s almost as if it’s the plan to make us look completely crazy….

I’ve come to believe it is a plan in the minds of these people, they’ve been conditioned to connect the different subjects into one. We are all conditioned to think that anything against authority is a ‘conspiracy theory’, so all the subjects are lumped into one. Those who are still stuck in the matrix believe this and use it rather effectively. It’s up to us who see the game to not rise to it. This has been my most difficult thing to master, not rising to the bait. I have had success, however, in the last few weeks. I see it in some of my ‘friends’ and will now act accordingly. Once we see what we are up against, it is easier to deal with it.

I am called a ‘climate denier’ as I do not subscribe to the theory that climate change is manmade and thus must do all the things the system has decided we must do. The main thing is that we must reduce CO2 to nothing in order to save the planet.

They forget, or dismiss, the simple fact that CO2 is produced by humans and used as fuel by plants. So reducing CO2 to nothing means reducing humans and plants to nothing. It’s the end of life, period.

This is Agenda 21, as my readers know, it is the plan of the system to reduce the human herd to a very few who are easily controllable. Anyone who supports this plan, in my mind, is either one of the elite or a complete idiot. There are a lot of idiots in our human herd.

I have come to call these folks ‘reality deniers’ as they simply refuse to see reality. Reality on the physical level as well as the energetic. Of course, most of them don’t recognise that there is an energetic level, which is part of the problem.

They refuse to get information from any source that does not reinforce their world view – the system’s world view that is. They support politicians who wish to ban independent news sources from the internet, the only place these sources are allowed to thrive. They support corporations who are poisoning the world because the system tells them it’s ok. They support governments who are murdering whole countries of people because the system tells them they are doing it to protect us. They send their children off to foreign countries to participate in the murder because the system tells them they are heroes for doing so. When they see one of us say or post something to social media that disturbs their world view, they call us deniers.

I’ve been told that the facts I present for why I do not accept that climate change is manmade are simply my opinion. I’ve been told that for each scientist I quote, another will say the opposite. When I point out that there has been no real scientific debate on this issue, I’m told I’m wrong, the debate has been settled. In science there is no such thing as a settled debate, in real science anyhow. All I’ve ever asked for is an open scientific debate, I am perfectly happy to accept we are the cause if we in fact are, but I see overwhelming evidence that we are not. Much of the evidence is in the behaviour of those claiming we are – if there was truly a problem with too much carbon in the atmosphere, for instance, then why are diesel emissions exempt from regulation? Why do those who espouse this position constantly fly around the world creating a carbon footprint the size of Godzilla? Why do they focus on individual dots of the Earth instead of looking at the world as a whole? There is even a movement to jail all ‘climate deniers’. Yes, that’s the way to win a scientific debate, jail all opposition. That’s not science, it’s Fascism.

I said earlier that these people believe all the ‘conspiracy’ subjects are one. They are actually, they are the myriad of ways the Agenda is being carried out. To those who see the agenda, the game, it is glaringly obvious. This is Reality. The leaders we see are the puppets who do what is necessary to carry out the agenda on behalf of their hidden masters. Reality. The things they do affect animals including humans, plants and the Earth on the physical and energetic levels. Reality. All these things they do are also methods of divide and rule. Reality. To stop them we must stop giving them our energy, stop cooperating with our own destruction. Reality.

So, the next time anyone calls me a climate-denier I will call them a reality-denier. The next time someone calls me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ I will call them a reality-denier. The next time someone laughs and calls me crazy, I will call them a reality-denier. I can’t wait to see what responses I get……….


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Non-Violent Non-Cooperation

I often muse while in social settings. These,for me, are mostly Pagan moots. I find them very enjoyable, they being purely social gatherings without preaching or lecturing involved. I do enjoy watching people and these occasions are perfect. I have good friends here and know many of them quite well. Today I put my musing into words as I have a hard time saying them to someone’s face. I am thinking of no one in particular while I write, but of people in general. I don’t mean these words to be judgmental or critical, I’m just musing. I would not tell someone what to do or not do, we all have free will and can make our own choices. As always, I like to get people thinking…..

Many of my friends believe they understand what is going on in the world, that they are ‘awake’. I am not disputing this, not at all. But in light of this, I say the following. We know what the system is. We know what the system wants for us. We know what condition the system wants us to live in. We know that the system will push anything that keeps us in that condition and ban (or ridicule) anything that allows us to escape that condition.

We need to apply this knowledge to our everyday lives, think about the things we do and why we do them. Do these things serve us or do they serve the system? What are we doing that complies with what the system wants? The most obvious things in my life, or at least the lives of those I am around (not my family I will hasten to add, but our friends) is alcohol and cigarettes. While there are some system voices telling us of the dangers of these two things, the system itself wholeheartedly supports them, especially alcohol. The same examples that follow would be true of cigarettes, but more so to alcohol, the most acceptable drug in our society.

Consider how alcohol is portrayed in the movies and TV. Yes, those who overindulge are occasionally portrayed as sad and bad, but it’s mostly considered the ‘cool’ and ‘normal’ thing to do. If the characters are going out for a night of fun, they go drinking. If the characters are sad, angry or annoyed in any way, they reach for a drink. All characters are shown with drinks in their hands at some point of the show. Think of James Bond, for instance, the cool, suave and sophisticated spy, always with his signature drink in his hand. All the men watching want to be him, the women want to be with him, or so the critics say (I don’t). All hobbies are portrayed as nerdy, hence undesirable to the trendy folks.

Even those who get drunk, thinking of soap operas and comedies here, are considered funny. The only way to spend an evening is to go drinking, so we are told.  Those of us who do not are treated as strange freaks. I’m quite used to being considered strange so it doesn’t bother me, but it is enough for many to go order a beer. The social conditioning is that strong.

Look at how alcohol, especially beer and cider, is priced. It’s often cheaper to get a beer than a fruit drink or a cola. Supermarkets price beer and cider as loss leaders. I am always annoyed to be quizzed about why I want to buy two packets of aspirin, but no one blinks an eye if I buy eight bottles of cider. Which is more harmful to me?  This is inversion. It is the wrong way round.

Now consider what alcohol does to us. We all know the physical effects, but how many of us consider the energetic consequences. The Empaths out there should know what I am talking about, but I do know a few who do not think about this at all, to their detriment. Alcohol dulls our brains and senses (thus lowering our defences) and leaves us vulnerable to attack – physical and energetic, but especially energetic. Empaths are targets for the archons who wish to bring us back down, frequency wise, and return us to the lower frequency vibrations. When we are there we are back in the reptilian brain and back into their levels of control and manipulation.

Why anyone who is awake and aware of the system does this voluntarily to themselves is a complete mystery to me.

It is widely known as true that psychoactive drugs such as Ayahuasca, marijuana and other herbs connect us to the higher levels of existence. They do not harm us, they enhance us, showing us our true potential. The system does not want us to remember and realise our true selves, as I have talked about in previous blogs. Therefore, the system tries very hard to remove these substances from our reach and put things that keep us in their arena in our hands. This seems quite an obvious and simple concept to me, but I do get very odd looks when I say it aloud so it’s clearly not obvious to everyone.

The ‘War on Drugs’ that has been raging for decades now has conditioned most people into believing that herbs and natural substances are addictive and damaging to both the individual and society. This is not true. Alcohol is addictive and physically damaging. The number of people under 30 who need liver replacements is shocking indeed. ­Alcohol does far more damage to society as well, ­­and if you don’t believe that visit Nottingham city centre – or Ilkeston town centre for that matter – on any Friday or Saturday night. It is even evident in any city centre on the day of a football derby (local rivalry)- see how many police are needed to keep the rival fans from destroying everything after they’ve had several pints before the match. It is ridiculous to anyone outside watching in. I would almost describe it as animalistic.

That is only the physical aspect – to anyone aware of energy, it is a hundred times more important.

People who read my blog know that we live in a Matrix. The only way to escape it is to raise our frequency until we are higher than that of the Matrix. It is not easy, but it is absolutely achievable. Part of this is simply recognising it and not cooperating with the system (those who control the Matrix). Violence only serves what the system is doing, it strengthens it, which is why they are not bothered by anarchic protests. Only non-violent means will work. Non-violent non-cooperation is the only way to escape, the only protest that really gets to them. Why? Because we are taking ourselves out of their range. They cannot control or manipulate us anymore. This is the only way we can be truly free.

How do we do this? In a million different ways. One way is to turn off the television – at the very least do not stare at it. It is scientific proof that the flicker rates of our TV alters our brain wave patterns, some even say our DNA. It is the single most powerful tool the system has to manipulate our perceptions, to brainwash us. So, stop allowing it. Click the off button and read a book.

Stop voting is another – at least in elections where there is no clear choice. A choice between two puppets is no choice at all. The EU referendum was a clear choice – yes or no. This is not what we normally get in elections. I do think the people of the UK recognised this unique opportunity and that is why they turned out in such large numbers. The main parties in all countries are controlled by the same people, there is no choice between them. Anyone who pays attention knows this – remove party A for party B and nothing changes. Switch them back 4 or 5 years later and again, everything ticks along on the same agenda.

I know people who refuse to pay the BBC license fee or their council tax. That is non-violent non-cooperation. I personally refuse to go to doctors as I see the health service as a wealth service who is not interested in my health to any extent. I go to a healer and have never felt better in my life.

I don’t buy newspapers and stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. In the past I didn’t have the money for either of these things, now it’s a choice. It doesn’t make me popular, indeed usually the opposite, but it’s another non-violent non-cooperation choice.

I haven’t even mentioned the two big ones – money and religion: two powerful forms of mind control. I could write a whole blog on each one. I consciously look after my own health and energetic well being without interference from any government or system person. That is hugely non-violent non-cooperation in itself. The system wants to tell you what to do, what to think and what to believe. If we allow them to we are cooperating and giving our consent and our power to that which seeks to control and manipulate us. Think about that for a few minutes and realise that we are part of the problem not the solution until we remove ourselves from the systems’ control in as many ways as possible.


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It’s Not Real, Mum

Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one – Albert Einstein

Sitting on the bus recently I overheard a conversation between a young mum and her 9 or 10 year old son on their way to school. He was idly looking out the window at the clouds in the sky and he said “it’s not real, you know, mum”‘. “What isn’t real?” she asked. “all of it”, he said, “none of it is real”. His mother’s response was ” of course it’s real, don’t be stupid”.

That is the usual response we get when we say something that is outside someone else’s perception – don’t be stupid.  Yes, that is just a saying, but as I sit and muse on it, I see that it’s one that comes straight out of our conditioning. The boy was not being stupid, he was trying to convey a truth he had just discovered. The mother was responding in the way she has been conditioned to respond. She was being a human sheepdog, bringing a stray thinker back into the flock of conformity. She was doing it on reflex action, probably without even realising that was what she was doing.

We all do this, even me, every day without realising we are doing it. We do it every day of our lives until we pause and think about what we are doing – when we begin to awaken.

I encounter people like this mother nearly every day, online and in person when I go to moots, when I am talking to others about all subjects. For instance, one day we were discussing Building 7, which fell during the attack on 9/11. We talked for a good half hour discussing all the different points that have been made. One woman, who I consider intelligent but who had not previously taken part in the conversation, said we were conspiracy theorists. We stared at her for a moment and said What? Well, where’s your proof, she asked.

Where’s your proof. Another gem. I asked her if she’d not been listening for the last half hour. Yes, she said, but where’s your proof. Well, I said, we mentioned several sources, but when it comes to that, we are discussing something in a pub, we are not in a court of law, so where’s your proof that what we are saying is wrong? It turns out that because our sources were not mainstream, such as BBC or Sky News, what we were saying could not possibly be correct in her opinion. This made me laugh as part of what we were discussing was the fact that BBC reported on the demise of Building 7 twenty minutes before it happened. The reporter was stood talking about how the building fell with the building standing in perfect condition right behind her. Explain that please, I asked the woman. She tutted and called me a conspiracy theorist again. A perfect example of cognitive dissonance if ever I saw one.

That term, conspiracy theorist, is one that certain people love to throw around. I wonder if they know that term was invented by the CIA in the early 1960s to discredit those who questioned the murder of JFK? I have told a few but they said that was also false – when it is verifiably accurate.

That term, along with its fellow discreditor Racist, is used to shut down any discussion. As soon as one of those terms is used, all talk ceases and the one the term was used against is instantly vilified. These terms are incredibly powerful. The term racist, for instance,  is used to stop all discussion about immigration, and it’s used to great effect. A rational discussion about immigration, or more specifically the rate of immigration, needs to be had in the UK, but it will not as long as the human sheepdogs are successful in the use of the racist tag.

In the end, all of this comes down to perception. Everything comes down to perception – perception of our self and reality. If we believe that what we are perceiving with our 5 senses is real, than what the ‘conspiracy theorists’ are saying cannot possibly be true. Consider this:

According to mainstream science, 99.5% of all mass in our universe is called Dark Matter because it does not reflect light and we can’t perceive it. The .5% that we can perceive is called the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Visible Light, the only part of the Spectrum humans can perceive, is just .5% of that. So, humans can only perceive with their 5 senses .5% of .5% of all that exists. Humans are nearly blind to reality, yet so many people are happy making definitive judgments about the nature of life and reality when they can’t even perceive 99.5% of all that exists.

We find this attitude everywhere. It is in the hecklers at a psychic’s demonstration, it’s in those who deride the one having a trial energy healing at a Mind, Body & Spirit Fair, it’s in the faces of those who roll their eyes and make funny noises when they see you wear crystals, it’s on the TV with comedians making jokes about the ‘lunacy’ of homeopathy. I know of a couple of young men who buy tickets to psychic shows purely to heckle. Their whole purpose is to ridicule and humiliate. They fully believe that the psychic is harming people and they also believe that anyone who believes ‘this stuff’ is mentally substandard. I asked one of them once – if you think this person is mentally challenged, and you’ve paid to come here just to humiliate him, what does that say about your character? I got no answer. I asked them – how do you know he’s not tapping into another realm of knowledge? How do you know he’s not speaking to a spirit? They tutted at me. Clearly they think I am mentally challenged. Meh. Closed minds. Some humans are capable of thinking beyond the 5 senses, those who don’t do not understand us. And, those who don’t understand, dismiss or attack.

Who decides what is pseudoscience, superstition or irrational belief?

Did you know that there is an actual psychiatric disease called Oppositional Defiance Disorder? It is applied to someone who disagrees with authority figures. It exists. How 1984 can you get? The truth is that the Elite, hence the human sheepdogs, are terrified of anyone who can see them so they must shut us down in any way they can.

What of the scientists (quantum physicists mostly), and researchers before them, who say our whole reality is a hologram? That matter is simply energy vibrating at a very slow rate, it is not in fact solid. That even our bodies do not exist as a solid, but that our brains simply decode them as such in our simulated virtual reality world. Nonsense, say the 5 sense prisoners, nonsense. I say nonsense to you – prove it’s not.

Our physical body, as I’ve said many times before, is a reflection of our sense of self. It is a physical expression of our mind and emotions. It is also the lowest level of our multi-dimensional being. Once you realise that you are a multi-dimensional being you can begin to see the whole of reality in non physical terms and you begin to understand what is happening in this world and why. Unfortunately, we live in a soundbite world – too few are willing to muse upon these things, to delve into the mysteries. Too many want someone else to do all the work for them and then hand them enlightenment. It doesn’t work that way, if you want the understanding, you have to get there yourself. It’s a journey we must all undergo ourselves. We can discuss along the way, but ultimately, it’s a personal journey. We all find our own truths and answers if we go looking for them. I say to all those complaining about their lives, take this journey and change the experience you are having.

But, we cannot change our experience until we change our belief. We can go around in the 5 sense reality discussing, complaining, moaning and debating all we like, nothing will change. To transform our reality we must transform our sense of reality, our sense of the possible, we must transform ourselves. The first step is to open your mind.

The most effective way to keep people imprisoned is to remove their sense of the possible, that is how mankind has been controlled for so long. If you think something is not possible you won’t even try. This is the real difference between those with open minds and those with closed. To an open mind, all things are possible. An open mind is connected to Consciousness.

To open our mind to Consciousness, we must let go of the programming, the fears of mind, including the fear of what others think of us. It means doing what we Know to be right, not what we Think to be right. It is following the guidance of the Heart (knowing), not the Head (thinking). The Intellect is not all knowing, the Heart is. This is contrary to everything our society says, hence we are called lunatics, crazy, dangerous and yes, conspiracy theorists. Pffft to society, is my response. I will follow my heart regardless of what society says, society is an idiot.

And maybe, just maybe, the little boy on the bus was right. Maybe it’s not real after all. I feel it’s not. What do you feel?


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Doing the Non-Comply-Dance

I have been musing lately about how similar Pagans are to other groups of religious people. Now, I don’t consider Paganism to be a religion, indeed I don’t consider myself to have religion at all. But many of my peers do worship, work with, follow – choose your word – gods and goddesses. The fact that each Pagan finds his/her own path and is, for the most part, accepted on equal terms by other Pagans is one of the things that attracts me so strongly to Paganism. But, I see the same dynamics in the groups that I saw in the Baptist groups I was forced to be a part of in my youth.

My father used to engage in heated arguments with my uncle, a methodist, over minute points of doctrine. I used to watch, unknown to them, from my hiding place and think adults were stupid to allow such ridiculous things to come between them. I still think adults are stupid to allow such things to happen, but perhaps I understand why they do it now. The answer is simple, their perceptions are manipulated in order to divide them from their fellow human beings. We are conditioned – our perceptions are manipulated – from the moment we are born and we, mostly, don’t even realise it. Those with strong beliefs, such as religious people, are the easiest to manipulate, and Pagans are no exception.

I will admit that this surprises me as Pagans pride themselves on being anti-system. I met no one in the Baptist church who would even consider going against authority in any way. Pagans, however, consider themselves to be outside the mainstream, outside the system. They are wrong. We are all in the system whether we like it or not. When we break free of the system, or Matrix as I prefer to call it, we ascend and we truly leave it. As I and those I’m talking to are physically (energetically) still here, we are still in the system.

This does not mean we have to interact with it, or cooperate with it though. We can be in the system but not of it, if you get my meaning. Most don’t and this is the point where I see eyes glaze over. This is also the point where the name calling begins – you’re crazy, you’re stupid, blah blah blah.

I am beginning to realise that all the ridicule and hate that is directed towards those who say and do things outside the status quo is designed to bring us back into the flock of the manipulated. You have to be very strong to withstand all the nonsense that is thrown your way. I realise this now and it pleases me now to have someone go off on a rant towards me – it means I’m going in the right direction. No, it’s not pleasant to experience, especially if it’s from someone I consider a friend, but it is confirmation all the same.

I’ve never been particularly interested in money. Obviously we all need a certain amount to keep body and home together, but beyond that I have never really cared. Therefore, I have never pursued a career, preferring to stay at home and look after my boys. Even now they have flown the coop, I have not rushed out to earn my crust from anyone else, choosing to do it my way. My hubby has always earned enough to keep us fed and housed and we even manage the odd holiday here and there. Our lives have been happy on balance. I have a University degree, in Fashion Merchandising (which is basically a business degree), but got it mainly because it was the thing to do in the US then. I wanted to study archaeology or history but my dad said he wouldn’t pay for that and I was restricted to his paying for reasons I won’t go into. So, I took Fashion Merchandising but didn’t particularly enjoy it and was not overly keen to use it when I finished. In a way it was my first real rebellion – I have spent four years studying to get this stupid piece of paper because society told me I had to do it, but I won’t use it so there, pfft.

Our society is based on money. Nowadays, even the adult learning courses tell you that you need to do this to earn more money. Everyone wants more money. I can understand if you’re on the bottom rung of society and need more to pay rent, food, etc. But there are too many humans running around like chickens without heads seeking more and more money. There will never be enough money for these folks, and there are more of them than we realise. Money and things = Happiness to them, therefore they will never find happiness either.

This is how we are manipulated to be.

Stop for a moment and muse on that simple statement………..this is how we are manipulated to be.

It is very simple. The solution is also simple – stop. Stop giving the Matrix what it wants. It’s as simple as not chasing money and things. It’s looking inward to find your answers instead of looking to a man in a frock or a politician. Start living your life according to your own needs and desires, not catering to everyone else’s. This does not mean we are being selfish, it means we are living the life we choose to live, not the life we are told we must live.

It also means that if we don’t like the way our world is heading than we need to change it. And we can change it – we begin by changing ourselves. We take back control of our minds. And we start listening more to our hearts, our intuition.

We stop believing everything we are told automatically and we stop dismissing anything new with a knee jerk reaction. Everyone will tell you that politicians lie, they know that. Yet, these same people will believe something just because the government told them. Or because the BBC told them, which is the same thing really as the BBC is a government department. Quite who they think the government is if not a bunch of politicians is a mystery to me.

The latest leaflet from the government telling us why we need to stay in the EU is a perfect example. Nearly every statement in it is at best a half truth, at worst an outright lie. Anyone who follows developments in the EU will know that we do not have the powers – for instance over our own borders – that the leaflet claims we do. Every day the EU commission – an unelected cabal of politicians – initiates new laws that are rubber stamped by the EU parliament intended to regulate every aspect of our lives, eroding our freedoms to make our own choices. This applies to our choice about whether we allow prisoners to vote all the way down to which vacuum cleaner we wish to use. But that’s enough about the EU, this isn’t about them exclusively.

I believe they tell us these bullet points in order to keep us from seeing the bigger picture. They want us to focus on small dots, and stop us seeing the larger picture. This is where I see the contradictions in Pagans. They will protest against austerity, fracking, high speed trains, etc, but when you say that all these things are being done because of Agenda 21 their eyes mostly glaze over and the name calling begins. It is, however, entirely the truth. I wrote a blog a while ago entirely on Agenda 21 and it’s details, but still I meet people who say it is all a ‘conspiracy theory’. The manipulation is extremely effective for the vast majority of humanity and it’s very frustrating for those of us who see it

It’s frustrating to see Pagans, who are supposed to be anti-system, supporting the Matrix in things like staying in the EU, giving vaccinations to their children, supporting the troops, etc. They think they are fighting the system when they are in fact supporting it. I see the same thing happening in the US with supposedly awake people refusing to see that they are being manipulated into the same type of Union at the moment, not to mention supporting the endless war we are currently engaged in. They are propping up the same system they claim to hate………

But, I endeavour to let it all flow over me like water off a duck’s back. In the end, it doesn’t matter as we are in a simulation anyway, we are all just playing a game that we are trapped in. Yes, there’s the glazed eyes again. Never mind.

I will never stop pleading, though, for people to open their minds to all possibility. Just because something is outside the status quo does not mean it is wrong or bad. Open minds see the bigger picture and understand the agenda that we are manipulated to follow. Open minds stop cooperating. Non-violent non-cooperation will change the world for the better for mankind.

I prefer to do as David Icke suggests – when we are frustrated with the world, we do the Non-comply-dance. It works, it really does.



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The Continuing Experiences of a Ghost Botherer

I’ve had so many requests to tell about our Ghost Bothering trips that I thought I’d just start making it a blog.

We have had several formal investigations as well as our usual searches while out and about. When we are anywhere shopping and decide to stop in a pub for lunch or just a drink, we will pull out a few pieces of equipment just to see if any spirit are curious enough to talk. Quite often they are. Just last week I went with a friend to Stratford Upon Avon to celebrate her birthday with a day out. It was a lovely ride on the coach, we had beautiful weather and as icing on the cake we had a spirit interact with us in the front public rooms of one of the city centre inns. I don’t know exactly the age of the place, but it seemed to be from the Tudor times (late 1400s – very early 1600s). We got the names of Mike and Rodger (spelt that way). It was Mike that provided a couple icy patches, one on my friends lap at one point. He also communicated with us by moving the tablecloth in response to questions. No, there was no breeze in the room and we were sitting back so as not to move it ourselves. It was not an earthshaking session, but it was very interesting and I was thrilled that my friend had an experience. It affected her very positively, she is now keen to do more bothering I suspect, which is a good thing.

We’ve also been to a local graveyard where another friend has had many experiences. We were not there long as it was unexpectedly cold, but I did have one experience and we got two excellent photos. As the lads were off somewhere with the cameras, I sat on a bench quietly and listened. It was only a few moments when I heard the crunching of icy grass just in front of me. I was then drawn very strongly towards a tree a few yards in front of me. The footsteps became quicker and louder as though someone was walking quickly towards me, crunching the grass on the way. I spoke to the spirit but got no responses, only footsteps. When my hubby came back I asked him to take a photo of the tree where I had heard the steps. The photo showed half of a girl or woman, from shoulder to leg, peering out from behind the tree. The other photo was taken of a grave, which had a cluster of three headstones just behind it. There is a distinct figure kneeling on the grave.

stanton cem4

stanton cem3

A few of us did an investigation at a pub in a nearby town, which has a nightclub on the weekends in a separate area upstairs. The story is that there is a little boy who runs around upstairs – those down in the bar hearing it from underneath. Nothing much happened until we were standing in a back corridor, in front of the manager’s office which was locked. An almighty bang happened on the door which made us all jump and frightened quite a few, including the staff who had joined us. It soon became obvious to us, though, that the one member of staff who did not join us but was in his flat above, was attempting to scare us. He made us jump, but beyond that we had to disappoint him. It takes more than that to scare people who have a love of wandering around graveyards and haunted places at midnight. I had no expectations while reviewing the results, indeed I’d thought it was all a joke on their part. Until I saw the photo, that is. There is one photo of the staff trying out the glass on the table communication, and a little boy sitting behind them watching. There was absolutely no living little boy with us. Some have said it must be menus on the table, but this pub does not serve food, there is no menu and there was nothing on the table.
Boy in pub -> cock inn.

and zoomed in ->cock inn.18.09.15

We have captured countless orbs on film, many that coincided with personal stories. I’m afraid though that they are less interesting, though only a little bit, than the figures that we are capturing now that we have a full spectrum camera. The photos I’m sharing here are all in the Infrared range of frequency which means they are not in our vision range. Our camera sees more than we do. This is something I learned in junior school, but the majority of people I talk to seemed to have not been paying attention that day and have no idea what I’m talking about when I say Infrared and Ultraviolet ranges. Anyhow, seeing figures in the places where I felt presences is hugely confirming and wonderful.

We do not have a medium in our group, though most of us are highly sensitive. So, we do not often get information that we could go away and verify, until last week. There is a woman spirit in a local cafe that says she knew me in a past life. This past week, she answered some very specific questions and gave name and date info that I have begun to look into. Yes, I believe in reincarnation and yes I believe I have had many past lives, one of which my spirit guide has talked to me about. This one though is another one entirely. It ended, according to the spirit Nancy, in my death. So much info was given that I should be able to find if it’s true or not. While its validity would cause me to think on things in my life, that is not my immediate motivation in researching the claims. I would love to be able to find proof of what a spirit has told me, just as confirmation. Other information given by a second spirit who claimed to die in a local tragedy in WWl has been proven right, which is fascinating. The spirit is in the local cafe as he worshipped in the Chapel that it was previously and is buried in the graveyard in the back, which extends underneath the current building which was enlarged over the cemetery. That was an unexpected conversation that we were able to have in depth as the tragedy recently had its 100 year anniversary and was told in the local paper that week which we had a copy of.

This experience reminded me of one we had in another cemetery not too far away where a Bill told us he’d show us where he was buried. Using the dowsing rods, he directed us all the way around to the far end of the cemetery and right to the headstone of a William Williams. He then told us of his life in the military. All very fascinating. We got a photo of three orbs of different colours right over the heads of three of our members. This was before we got our full spectrum camera, and was taken with a normal digital camera. The orbs are impressive though, so I’ll share.


There have been so many more experiences, but I don’t want to go on for too long so more volumes of the continuing experiences of a ghost botherer will be to come. We continue to investigate and experience so this series could go on forever……

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Know Thy Self……

We see things not as they are, but as we are – HM Tomlinson

A human being is a part of the whole called by us ‘universe’, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness – Albert Einstein

Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one – Albert Einstein

I recently read a blog by a friend that was very insightful and meaningful, as his blogs tend to be…..

His words inspired me to write this, which pleased me as I’ve not been inspired to write for some time now. Of course, life got in the way as it tends to do and I was delayed, but never mind, I’m here now.

He writes about phrases that become clichés, two in particular: Know thy self, and As above so below. He’s quite right, they are overused in the Pagan community. They are overused to the point that they have nearly lost all meaning. I would suggest this is being done on purpose. George Orwell was on the mark when he talked about Newspeak – that is what is happening to our language right now. Language is watered down to nonsense until even the concept is gone. I don’t believe people do this consciously, but it is done subconsciously. But that’s not really what I wanted to write about.

I wanted to address the two phrases themselves. David described them perfectly, on one level – the physical. When I hear them though, I think of them on the energetic level, beyond the physical. On this level, they are profound indeed as they force us to think beyond our conditioning, our programming.

Know thy self. Sounds pretty innocuous, doesn’t it. When you ask someone, who are you, they will respond with ‘I am Bob and I am a teacher’. If you say, what else are you, they will respond with ‘I am from Nottingham, am a Pagan and I vote for the Greens’. Well, no, that’s not what you are actually, that is what you are experiencing in this life. You are Consciousness. Awareness. All Possibility. Call it what you will. We are the energy that animates this body, we are not the body. The body is just a vessel, a conduit for us to use to experience a life in this frequency band of the Matrix. The body is a biological computer, a transmitter/receiver of information. We have been conditioned, programmed, to identify with our vessel while forgetting who we really are. Know thy self is telling us to remember who and what we really are – Consciousness.

By identifying with our body, we limit ourselves to the physical world. We limit ourselves to only five senses with which to make sense of this life. We are programmed to look to the government to make our decisions, a religion to tell us what to believe, a doctor to tell us how to treat the body. We are increasingly told what to do, think, believe and even wear – we are only little people, we need someone smarter, richer, more famous, more powerful to follow. This message is forced into our psyches at every turn – in school, on TV (there is a reason why the shows we watch are called programs), films, the evening news…..

We are Consciousness! We are not little people, we can decide for ourselves what is good for us. When we remember this we begin to grow spiritually, we reconnect with the higher levels of ourselves and can eventually break free from the Matrix. We see the programmers for what they are, the controllers for what they are. We see that governments are not working for our best interests, that religions are the opposite of spirituality, that doctors are only treating the symptoms of a physical body and not the cause of dis-ease which is in the energetic body. When you see all this, the program no longer works on you. You see it for what it is.

Know thy self is indeed a powerful phrase, one that all of humanity needs to muse about if they wish to truly be free.

As above so below is another powerful phrase. It refers to the fact that we live in a holographic universe. Everything we see is part of a virtual world, a simulation. Mainstream science is now saying that the universe only exists when we look at it. One interesting property of a hologram is that if you cut it in two you will not get two halves of the whole, you will get two smaller versions of the whole. If you cut it into eight, you will get eight smaller versions of the whole hologram. The most common picture to demonstrate this concept is a tree – showing the branches looking the same as the roots. I’ve seen other pictures showing the veins in an eye looking exactly like a nebula in space and so on. It’s in ley lines being exactly like the meridian lines in our body – pathways of energy being the same for our body and the Earth. It’s why reflexology and acupuncture practitioners can heal your headache by manipulating a part of your foot, hand or ear. Every part of the hologram contains the whole hologram, therefore, our ear has a point corresponding to every other part of our body. So does our hand and foot. Understanding this is a part of understanding who and what you really are.

Understanding ‘as above so below’ is part of knowing thy self.

When we understand these things we can begin to truly live the life we set out to live before our programming began. We can see our world in energetic terms, not only physical. We can heal our vessel, our body, by finding the cause of our dis-ease and dealing with it. We now know that a doctor cannot do this with his pills or scalpel, we must seek an energy healer to clear the energetic bodies and help us process the dis-ease to remove it. We now see the manipulations of the medics, governments and religions – all designed to keep us thinking we are ‘little people’ and we can try to tell others. We also find that when we do tell others, they now treat us as though we are stark raving mad. That doesn’t stop us from trying to emancipate our fellow travellers, however, but that’s another blog entirely.

So, these two phrases, so overused that they are commonplace, are anything but. They are the key to our spiritual growth. They are the key to our breaking free of the Matrix. How’s that for profound?

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Climate Controversy

I have been engulfed in quite a few discussions about one subject lately, one that some Pagans are quite passionate about – Man Made Climate Change. It is no surprise that Pagans care about this as we are perhaps more in tune with the Earth. I have been dismayed, however, at the way that this subject has become a new religion, one that will allow no debate. This is such a problem among the scientists that there is a class action lawsuit currently being waged by 30,000 scientists against Al Gore for his not letting them speak:

There are endless TV programs about this subject, all quoted as gospel by those who believe man has caused the current climate change. All the programs have one thing in common – a message that unless we do this, that and the other we are Doomed, Doomed. The fact that climate change is named as a cause for many ancient civilisation failures, such as the Maya and Angkor in Cambodia, is never mentioned. It’s always presented as a new and unprecedented danger when it is anything but.

Well, all I will say about that is the TV is the biggest mind control tool there is. There is a reason the shows produced are called Programmes and the one who decides when they air is called a Programming Director. They are programming Us, or at least those of us that let them.

Our leaders were recently in Paris discussing a new treaty to ‘combat climate change’. Their minions are still there trying to come to agreements. This is why the subject is on everyone’s mind. I do find it interesting how politicians always speak in military terms – combating and fighting problems instead of solving them.

The details spouted are the usual ones, but I encourage my fellow Pagans to stop focussing on individual specifics, take a step back and connect the dots to see the bigger picture. Man Made Climate Change is a key part of Agenda 21. Without it, the agenda will not succeed. This is why the globalists are pulling out all the stops to push it.

Agenda 21 is a real program of the United Nations. It is openly being implemented in every part of the western world, at every level of our society from national government to local council. Read the original document on the UN website: The main tenets are even carved in stone in Elbert Co, Georgia, USA: Here’s a video to explain it all:

The first, and most important, point is that humanity will be kept to under 1/2 Billion in number. Keep in mind that there are currently more than 7 Billion people on Earth. This point is extremely important.

Going back to Man Made Climate Change, let us look at the individual points always brought up in discussions. First, because of a rise in CO2 levels, global temperatures will soar to unprecedented levels since records began. The fact that records began to be compiled when the Earth was just beginning to raise out of a period known as the Little Ice Age is never mentioned.

There is also ample evidence now to show that there has been no warming at all for at least 18 years:

The TV shows always mention surface cooling. To get an accurate account of what is actually happening globally, they look at satellite measurements. There is every indication that the Earth is actually beginning to cool. I’ll come back to CO2 levels later. Keep in mind that in the early 70s we were told we would all freeze due to global cooling.

Then we have the emotive points of sea levels rising and wiping out the smaller islands and killing polar bears as the polar ice melts…..

The level of sea ice has actually increased 30%:

Not only are polar bears not struggling to survive, their numbers are rising:

Small islands, such as Kiribati, Tuvalu and the Maldives are actually growing in size: And:

Every time we have a severe weather event we are told it is down to climate change. There is ample evidence that this simply is not true. For instance, this blog has the original source linked and a summary of key points:

A major study addresses drought: It shows that of the last century’s ’30 major drought episodes’, 22 were in the first sixty years. Between 1961-1980 there were only 5. The last two decades, when the global warming scare was introduced, had only two.

Now I’d like everyone to cast their minds back to their earliest days in school, year one or two when we were taught the Life Cycle. Put simply, humans breathe in Oxygen and breathe out CO2. Plants breathe in CO2 and breathe out Oxygen. Remember this as you listen to the discussions below…..

Our political classes have been hectoring us for nearly two decades now about how we are destroying our planet and how they will be the ones to save it. We have been told that we are producing too much CO2 and we must act now to reduce it, preferably to zero. We have a host of billionaires talking about it. First, Bill Gates: Bill Clinton: They even roll out movie stars, here is Brad Pitt:

Of course, the main speakers have been Al Gore and Tony Blair. These two are interesting in that the solution offered – Carbon Credits – are paid to companies owned by these two men. They are essentially saying to us ‘you have caused this tragedy but if you pay us money it will all be ok’. If that doesn’t ring alarm bells in your head than you are truly asleep.

If we lower global CO2 levels to zero, as Bill Gates will have us do, all life on Earth would be extinguished. That is what he is proposing, make no doubt about it. No CO2 = No Life. Note that he also mentions vaccines as a way to reduce population and think about that one before researching it for yourself. Agenda 21.

The science that is shown to us is based entirely on computer models. These models do not factor in something rather essential – the Sun. They are saying they do not believe the Sun has an effect on our climate. I find this incredible. There is ample evidence to show a direct correlation between Earth’s temperatures and Solar activity: And:

The computer models also do not include the Medieval Warm Period of 1000 years ago when the Earth was much warmer than it is today, when wine grapes were grown in Yorkshire. The fact that that inconvenient truth was left out was made public when emails were leaked showing data had been altered to show a more dramatic graph of temperatures than was accurate: I would suggest that those who are telling the truth do not need to alter their data.

Of course Climates change, and of course Man is no doubt having an effect on the Earth. BUT, the fact is that the Earth has endured much more dramatic temperatures, and higher levels of CO2, in the past and recovered very well. Indeed, with more CO2 the plant life thrives more heartily. There is even some evidence of nuclear events in the distant past:

What I am suggesting is that we need to demystify this subject and debate it properly. As soon as I heard someone say ‘the science is settled’ I knew something was not right. Science is NEVER settled, it morphs with new evidence. Now there is talk of criminalising those who disagree, one US senator even calling for ‘deniers’ to be tried for treason!

The climate change industry is a huge one, as scientists have publically said. It’s a gravy train that is hard for anyone to jump off of. This fact needs to be brought out into the public arena. People would be shocked at how much money is spent on this agenda, while government is squeezing families to breaking point in every other area of life.

What needs to be done, immediately, is for all media outlets to be forced to allow both sides of the debate to be heard equally, with no ridicule for either side. We need to have full disclosure so all hypotheses can be peer reviewed. It’s time to look at this subject honestly. We also need to see an end to humiliating name calling, ie. calling anyone who asks questions a ‘denier’. This is the same as calling someone a ‘conspiracy theorist’ – it serves only to shut down any discussion, to refuse any questions.

It’s also time to recognise that there are projects that are seriously damaging our beautiful planet – geo-engineering, GMOs ruining the soil, deforestation – all done by the globalists against our wishes. I could go on and on about this subject as it is connected to so much more, such as the endless war we are engaged in, but I’ll leave it for now.

I’ll simply say it’s time to get our heads out of the sand and address this issue sensibly before it is too late.

(By the way, the articles quoted are a mere fraction of what is available by searching the internet…..)


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